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Hi! I’m a fan and user both of Valenti and Zeen. Since a few months I’m having a problem with review boxes, all my posts that include them output this before the box

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/cyclosco/public_html/wp-content/themes/valenti/library/core.php on line 1597

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/cyclosco/public_html/wp-content/themes/valenti/library/core.php:1597) in /home/cyclosco/public_html/wp-admin/post.php on line 231

The error is visible to users.

Here is an example “https://cycloscope.net/caschi-pieghevoli-morpher-recensione”

Hey there,

Thanks for choosing both Valenti and Zeen :)

Try changing your PHP version on your Valenti site to 7.0 and see if that works, if it does it was due to the PHP version.

Valenti v5.6 update will be compatible with all PHP versions (up to 7.4), so best to wait for that update before using it with latest PHP versions.

Hope this helps.



I use your template since 2016 now, pretty happy with it. But please, it is urgent and a priority to release asap the new version accepting the new php versions, as Wordpress now doesn’t accept versions below 7.2 !

My website is partially dysfunctional because of that, and I have millions of visitors per month. The large amount of errors make the website crash often, it is now impossible for me to continue like that, and for other people using this template.

I see you post Zeen updates really often (I have it on another website), but now this one is more urgent ! Please do something or we’ll have to abandon this template…


Hey Jay-P,

WordPress’ recommendation has been bumped up to PHP 7.2 (A good thing), but it’s only a recommendation, you can still run it on older versions.

Valenti v5.6 beta is already compatible with all PHP versions (including 7.4), if you’d like to test out the beta you can open a ticket up at http://codetipi.ticksy.com to become a beta tester. The beta is relatively stable at the moment so if you test it on a staging site and there are no quirks for your set up, you can use it until the official v5.6 launch.

The reason Zeen receives so many great updates so frequently, is because the framework of that theme is already super modern and extremely flexible, making it very easy to add features to it. Valenti v5.6’s update is going to set the foundations to allow Valenti to be developed at the same speed as Zeen :)

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your reply. Yes excuse me, my bad, it’s more like Wordpress is working slower and slower with versions below 7.2, with some errors appearing with old themes.

Ok, I understand what you’re working on, but it’s now a while that we’re waiting for this update (more than 1 year).

Yes, maybe I can beta-test it but it’s pretty risky… When do you think the official version will be available ? In 2 months, or more like 6 months ? It really also depend on that.


It’s no problem, and apologies for the slow response.

Do you have a staging site to beta test though? If you do, there’s zero risk as it won’t affect your visitors. The official version will be released the moment the beta has no reported quirks. As it’s such a big framework update, there are always little things here and there that need to be ironed out to ensure a smooth transition for existing users.


Hi Chris

Just noticed that the mobile responsive screen has virtually no padding on the sides so text runs right to the end of the screen. If this normal? Yeah.. only paying attention to this now :) Is there an easy fix?

Hey M22687,

Apologies for the very slow response. Please open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com as the support team only works there and you’d get a response very fast there. Also include your site’s url so the team can investigate for you.


HI, one thing I’ve noticed is that if a list item on an unordered list block goes to the next line, instead of being indented like a typical html list item, it wraps underneath the bullet point above it e.g.

  • Long list item that will wrap to the second line if I type long enough
  • The next list item

I think it makes the list look messy. is this a Gutenburg/Wordpress formatting thing or a Valenti default and how do I make it behave ‘normal’ like this where the wrapping indents:

  • Long list item that will wrap to the second line if I type long enough
  • The next list item.


OK, directly above is how I want it to wrap, the first examples came out wrong. Basically, a UL list defaults to subsequent lines wrapping directly underneath the bullet point above it i.e. no indent e.g.

() Long list item that will wrap to the second line if I type long enough Long list item that will wrap to the second line if I type long enough Long list item that will wrap to the second line if I type long enough () The next list item

LOL, that turned out wrong too.

Hey Dan,

Apologies for the slow response, but please open a ticket at http://codetipi.ticksy.com for the support team to take a look.

You’re able to share code snippets there that won’t lose formatting either :P Just one reason why these comments are really not made for support.



mimimju Purchased

Hello, I really like your theme so far and I’d like to keep using it. In order to do so, I needed to customize some of the codes but something went harder for me. Would you, if you don’t mind, kindly help me out?

1. I’d like to show more tags than the original. I modified function.php to change the number of tags to show, but nothing changed. I thought there were already relevant codes in the file but I couldn’t find any of them. Could you tell me where and how I should change?

2. I’d like to change font in the editor, Gutenburg. I have a specific font, not Google one but local one, I’ve used for years. Usually, when I add some codes to load css file to function.php, the font setting in the editor will change. In your theme, however, my method didn’t work well. So I’d like to ask you if you know any solution.

Hey Mimimju,

Really happy you’re enjoying Valenti :) And apologies for the delayed response!

1- What tags are you referring to exactly? Because the theme doesn’t limit the tags that output at the end of a post. If you have the tag option on, all of them will appear there.

2- This is because Valenti v5.5 is currently not 100% optimized for Gutenberg, so the fonts you see in the backend are not the actual fonts seen on the frontend. Valenti v5.6 beta is already 100% optimized for Gutenberg and the fonts shown in the Gutenberg editor are the ones you have set in the theme options. So it will be all good in the official Valenti v5.6 release :)

Hope this helps.



mimimju Purchased

Thank you for the reply :)

1 – Sorry, I had to mention this first: I’m using the Wordpress tag cloud widget. It shows only 20 tags for now and I want more. Usually, when I add some codes to function.php, I can control the number, but on your theme, whatever I do, it keeps steady 20. So, I just wonder if there was a conflict with existing codes or something.

2 – I’m satisfied with your font choice for the frontend so I don’t have to change it. I’d like to change only the backend because my font is especially suitable for my editorial work. I just couldn’t figure out why my codes and css, which have worked on the other themes, were not applicable to this theme. However, I’m looking forward to v5.6 :)

You’re welcome, happy to help :)

1- Ah in that case try adding this code to your Valenti child theme’s functions.php:

function my_custom_tag_cloud_count( $args ) {
        $args['number'] = 20;
        return $args;
add_filter( 'widget_tag_cloud_args', 'my_custom_tag_cloud_count' );
and change the 20 to your desired max limit.

2- Completely get it, but indeed v5.6 will 100% have it like that ;)



leemarr Purchased

Update Request:

i’d like see a Slider counter added …

is this possible

Ah do you mean in the gallery? If so, there are plans for more gallery designs and I’m sure a counter can be added.


leemarr Purchased

yes the gallery and the counter would be great …

Sounds good :)

Hello I’ve been a happy user of your theme, but some months ago I’ve activated the woocommerce shop and I’m getting a bug on visualization.

For any reason, the last product of every row in the grid jumps to other row below. Where I should get 3 products per row in my shop homepage, I’m getting 2 in the first row, 1 in the second row, 2 in the third, 1 in the 4th… and so on.

I’ve added a shortcode with products in my homepage, and I’m getting the same: The last one jumps to a row below… so I must show one product less to avoid it (in this case, 5 instead 6)

Even more, I’m getting an enormous blank space just below the pagination numbers untill the footer of the page.. only in the shop pages

Could you help me with that?? I have not edited the page code… and just installed the WC plugin

Thanks in advance!!

You’re welcome, happy I could help :) And ah you’re right, try this code instead:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {.woocommerce ul.products.columns-3 li.product, .woocommerce-page ul.products.columns-3 li.product {
    width: 30%;

Should do it.


Now it really looks perfect… thank you so much again for your help!!

You’re welcome, super happy I was able to help :)


havasu50 Purchased

Hi, the last update for Valenti theme is 1.5 yrs. old. Will there be a new update soon and, will it be Gutenberg ready? Tried a support ticket… shouldn’t be made so difficult and I shouldn’t have to pay for support for placing a simple question. Thank you.

Hi Havasu50,

Valenti’s next update is the biggest in Valenti’s history (and there have been multiple big ones). The new update is in beta and beta testers are helping comb through all niggles they find to ensure a smooth upgrade for the 10,000+ Valenti users.

The way Themeforest support works is that you do need valid support to get theme support, this is a Themeforest system though, not something authors set/control.

Hope this info helps.


recently I am facing problem with social media links, each time i add for example instagram post into link, its stay as link in the post, not displayed as embed, here is a screenshot for the code : https://prnt.sc/tn7ssn,,,, we are still waiting the update

Hey there,

I see you have some 403 errors to WordPress’ api, which I assume is via Jetpack? If so, you need to double check that your WP REST API isn’t being deactivated by a security plugin or similar.

Hope this helps.


“The way Themeforest support works is that you do need valid support to get theme support, this is a Themeforest system though, not something authors set/control.

Hope this info helps.


Why don’t you make a separated FREE support? This has nothing todo with themeforest, as you ow your support or codetipi domain and regarding the support it’s just an API from themeforest that you use that checks if you have still support or not.

Why don’t you make PREMIUM and FREE (FAN BASE) support.

Premium you get fast response, the free takes just longer. This way everyone can be happy. It’s really frustrating to buy each time a support to just ask a question.

Although people can also ask questions here, and it helps the community. That was with me the reason that I first bought Valenti in the past, as is has a lot of resources here in the comments to fix problems or custom code that you where looking for. And if your bumbed into something, you still could ask it here, without a standard reply please make a ticket.. Because why.. i just made it here you can reply here as well and it helps the community too.

I miss thoses days…

When is the new valenti coming out? I have read this for months and months, but didn’t saw anything.

Hi Memt,

I appreciate your feelings, but you need to understand that Themeforest sets all the rules, not authors. Codetipi is in an exclusive contract with Themeforest, so all Codetipi products here have to abide by their rules.

Themeforest implemented the support system rules, authors have to follow them. There are no exceptions, as again, authors can’t have their own rules, as it creates an unbalanced marketplace. Any author who doesn’t follow the rules can get reported to Themeforest and get in trouble.

And you do not need to pay for every ticket, why do you say that? You get 6 or 12 months of theme support with every purchase and you ask what you need help with within the support guidelines and following fair usage policy of course.

I had a look and your account in the support system has 40 tickets + a huge amount more of comments here, so surely we can agree that Codetipi has given you incredible support multiple times over already.

In my opinion the support system does make sense. If you need help with with other things in real life after your warranty runs out, it’s normal.

And the Valenti beta testing is happening right now.

Beta testing doesn’t have to be done, in fact, most authors don’t do it and they just launch updates that end up having problems (just check reviews of other established themes after big updates), so customers have to open tickets to fix them (needing valid support), which is more problematic all round in my opinion.

Hope this makes sense, but if you have more concerns about it all, please contact Themeforest with your thoughts, as I mentioned, they control and set all the rules.


Hi there – big fan of your theme and have been using it for years. One question I haven’t figured out is how to better format bullet points. Right now, they look terrible and are not indented at all, basically defeating the entire purpose of having a bulleted list. How can this be easily fixed?? I’d like them to be indented and have the bullet filled in (right now it is a circle without color fill for the bullet). Also the second line of the bulleted text does not align with the bullet itself but goes back to original indent which looks very off and again defeats purpose of bulleted text. Thank you

Hey there,

Really happy to hear that :)

Re the bullet points, can you share a relevant url to see what you mean exactly?


Hi there, still very happy with our Valenti-based site, but the fact that theme still does not support php 7.3 is a big problem for us. My webhost only offers 5.6 as a legacy option for PHP, so i have had to roll all the way back to that, leaving the site insecure. Any update on when Valenti 5.6 will be released? Thanks