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woodraf Purchased


I’m using this theme since some time and it’s really great… I’m just curious what can we expect in new version of this theme, can you reveal the secret? ;)

It would be fantastic if there would be pagination of images in native Wordpress galleries (I have sometimes hundreds of photos in single gallery and loading of thumbnails take a really a lot of time)

Also it would be great to see other version of fancybox / lightbox which include social media sharing and comments option.


Hey Woodraf,

That’s really nice to hear, thanks for choosing Valenti all that time ago :)

Nothing can be revealed yet, as it is work in progress and nothing is 100% fixed yet. But I can reveal that v6 will include lots of improvements, and one thing I can actually definitely confirm is that the lightbox will actually be changed.

You can follow the news about the update by liking and following the official Codetipi Facebook page on: As everything is announced there first :)


Wondering about the Home page section builders. I have sections denoted as ‘Module A’ but observe that I can’t scroll left or right with them. I had the impression before that I could scroll. Now I only seem to get scrollability with the Slider option. I would appreciate some clarification as to how these blocks should be working.

Hey Dschulberg,

Sure thing – Module A is a static module of posts, and as it isn’t a slider there is no sliding. Could you point out the url where you saw the module you are trying to recreate?



waitemel Purchased

Hi Cubell, I have a standard menu that is colour coded by category. Within each parent category there are a mix of both pages and posts.

Ideally I’d like to disable the link for each parent category in the menu and only have the sub pages/posts active in the menu. Is there a way to do this?

As a temporary solution i tried to redirect the category page to the first sub item on the menu using the 301 redirect plugin, but it is not working, it still shows the category page?

Hey Waitemel,

Hope you’re well :) Could you please share your URL and point out exactly what menu items you are referring to? As I’m struggling to fully grasp what you are trying to do.



waitemel Purchased

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll create a ticket. Mel

You’re welcome, and sure thing :)


tahum3d Purchased

I have Megamenu turned off on all links in the Navigation Menu but since the last update they are all turned on and I can no longer select whether to have a Megamenu or no when in Appearance-Menu as the option is no longer there?

Hey Tahum3d,

Hm, how odd! It sounds like you may have installed a new plugin that is intercepting/manipulating the menu system, try disabling them all and see if you can see the options again.



tahum3d Purchased

Thanks for the advice. It turned out to be WP Popup Maker that was causing the problem. I disabled it and now the menu works fine.

Ah perfect, happy I could help and that you were able to sort it out :)

Pre buy dude Its posible that in post layout Featured Image Background the title and autor appear before the article, no over image. thank you

And social icon in sticky and nav bar?

Hey Tolfymarmota,

Thanks for checking out Valenti!

You can indeed select to have the title in another location, for that featured image style the other option looks like this:

And you can add social icons to the nav bar by inserting “custom links” and in the title inserting the icon code, and in the link, your link :)



zeek1969 Purchased

Hi How do I upload my ad banner images? It’s unclear. Do I need to upload it to the server and refer to it with code in the banner code section?

Hey Zeek1969,

Thanks for choosing Valenti, hope you enjoy using it.

If you want to host your own ad, then yes that is one way to do it. If it is a simple image, the quickest way to get the full html code is to create a new post, click the add media button, upload your image and set it to link to the ad url link too, insert it into the post and then click the “text” view mode, and you will see the html code for that image with link, copy/paste it where you want to show the banner and should work as expected.

Hope this helps.



zeek1969 Purchased

thanks – works perfectly

Happy I could help, you’re welcome :)

Hi Codetipi,

Great theme btw! I was about to post my queries to support but it took 3 days for them to come back to me last time. So thought i’d try on here first.

1. how do i make the main menu black? its currently a lighter shade of black but i want it as black as it will will go.

2. you’ve mentioned that its possible to put highlighting behind that possible to do at a post level or will it apply that highlighting across every text on the page?

3. is it possible to make the text pop out a bit more? or make the pictures a tad darker?

4. is it possible to remove the small folder icon you have for the tags? i’m showing them on my posts but i’d like to remove the folder icon.

5. is it possible to change the date posted to a date of my choice in the future. i’m listing events and want to show the date in the summary boxes before you click. if that’s not possible can you think of how i might be able to show the date in the description or title or some other way?

my website is: http://www,

Hey there,

Thanks for the kind words, really happy you like it :)

And I see that you posed this 3 days ago too, but it’s because of the weekend – support isn’t always open on weekends.

1- Try copy/pasting this in the custom css box of the theme options:

#cb-nav-bar.cb-dark-menu { background-color: #000; }

2- Are you referring to the highlight shortcode? If so, as it is a shortcode I believe it isn’t shown outside of the post, as excerpts strip shortcodes out.

3- Sure thing, you can make the images darker by copy/pasting this custom css too:

.cb-gs-style-a .cb-style-overlay img {  opacity: 0.8; }

and lowering the 0.8 value, try 0.5 :)

4- Sure thing, same again with this css code:

.cb-category i { display: none; }

5- I’m afraid not, the date is the publish date, which is controlled/fed by directly from WordPress, so whatever the publish date of the post is, that is what is sent to the theme. And I’m afraid to add a new custom date option to output in the by line would require a significant customization, and you would need to hire a developer to help you with something on that scale!

Hope this helps.


Hi Codetipi,

Is there a way to:

- modify the # of words in excerpts in article tiles (looks like about 20 words now) - make sure full words or sentences are used (now words are cut off)

- offset posts in Section With Latest Global Posts + Pagination by the number of posts shown in Section A-Grid 5 showing latest post (currently showing all latest posts, including those in the grid).




Hey Peter,

Hope you’re well!

1- I’m afraid not, the excerpt works with characters, but I will look into it and see if there is a way to make it work that way in a future update.

2- That is definitely coming in v6 update :)


Is a 1400px width possible, are did you stick to 1200px?

Hey Romanzy,

Thanks for checking out Valenti, and the theme’s width options are to be either 1020px or 1200px, no 1400px i’m afraid.



My post usually starts with a YouTube video link. In the excerpt this looks ugly, because you only see the URL in the excerpt. I tried to remove ​the URL from the excerpt by using a code in the functions.php that I found online, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Here is the code I use in the functions.php in my child theme:

// Remove URL in excerpt

function remove_url_from_excerpt( $text ) {

if ( ’’ == $text ) {

$text = get_the_content(’’);

$text = strip_shortcodes( $text );

$text = preg_replace( ‘http(s)?://[^\s]*i’, ’’, $text ); // removes URLs

$text = apply_filters( ‘the_content’, $text );

$text = str_replace(‘]]>’, ‘]]>’, $text);

$excerpt_length = apply_filters( ‘excerpt_length’, 20 ); // default: 55

$excerpt_more = apply_filters( ‘excerpt_more’, ’ ’ . ‘[…]’ );

$text = wp_trim_words( $text, $excerpt_length, $excerpt_more );


return $text;


remove_filter( ‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘wp_trim_excerpt’ );

add_filter( ‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘remove_url_from_excerpt’);


I’ve edited the core file, because alternatively I had to edit over 1000 posts manually. Unfortunately the core file didn’t work in the child theme, so I had to make the change directly in the main theme. I just need to remember my change after the next update.

One more thing. The correct code is:

$cb_excerpt_output = preg_replace( ‘http(s)?://[\s]i’, ’’, $cb_excerpt_output ); // removes URLs

(Code doesn’t show the Tilde character before ‘http’ and Star and Tilde character after ‘[\s]‘)

Kind regards, Thomas Frenken

Hey Thomas,

You’re welcome, happy I could help :)

Ah yes, because I put the code in “code form” here in these comments, the comment system here stripped some of it out for some reason!

Also, you don’t overwrite the core file, that file is too important, what you do is copy JUST the excerpt function bit, so where you see


copy everything below that until the next title


and paste that into your child functions.php, now only that function is edited and will load on your site forever :)

Also, if you want to hear about upcoming Valenti updates and don’t follow the page already, make sure to follow :)