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Hi we want the latest post in a grid in a homepage to be show ramdom its possible?, for instance latest 5 post but the first one change when we reload the page.

Hey Julimbaman,

I’m afraid that isn’t possible. The posts shown in each module are done by a single WordPress query, and it isn’t possible to do that in a query. You’d have to really hack the code and add multiple queries for different spaces inside the same module, which would get very messy/complicated!


Hello Cubell,

I bought your Valenti theme two years ago and I am still very pleased with it. I customized a lot the css for my needs. I implemented AMP and Glue for AMP of Yoast. I am not satisfied by the default layout. I am trying to improve it by myself in the code.

Do you expect to release an update with a feature dedicated to AMP for the post/page/HP?

What about the http/2 protocol?

All the best.

Hey Makomaido,

That’s really great to hear, thanks for choosing Valenti all that time ago :)

I am going to be looking into AMP deeper, but as far as I can tell, that isn’t actually something the theme has too much to do with. It’s all WordPress and the way to support it is to install the official AMP plugin ( ) which it sounds you already use.

The functionality/design of AMP is not meant to be nice/interesting though, it’s meant to literally only load the featured image and the text content, with no effects. As this is the whole point of AMP (To load a page instantly). There will be a lot of changes to AMP (with the progressive web app new stuff), so I will be keeping my eye to see if Codetipi themes can add anything to help users for it all.


Hi Cubell / codetipi,

Are you using a dedicated mobile theme or wp_is_mobile()?

Or do you use one of these plugins, you must activate this option: WP Touch (Free Version), wiziApp, WordPress Mobile Pack, WP-Mobilizer, WP Mobile Edition, Device Theme Switcher, WP Mobile Detect, and Easy Social Share Buttons

I need to know this for an advanced caching system we are building. Also for 15zine same question. Could you assist ? Thank you.

No problem, speak to you later!

Thank you mate, talk soon. Looking forward for your new theme too! Spotted on facebook a message about it.

Just answered your email, hope it helps! And yes, big new magazine is in the works, Valenti and 15zine will still be developed, but this new one is going to be extra special :)

Hey, I really like your theme, but I have a big problem…. I wanted to add some own sidebars to my pages like in your documenation but there is no “general options” under my categories…...... it´s still not there

It comes bundled with the theme and you get a notification to install it upon Valenti installation, but if you dismissed it, you can go to Appearance -> Install plugins and do it there with one click :)

Thanks! you made my day :D

You’re welcome :)

Hello. I would like an advise on how to update my theme to the new version. Currently using with child and with a lot of customization I don’t want to lose. Also, my site is hosted with Godaddy Managed Wordpress service, so I don’t have access to files via ftp. Suggested update method by your documentation file is to delete parent theme with active child, and upload new version. The problem is that I can’t delete the parent theme. There is no option for deleting it. I would like your suggestions on how to do it with no loss of customizations. I thought of an alternative method: to change to another theme, delete parent, activate child again, and upload new parent. But I don’t want to take risks. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Fabriziolavado,

Hope you’re enjoying the theme :)

You can use the official theme updater plugin that comes with the theme, however, if you have a very old Valenti version you probably have the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin, which envato retired early this year.

I’d recommend you do this:

1- Install a free maintenance plugin, such as this one: and set your site to maintenance mode so visitors see that.

2- Go to Appearance -> Themes and activate a random other theme (such as TwentySixteen)

3- Now if you click on the Valenti main (parent) theme, you should be able to delete it.

4- Come to Themeforest and download the latest version.

5- Install the new version of the main (parent) theme again, but don’t touch/delete your child-theme, as that is not something you ever need to update.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your answer! I have managed to update to the latest version of Valenti. But, I am still not able to upload cover images for Buddypress. I had previously version 5.3. I have now 5.4. Do you know what can be happening? Thanks again, and btw, wonderful theme! Congratulations!

You’re welcome, happy to help :) And really happy to hear you like the theme!

v5.4 definitely does come with support for cover images in BuddyPress, are you 100% your theme options now says v5.4? If so try refreshing the cache if you use a cache plugin. If that isn’t it, could you try activating your main (parent) theme just to test if perhaps a customization you have added in your child-theme is causing the issue.

Could this maybe build in a next update? More and more users are using Windows 10. (8 en 8.1) This function could bring more visitors. And me (and other users of your theme) doen’t need to update the theme manually after an update anymore. More details: ​​

Feature request. for 15zine, Valenti themes. :)

All best,


Hey Kevin,

That sort of thing can easily be built into a theme but the truth is that it shouldn’t be in a theme!

That pin picture will likely never need to change even if you change themes in the future, so to save time and do it correctly you should really be installing a small plugin for it (uses pretty much identical code a theme would do, so makes no difference to performance) and setting it up once and leaving it there forever unless you want to remove/change it. Here is a free one that you can use:

Hope this helps :)


Hi Chris,

This is very clear and thanks! I thought something like this was needed in a theme.

You’re welcome :)


Mellardo Purchased

please check ticket #968533

Hey Mellardo,

I had a look and the support team has already answered you, hope it helps :)


Hello Cubell

can you please tell me how i move the blue square around the stars

Thanks a lot


Sure thing :)

This comment is currently being reviewed.

You’re welcome :)


dijinn Purchased

Purchased Valenti 2 years ago? Adore it. Just absolutely love it. But the menu option for setting a post in the featured menu bar has gone away. Just 24 hours ago I posted and set it… but now I can’t find it anywhere, and it’s literally driving me insane. Any ideas?

You’re welcome!

It depends on your version actually, because in a recent update it was improved a bit. Are you running 5.4? And if so, is your Cubell Functionality plugin also running 5.4? If you aren’t, please try updating to the latest version + go to Appearance -> Install plugins to update the plugin (If you can’t see the Install plugins option, it means it is already up to date).

In the latest version, you should see some tabs on the left of the Valenti Post Options metabox, and one is “Featured post” where all the feature options are then found.



dijinn Purchased

Hey there Codetipi – I have learned more – first though, I am running 5.4. And yes, Cubell is installed and activated.

I’ve discovered that if I open the post on my phone, the “Valenti Post Options” comes up, and I see the “Featured Post” tab. But on mac, pc, laptops it won’t show up. HAHAHA… I just tried something. So I just went to a post on my PC and the shrunk the screen all the way down to a mobile ratio and the tab appears.

So I guess I have a work around… So somewhere between 995 pixel window width and 1050 (sorry my window jumps can’t get it exactly) the tab disappears. Ive duplicated this problem on both firefox, chrome and explorer on pc. I’ll try mac later today. Thoughts?


Hey again,

Wow that is strange indeed! I tried on my local demo site and I can see the metabox no matter what size the browser is. Could you please try disabling all plugins in case you have a (badly written) plugin that is adding global code and affecting things it shouldn’t. Let me know!



MacHow2 Purchased

Hi, Firstly thanks for a great theme and all your hard work. My problem is I would like to display the last updated date both on posts and in SERP results including rich snippets. There are no plugins that work on Valenti for this and most are out of date anyway. Can you advise where and how to edit the PHP so that the last modified date of the post rather than published date shows on both the site and in Google, Bing etc? Thanks!

Hm, there have been a few other users experience the same thing. But not for others + no errors in the testing tool which is what makes it so difficult to know when/if I’ve 100% fixed it. I know that the schema meta requirements changed at some point this year and I think that is the cause of it, I have started work on Valenti v6, which still has a long way to go, but I may try to release a quickfix update with some new meta code to see if that helps in the coming weeks. Make sure to follow as I announce all updates there :)

Ok thanks that would be great if you could. I may have found a solution already although I won’t know for a few days until Webmaster Tools has re-crawled the pages. I will report back on this thread shortly to let you know :)

That would be amazingly helpful if it does work out, so do let me know :) Thank you!

Guys, Love the theme! Well done. How do I increase the size of the author name and post date underneath the post title. And how do I change the color of this font. Thanks!

Hey there,

Do you mean throughout the site or just in a post?

For throughout the site, you can add this custom css and tweak to your desired size/color:

.cb-byline, .cb-byline a { font-size: 12px; color: #000; }

Or for only inside posts

.cb-fis .cb-byline, .cb-fis .cb-byline a { font-size: 12px; color: #000; }

Hope this helps :)


Are there any custom WordPress hooks or shortcodes that we can take advantage of with this theme OOTB? I’m looking forward on maximizing all possible methods that come along with this package.


Hey Kensley,

Thanks for checking out Valenti. The theme comes with a few shortcodes: but the truth is I don’t recommend users use theme shortcodes unless strictly necessary.

This may sound strange form a theme author, but I try to be as honest as possible and the real truth about shortcodes in themes for post styling/arranging is that they are not good at all, because the moment you change themes you will have to go back to edit all your old posts and remove/change the shortcodes. I recommend installing a shortcode plugin instead, this way no matter what theme you use in the future, your shortcodes will continue working and you won’t get forced to continue using the theme forever.

Regarding hooks, there are some hooks in the theme, but the theme will receive a bit of an overhaul for the v6 update coming at some point during Q1 2017, and more hooks will be added then – if you end up using Valenti and find places you need hooks you can let me know and if possible I’ll add them too.

Hope this helps.



N3k0 Purchased

Hi Cubell… question

Its safe to upgrade to WP4.7?

Cheers :P

Hey N3k0,

It is indeed :)



N3k0 Purchased

Thanks :D


turkvar Purchased

hi when enabling jetpack status module for site view counter the counter disappeared from articles meta , I don’t find where to enable the jetpack module , pls to guide me

Hey Turkvar,

Thanks for choosing Valenti. Have you gone to Theme Options -> Extras and changed the counter source to use Jetpack?



N3k0 Purchased

Woooow… CAUTION! if you have custom CSS in the edit CSS menu, because WP4.7 delete all you have done :’(

New section for edit css in 4.7 look like this now:


Where were you putting your custom css code before? Because the custom css box from the theme’s options isn’t controlled or affected by WordPress, so you wouldn’t lose anything!


N3k0 Purchased

edit css from the jetpack :P, 4.7 overwrited :P

Ah I see! They must have moved the CSS module from Jetpack to the customizer then. Really silly they didn’t automatically make any custom css in Jetpack move over though!