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Hey Cubell

It will be great if in the next theme we have the possibilities of the last update

i have find that in

But like i m not a coder it will be great if we can have this option



Hey Sara,

Hope you’re well :)

Ah yes, this is 100% going to be an option in v6 update :)


Hey Christian

That’s great :)

Have a nice week end

Thanks Sara, hope you had a nice weekend too :)

Hi, Using using Valenti 5.5.4 and finding that the Featured Image for a post doesn’t show when viewing the post on a smart phone. It only shows the background image. Is this right ? In reducing the size of the browser window to smartphone size the Featured image functionality is retained. I’ve looked through the documentation, but can’t find any reference to this as being expected behaviour. So, any confirmation, correction or redirection would be greatly appreciated.

Hey NeedAnotherPlan,

Thanks for choosing Valenti, hope you’re enjoying it.

Could you please go on the Valenti demo site and see if you see the issue there too? Just to confirm if it is something just on your site.


Hi and thanks for the response. Looking at the Valenti demo, I can’t find an example of a post with a featured image parallax plus a background image. The closest in the demo is the page: Features – Post Examples – Featured Image Parallax, but… this demo page lacks a background image to evidence the issue occurring in the demo. Can a background image be added to this page to see how this looks on a smart phone ?

Oh I see! Maybe it’s easiest if you share the url of your post to check it out from here, can you do that?

Good afternoon,

I am having a significant issue with the visual editor on the Valenti theme. Ever since the latest WP update yesterday, the visual editor is not showing up. Stepped through the browser console and it appears that TinyMCE is the culprit. I have gone through several steps to try and remedy the issue but have not been able to fix it. Are others having the same issue with the theme? I am on version 5.5.3 and WP 4.8.1. Text is not showing up in visual editor and then none of the WYSIWYG editor features work. Everything has to be done in Text. I also went through and deactivated each plugin one by one and the issue persists. Thanks in advance. Happy to share screenshots or whatever is needed.

Just updated to 5.5.4 and still having the same issue. The theme was purchased from another account, and I can provide whatever details to verify that as well.

Hi Balexhowe,

That doesn’t sound good at all, but I can say that issues like that are usually due to bad/outdated plugins, as the theme does not touch the tinymce. However, if you disable all plugins and the issue remains, I’m afraid support can only be provided to confirmed buyers. As you mentioned you can verify it, could you please open a ticket about this in the support


Hi, Tried opening a ticket but support system is down. Love the theme. One issue I’m having a large white space between the post text and the Valenti grid underneath. Is there a way to eliminate the extra space. Can provide a url if needed.

Hey Ccampbell03,

Ah yes, I’m afraid the service hosting the support system (Ticksy) is having major server issues recently. They have been rock solid for a long time, so I’m sure this will get sorted soon!

Until then, please share the url where I can see that and I can advise you on how to adjust it.


Thanks., and for example. The slider should butt up to the issues graphic and lots of white space between the youtube playlists.

Ah I see it now! Try adding this custom css to your theme option’s custom css box and see if it helps:

#cb-content {  min-height: 0; }

Hope it does!



Great theme – and quite happy with the ease of customization.

A question I do have regarding Social Icons.

In your demo page, there are a few social icons on the sub-menu, on the right side of the menu, which are simple images which link to social media accounts.

I can find the area to set the “Breaking News Title”, but for whatever reason, I can find no reference to where to add items to the sub-menu, so that it will have the same icons and links like in your demo.

Are you able to provide some details on how to add these social media icons and links to the sub-menu, which are on the right side of the window after “Breaking News Title”?

Thank you.

I found the method, in the “menus” section, and simply adding items to the secondary menu.

I had been looking for a setting within “theme settings”, and apologize for the rather simple question.

Solved and thank you again for the excellent theme!

Hey Tageldart,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

Really happy to hear you got it sorted to! Best of luck with your site!


Hola amigo, mi licencia de soporte está vencida. La verdad que es volví a utilizar Valenti porque es realmente genial. Solo queria consultarte si existe algún problema conocido en la versión movil ya que no me permite hacer click en ningún post ni link. Tampoco se cargan las imágenes destacadas de sliders y grids. Desde ya muchas gracias por la ayuda que puedas brindarme

Hola Puraciudad,

Un agrado escuchar eso! Pero ese problema me suena muy raro, has intentado desactivando todos los plugins?


A decir verdad…. no todo porque debo precisar las imágenes destacadas no aparecen pero si funcionan los links en general, salvo los de los post generados con el plugin MyEventON y mostrados alli a través de un shortcode…. Quiero aclarar también que, en pantallas grandes, todo funciona perfecto. El problema se da solo en tamaño para móviles. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda

Que raro, puedes compartir el url donde ocurre?


tageldart Purchased


I’ve tried a few methods to ensure there is an “add to cart” button on my shop archive page, but seems I’m not having any luck.

I’ve seen reference to removing the following from the core.php file:


However, such code isn’t found in the current version. The “enable Ajax add-to-cart button” within the woo commerce product display setting also does not produce the result.

Are you able to give an update on how to add this, perhaps with a code example if it is necessary? Also, are we able to display product short description/excerpt as part of the archive page display?

Thanks for all your great support and assistance as always for this great theme.


tageldart Purchased

Thanks so much for the details.

That particular line of code does not exist in the valenti/inc/core/woocommerce.php file – so am unable to remove it. Your message references “15zine/inc/core/woocommerce.php”, but I presume you are referring to the valenti theme, which is the theme I am using, so not 15zine.

Regarding the product information – I am referring to the product short description showing – which as an example, you could see at – This is a fairly common display format for products and the reason short description in products exists.


tageldart Purchased

So – I found a solution to activating the “add-to-cart” button to the shop archive page. It was, in fact, in the “woocommerce.php” file, which resides in the “valenti/inc/core/” directory.

In line 66-68 of the woocommerce.php file is the function to remove the button, which just needs to be modified and the buttons will show in the archive shop page.

So – it is by default written as:

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item’, ‘woocommerce_template_loop_add_to_cart’ );

By changing this to “add_action” as opposed to “remove_action”, the button appears as required on the shop archive pages. The function is changed to the following:

add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item’, ‘woocommerce_template_loop_add_to_cart’ );

This solves things in the short term… though as we work with Child Themes – I expect this resolution will not work after the next theme update, as it will rewrite this file, and undo any changes we have made.


Hey TAG,

Oops I’m sorry for confusing the theme involved! After answering lots of tickets my brain got mixed up! But happy to hear you found the relevant line! If you use the child-theme, try adding that line (with add_action) in your child-theme’s functions.php. Then go back to the core file and revert it back to be remove_action, and see if that does it. If it does, it will be remain working even after updating the core theme in the future.


Hi codetipi,

First of all: great theme. I purchased it a few months ago, installed it and am still loving it. However, there seems to be an issue with the search box.

Multiple readers sent me a message saying that it is very difficult to actually find posts on the website. For example if one is looking for ‘strawberries’ not all the recipes including strawberries show up on the search result page. Even if the word ‘strawberries’ is used in the actual content.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Readers now have to use Google in order to find a recipe/post they’re looking for.

Thanks. Sabine

Hey Sabine,

Loving that you’re still loving it :)

Ah I’m afraid this isn’t something the theme controls or can do anything about really. The search results all come directly from WordPress’ core search engine, the theme only receives those results and shows them.

Here is an article which has some tips and plugin recommendations to improve the WordPress search results, give some a go and see if it improves it to your site’s needs:

Hope this helps!



prsocial Purchased

Hi! I’m still using your template and works very good. But the widget of most popular post is set to the last 7 days, but it doesn’t work. It keeps showing posts from may and june. Maybe it needs to be updatet because WordPress has had some updates since the last release of this theme? Thanks!

Hey Prsocial,

Happy to hear you’re still enjoying Valenti :)

What source are you using for your stats? If you go to Theme options, have you got the source stats option set to the default basic one (theme stats) or Jetpack? Because to show popular last 7 days, you need to be using the Jetpack stats option.

Hope this helps!