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Loving the theme, money well spent.

Is there a way to display a custom number of tags in the Tags widget? It seems the default is 20, and I’d like to show more. It also seems that, whereas the common WP default is tag font size increases depending on the number of posts tagged, all tags appear in the same size. Is there a setting to follow the WP default?

See footer at (site under development)



Hey again,

You’re welcome!

That is super strange, as the theme can’t control something like the editor page from appearing (that is all WordPress), do you perhaps have any security plugins or similar that may be hiding it?

Regarding the sidebar, I can see the tags widget in Section B’s sidebar, and below you have Section D’s Sidebar, you need to add it there too if you want to show it in the bottom sidebar on the homepage.

And regarding the offset, as you are using the homepage builder, the offset option inside each module only applies to that module, the options in Theme Options -> Homepage only apply to homepages that use the default WordPress homepage style (not a page built with a builder).

Hope this helps.


Thanks. I see, Section With Latest Global Posts + Pagination is part of Section D. It isn’t clear on the builder backend, whose layout suggests it’s a separate section, below D.

Re: changing the sizes of tags depending on their popularity.

> “I can take a look and see if I can share some custom css to let the sizes be default.”

Can you share the code to override the theme default and use the WordPress one?


Ah yes you are right, it could be clearer, the way it works is that section is essentially appended to an existing section, as opposed to creating a new one.

I had a look at the tags, and the only current way is to actually edit the style.css file (valenti/library/css/style.css) and remove the second value in this block of lines:

.widget_tag_cloud a, .tags-title {
  padding: 6px 10px;
  font-size: 12px !important; 

In the next update I will add an easier way to override the theme value of this.


Una sugerencia más, muy importante. El widget Latest Posts no debería mostrar la leyenda “recent post” cuando se deja vacía.

Toda la razon, ya lo e corregido y estara incluido en el proximo update :)

Is there a way to turn off a featured image in certain posts, I need the post itself to have the featured image so that when you get the list of certain categories you see an image next to the extract, but when you load the post I do not want to see two copies of the featured image, an option on the post to ‘Turn off featured image in post’ would be excellent, but you don’t seem to have this, is there a way to turn the duplicate off?

Hey Jamessawle,

You sure can, simply edit each of those posts and in the Valenti metabox you’ll see a featured image style option, set it to “off” and it will work as you want them to.

Hope this helps.



jalvac Purchased

Also refered to the latest posts widget, this shouldn’t show the same post that is rendered… There is no sense to do that, like an infinite loop? Best!

Hey Jalvac,

The widgets have their own loop that is independent from where they are loaded, so I’m afraid that isn’t an option in it, as if the widget is set to show the latest posts, that is what it’ll show. But I understand what you mean and I’ll see if maybe I can add an option in the future to help, but I’m not sure if it’ll be possible.



jalvac Purchased

Thanks codetipi, always great!

You’re welcome :)


rvaldes13 Purchased

Since you migrated from Cubell to Codetipi, I am unable to even submit a ticket, the login with envato option is not working, I can no longer see the status of other tickets and my issue is still not solved

Hey Rvaldes13,

Another customer had the same problem, so I’ve just disconnected and re-connected the whole Envato API, can you please try again now and see if that has fixed it for you? Please let me know.


How would I replace the “trending” bit from the sub heading and replace it with a custom widget?

Hey Beyourpotential,

That would definitely require some proper customization, for something like that you’d need to hire a developer, if you’d like a quote from Codeable (expert WordPress developers) you can fill in this form to get one:

Best of luck with it!


Thanks for the reply

I might have a look into it

Ps. I love the theme

You’re welcome! And love that you love it, I hope you enjoy using it for a long time :)


peevee Purchased

Hi With refernce to my site: Have been pointed to a problem by Safari user who says and I verified it on my iPad using Safari that the main menu below the header is faulty. Links are directing to the wrong page. Could you have a look and advise whats the problem and how to sort it out. Cheers PV

Hey PV,

Try updating to the very latest version and refresh the caches and see if that helps :)


I have 5.2.2 – is there a newer version? Envato Market plugin seems to think I am up to date… Let me know please Cheers PV

Yeah there have been a few updates since then, it’s currently at 5.4, due to the new author (cubell -> codetipi) I believe you may need to manually update this one time, and that may be why it hasn’t notified you.


jaqm Purchased

Hola amigo, soy yo de nuevo, jejeje. Al final me decidí por Valenti, y es una maravilla. Gracias por este trabajo. Espero con muchas ganas las actualizaciones…

Tengo dos dudas principales:

1) Puedo eliminar el box de Author de ciertos post que yo quiera? Solo en algunos. (si no para próxima actualización por favor esto sería genial)

2) Idéntico para los artículos relacionados

Hola Jaqm,

Un gusto escuchar eso, ojala lo disfrutes por mucho tiempo :)

La unica forma lograr eso por ahora es con css, puedes copiar/pegar el siguiente codigo css a tu Theme options > custom code > custom css:

.postid-123 #cb-related-posts { display: none; }

Para no mostrar los posts relacionados adentro de la pagina del post con ID de 123. Cambia el 123 por el id de tu post, y lo hara ahi. Y para hacer lo mismo para el box de author, puedas usar esto:

.postid-123 #cb-author-box { display: none;}

Y cambia el 123 por el numero de id de tu post. No estoy seguro si podre agregar una opcion para hacerlo mas automatico, pero voy a ver si es posible.


De acuerdo, sería genial, gracias por la ayuda. Es fantástico el theme.

De nada y muchas gracias nuevamente por elegir el theme :)