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keorfas Purchased

Recently, some of my post pages on don’t show the global background image.

I had to go into the category individually to add it in. No new plugins, just the Wordpress update.

Also, any idea when v6 will be out? looking forward to it.

Hey Keorfas,

How odd! Did you refresh your cache after updating WordPress (if you have a cache plugin of course)? And does it still happen on new posts?

And v6 is in the pipeline, still some time away but it will be a nice update :) Make sure to follow to hear about it all, as it will all be announced there.


hello, I’ve had a question for a long time now. Why are not the three categories on the shop page displayed on one line?

On the product side also not. Only 2 are displayed side by side …

As always many thanks !!!

Hey Creative79,

I had a look at the shop, but I see 4 per row with no problem there, is that one all good now? For the products that is a strange one but can easily be fixed by adding this custom css to your theme options:

.woocommerce ul.products.columns-3 li.product, .woocommerce-page ul.products.columns-3 li.product {
    width: 30.5%;

Should do the trick :)


cool, thanks!! works with your code…

a question still :) can one limit the pictures / teaser also in the height? Currently the teasers are different.

Thank you very much!