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My client purchased the Valenti theme and has many many reviews. They want to change their theme now. Is the review system proprietary or can it be also integrated with the new theme? Is there an export etc. Any info would be appreciated.

Hey Verobeachmarketing,

The Valenti review system is part of the theme, so it wouldn’t be possible to integrate it into a new theme, however – one quick solution could be that you check out our Let’s Review plugin (Another Codetipi product), which is a completely theme independent review system and can be used on any theme.

It’s probably the most powerful review system around too and it comes with a migration tool that allows you to convert Valenti reviews -> Let’s Review with one click.

If the client likes the plugin, they can get it and quickly get all their reviews up and running in the new theme. You can check it out here:

Hope this helps.


¡Buenas Codetipi!

A finales de mayo, el 25 concretamente, entra en vigor en Europa una ley de protección de datos de la que supongo que estarás al tanto. Implica diversos cambios, pero, por parte de Valenti, afectaría al plugin Login with Ajax, que debería contar con una pantalla que mostrara la política de registro antes de que el usuario pueda registrarse, o, como alternativa, redirigir a la pantalla de política de registro cuando le das a “Crear cuenta”.

Sé que esto tiene que ver con el plugin, pero dado que está “integrado” con Valenti, quería preguntarte si le has echado un vistazo al tema, ¡pues la cosa se va a poner seria con esta ley! He estado echando un ojo al soporte del plugin, y no vi gente con esas preocupaciones.

¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!! :)

¡Muy buenas! Disculpa por tardar en contestar, llevo unas semanas…

Pues lo he probado, y sí, agrega una caja de texto, pero el problema es que desde ahí no se puede acceder a la política de privacidad.

La solución ideal en mi caso sería que al pulsar en “Crear cuenta”, en lugar de llevar al pop-up donde pide Usuario y Mail para registrarse como nuevo usuario, que dirija a la página del foro que tengo creada, que ahí están los enlaces a todos los documentos que deben marcar como leídos, y no se pueden registrar si no los marcan. La página es:

He estado leyendo la documentación del plugin y en su foro de soporte, pero no tengo nada claro si se puede hacer. Aaay… y ya solo queda el jueves para dejarlo listo. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!! ;)

Nada, no hagas caso; desde luego, era una solución válida redirigir todos los registros por el foro, pero instalando el plugin RGPD (se llama como esta ley) añade precisamente un check a la ventana de “Crear Cuenta”, igual que el que me hiciste, pero con enlace a la Política de Privacidad. ¡Así que resuelto! Muchas gracias por tu tiempo ;)

Ah perfecto, muy buenas noticias :)


I have attempted to use the Valenti shortcodes in which the video gallery doesn’t appear to be working as it should.

Issue” I have added a video gallery which I’ve inserted the youtube ID, caption but on the post its displayed with just the play button and broken thumbnail for each video”?

Is this a known issue I know my support has only recently expired but hoping with assistance as this is from install and first point of testing features as I’ve been designing layout etc before adding posts Thank you

Hey Maresh,

Ah sure thing, I think a quick easy way is to upload it to a site like, or if it’s got private stuff, open a ticket at and ask for the ticket to be forward straight to Chris and I’ll take a look at it for you :)


Thank you, please see link below;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Reminder, the tab is aligned to the left and would like it centered to match the Divide lines

Thanks again

Unfortunately unable to log ticket as my support expired.

Ah I see now, but turns out that in a case like this, to be able to help I would definitely need to see the live code, as I can’t tell what is causing it from here. Once you have the site live or open, share the url here and I’ll take a look for you :)

Hi, is there an option for Instagram or Pinterest in the Social Media Widget? I can’t find it. Thanks

Hey Tina2016,

Thanks for choosing Valenti, I hope you enjoy using it :)

I’d recommend simply installing a free plugin that has all the social networks already, here is one that seems to be what you’re after:


¡Muy buenas! A la duda del otro día (todos los que tenemos registro de usuarios en nuestra web tenemos hasta el 25 de mayo para arreglarlo), sumo una también muy importante: recientemente, ¡y por fin!, el plugin oficial de AMP para WordPress admite comentarios en las páginas AMP, desde la llegada de la versión 0.7. Hasta esta versión, los comentarios simplemente no se mostraban.

El caso es que para que aparezcan los comentarios, los creadores de plugin dicen que el tema tiene que ser compatible. Han lanzado un post donde explican como funciona:

¿Habría alguna forma de activarlo antes de que llegue una actualización de Valenti? Es un problema para todos los que usan el dichoso AMP, pues Twitter, por ejemplo, dirige por defecto hacia las páginas AMP de una web, y al no encontrar comentarios, la interacción baja muchísimo.

AMP de hecho ha sido uno de nuestros mayores dolores de cabeza, he estado por desactivarlo muchas veces, por muchos motivos, pero principalmente por los comentarios.

¡Muchas gracias!

Buenas :)

Lo estoy investigando bien para el nuevo theme, asi que 100% lo transportare a Valenti en el proximo update tambien! Gracias por el dato!

First off, I completely love this theme and the wide range of customization options. Bonus points for including an easy way to edit the Style.css right from the theme.

I’m attempting to do a similar look to what Rosanna Davison has, at least in terms of the background/header combo. I’ve already followed one answer you gave someone about making the header background transparent.

One thing that I’ve having a hard time with is the scaling. On her site, the background and logo scale at certain incriments. On mine, it the background images and logo don’t scale.

Hey Fribee,

Love that you love it :)

And sure thing, share your site url (send it via the Codetipi profile page here on Themeforest if you wish to do it privately) and I’ll see if I can help with that. Please include the details of the issue in that email too,


Great! Email sent!

Just replied ;)

Hi, any idea what happened to the theme? Any know clashes with plugins? I’ve tried deactivating most and nothing helps. I’ve uploaded the latest version but still my site goes down every time. Also all is in italic script now?

Hey there,

Are you saying your site was working fine until one day it just kept going down? If so, did you change anything in the site? Because the theme is working fine and has no issues for that to happen. What error message do you get? Can you share your site’s url to check it out?


I just wanted to thank you, Codetipi. Your theme is wonderful, very versatile, with many customization choices. I tried many other templates and spent a lot of time fixing bugs, this does not apply to Valenti.

Too, you support is great.

Keep up the good work and I’m wishing you much happiness and success in business.

Hey Andanita,

Thanks so much for the kind words, really happy to hear you’re enjoying Valenti. There will be an update later on in the year too which will bring more goodies :) If you want to hear about the new update, you can follow Codetipi on Facebook: as all releases are announced there.

All the best of luck to you and your business!



Is there a way to show the “related posts” ibb the footer (maybe as a widget)?

background: I want to show related post under single events of the “events calendar” plugin.


Hey TIA,

Hope all is well! There isn’t an option to do that in the theme, but you could install a related posts widget plugin and use that. Here is one I found that has a widget and may do the job for you:

Hope it helps.


I am trying to use the VI ad service and ads will not run due to this issue…can you fix in the theme?? THanks. ” “Even though this filter is essential some WordPress developers tend to forget this or use the get_the_content() and not the_content() to output any content.”

Hey Lvgully,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, but could you please login to the account that purchased the theme and ask via that account. Apologies for the inconvenience but it’s the only way to give support.


Hi codetipi,

I use WPML and I would like to use one logo for the Turkish Pages and another logo for the English Pages. How can I do that?

I use… structure for English and dtructure for Turkish.

Thank you


Hi again codetipi,

I am trying to enable comments in the pages but it doesn’t work.

Cubell Themes Page Options: Comment On Discussion Box “Allow Comments” enabled Page: Valenti Drag & Drop Builder




Hey Bilge,

Ah I’m afraid that that isn’t possible for the logo option. But I think you can achieve it with CSS by hiding the default logo in the other language and with css show a background-image for it.

Regarding the comments, pages that use the builder are not normal pages, so they can’t have comments I’m afraid. Only standard pages/posts can have comments.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I have an issue whereby posts set as private are not appearing on the blog/news page, even when logged in to WordPress. However, when logged in, the private posts are being accounted for in the total number of posts as the page count for posts/news page goes up to 13 pages. So I think possibly the theme is hiding the private posts but still including them in the post count.

I know I don’t have support so I am not expecting you to provide a fix for this, but I wondered if you could confirm whether or not it is the theme that is responsible for this? If so, I will renew support and then open a ticket for it.

Thanks – I confirm that I have received your email, but I’m afraid I can’t answer it until next week as my system is literally getting sent away now for upgrades. Hope that’s okay.

That’s fine, look forward to reply once you get your system back. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for understanding, back now so will reply to your email soon :)

Hi there! I have version 5.5.4 of this theme installed, can you tell me if this is the latest version? I can’t tell which is the latest on theme page… thanks!! -Renee

Hey Renee,

Yup I can confirm that is the current latest version. The next update scheduled in now is a big v6 update :)


Hi Codetipi ! I don’t know why but the hexadecimal code has disappeard from the color picker in the theme options ! As you can see here : How could I bring it back ? Many thanks

Hey Jehubert,

Ah yes that is due to a tweak in WordPress core, but it’s an easy fix. Will be patched up for the new update, until then edit library/admin/css/cb-admin.css and add this line anywhere:

.hide-color-picker { display: inline-block!important; }

And it will show the hex box again.

Hope this helps.


Hey, It works ! Tanks a lot for your fast answer !

You’re welcome :)


opiz Purchased

Hi congratulations for the beautiful theme.

From today we have a problem with the gallery. we use “tiled gallery carousel without Jetpack”

Unfortunately our galleries now open with the Jetpack carousel, while before they opened with Lightbox.

We would like this gallery:

how can we do to set Lightbox as default? ​ thanks

Hey Opiz,

Thanks for the kind words and for choosing Valenti :)

Check your Jetpack settings and disable all modules except the Tiled gallery + stats ones (unless you need another of course) and see if that helps.


Quick question…for some reason my images are wacky again. They are 1000×600 but are now sizing different to show black bar at bottom. Let me know by please taking a look. Thank you VERY MUCH for your help in advance.

Hey again,

Try using images bigger than that, as WordPress creates thumbnails from the original size, and if a height/width is smaller, that creates thumbnails with dimensions that may not work well all the time. Try uploading images bigger than 1400px in width.

Hope this helps.


Hi, I’m a huge fan of this theme but I have an issue with the author page (for example On my site the author info is full width across the top unlike the demo which is down the left sidebar which looks much better. How can I achieve the demo look? I’m not using a childtheme and I’ve tried deactivating plugins. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m running 5.5.4. I’ve disabled css minify. The problem remains.

Hm, could you please open a ticket at and include your admin login details to take a look. Also mention in the first line of the ticket “Please forward this ticket straight to Chris, he requested this ticket”.

RESOLVED: it was a simple matter of turning on sticky sidebars. Thanks.


tageldart Purchased


Great theme – we really love it, and thank you so much for keeping it going!

Quick question, as we have an affiliate site, which means that all the products users click on are ‘redirected’ to the actual product site. With this, we need to ensure there is no “shopping cart” on the actual button in the product pages, as we prefer to change the text to “more info”, and have the customer redirected accordingly.

How do we change the Add To Cart Button Icons, and customize the buttons in general? Both for single product pages, and for the main Shop Page?

We have tried a variety of CSS clips, but they don’t seem to work.

Are you able to provide the CSS for add to cart button customization?

Thanks in Advance, and thank you again for a GREAT THEME!!!!!

Hey Tageldart,

Love that you guys love it, really happy to hear – thanks to you for choosing 15Zine :)

Can you share the url of the relevant pages to take a look at the code? I can probably get the correct snippets to use for you.



marcush90 Purchased

Something is wrong with functions in this theme. For example, things seem hardcoded.

For example, this code removes nofollow links for links in bbpress and works fine for other themes but adding this to child functions.php and even main functions.php doesn’t work.

//Remove nofollow function rm_nofollow($txt){ $txt=str_replace(' rel="nofollow"','',$txt); return $txt; } add_filter('bbp_get_topic_content','rm_nofollow',20); add_filter('bbp_get_reply_content','rm_nofollow',20);

marcush90 Purchased

Doesnt matter wrote the code in a different way and seems to be working now.

Hey Marcus,

Really happy to hear it’s all good now :)


Hello, I have read the documentation with regards to setting the theme up and it looks awesome.

Now my question is, why is there no option for the mega menu on my menu options?