Discussion on Valenti - WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

Discussion on Valenti - WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

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Has anyone else experienced their header disappearing entirely. This has been happening for several months now and I keep needing to go into the header&logo section and set it up constantly.

Hi Greg,

That sounds very strange! Unless someone with access to your site is restoring backups or manually changing the settings or similar, then the theme definitely wouldn’t be doing that.


Thanks for the response. I use UpDraft for backups but it hasn’t been playing nice with my hosting so I disabled it. I’ll keep it disabled and redo the header. Let’s see if the header problem persists now.

No worries, hope it’s all good now :)

When posts with a white background are shown on the grid on my home page the title of the post (normally white) becomes ‘invisible’. How can I change the colour of the title so that it will stand out?

Hey there,

Could you please open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com about this and include the site url so the support team can see the issue live. Once it’s understood wha is going on they can provide a fix :)


Is anyone else having an issue with the Main Menu Logo? Changing the image size doesn’t seem to make a difference. Ive uploaded a 100×18 (recommended) to a 1200 plus and still looks the same https://beeralien.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/menu-image.png

Hey Spyro,

Check your Retina logo is indeed a Retina version, if you’re unsure you can open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and share the url where it’s visible and they can help figure out what is going on.



jalvac Purchased

Bugs report on Valenti Hi Cubell! Hope you’re very well, my friend! Here are some things I’m seeing on staging when migrating…

- The previous ‘Featured Image Style – OFF’ posts are migrated automatically to ‘Hero Design 10’ when should be migrated to ‘Hero Design 9’ to preserve the title integrity (that is, no full width title over sidebar).

- ‘Content Max Width’ 1020px option is not working, you got everytime 1200px.

- Javascript pasted code on ‘Advertisement’ >> ‘Banner Code’ is deleted when saving options.

I will later update this. Best!

Hey Jalvac,

All good there, hope you are too :)

Wait for next Valenti update and if you still have issues after that, open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com and someone from support will happily help.


The level of your craziness with this update can be found in you changing the CSS class even for that insignificant little arrow on the bottom right.

From fa-long-arrow-up to some valenti-i-whatever-long-i-arrow.

Do you really feel the burning need to add your name to that ridiculous arrow? Of course you didn’t. You’re just having fun destroying your customers’ customisations. That’s all.

You changed the CSS class for every single pixel of the theme. You invented CSS attributes that even your own CSS stylesheet embedded in the them does NOT recognise.

You make it impossible to edit things if we don’t always use the !important attribute (listen, people! if your CSS is not working it’s because they made it impossible for you to customise, so always use the !important attribute)

Not to mention the non-exisitent so-called “documentation” which doesn’t document ANYTHING and no one, not even people like us that have been using your theme for 6 years, will understand.

And of course, you stopped altogether responding even the most basic questions here on the forum.

Very honest tricks to FORCE people buy support renewals, congratulations. This is exactly how the loyals make business. Shame on you.

Hi there,

Font Awesome (fa-...) iconset is very heavy and bloated. Valenti v5.6 removed it and replaced it with a lightweight custom made font (valenti-i….).

Valenti 5.6 is one of the biggest and bravest updates ever released on Themeforest. If you don’t know what I mean, then go buy another popular theme made years ago and look at their code and practises. What you’ll find is that they’re still using creaking old frameworks with hacky workarounds, bad practises (can lead to security vulnerabilities) and bad performance. Valenti is now using a hand-written brand new ultra-modern framework that makes the theme operate like a theme built from scratch in 2021.

It’s clear you have made your mind up on your opinions, but you are severely mistaken and actually being very offensive too. Theme authors barely make any money from support renewals, there is zero incentive in doing what you claim. And even if there was an incentive, Codetipi does not need to do dirty tricks. Codetipi has the best themes made with real passion and love.

The theme is the most important aspect of a website, you’ve been using Valenti for 6 years after paying a one-off $44 free (that was the cost back then) and even after you get a ground-breaking update (that took a very long time to make) for free 6 years later – you come and attack Codetipi for being one of the few authors that actually cares about and improves their products? I’ll never understand.


I don’t think changing the CSS attribute of that arrow leads to better security. The fact that you stopped answering even the most basic question here on the forum is a fact. And that documentation doesn’t document anything so the people are forced to renew assistance. I’m not discussing how great this theme (was), I’m discussing your practices and behaviour after this update.


jalvac Purchased

Hola Cubell, amigo! ¿Qué planes tienes para lanzar una nueva actualización de Valenti que resuelva los problemas de migración, anchura del tema, JQuery, etc? Necesito saberlo para determinar si adquirimos soporte y tratamos de actualizar nuestro viejo Valenti, u optamos por lo que dijimos hace unos días de ir a Zeen y contratar tu plugin de shortcodes… Gracias!

VERSION is the current version is this current … still looking for the gallery to include a slider counter is this gonna happen soon …