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On the Valenti Theme Page, it says that the last update was on the 6 December 17 .

But under downloads / it says 23 May 2017.

Have there been any recent updates?

Also, are there any plans in the pipeline for Valenti 6? Or is it just ticking along with bug updates only?

Thanks in advance. Jim : )

Hey Jim,

Ah yes that is due to the sale that changed the price and caused the date update. The next update will be v6 and it will be a big update, and when it is out, you’ll know from all the graphic and demo changes ;) Should be out early 2018!



Today I had been upgraded the theme to Valenti 5.1 and I have been two problems. 1.- I have a banner´ code include on the header but I can see the banner on mobile but not on the desktop. I don´t know how can i fixed that because with the last version the banner was working. 2.- I have a side bar with the top reviews widget and the problem is that the filter “all time” is not working because I can´t see, for example, the 2017´ reviews.

The website is

Many thanks.

Thank for your answers.

1.- I needed to change to the old version cause we´re working on it. Please check righ now the site. No, I don´t use adblocker extension. Other thing of this is that the banner is moving to the left and no center.

2.- all the filters show the same but we can use that just to select the newest, could be?

And two more questions.

If you enter to the events, in the new upgrade I can´t see the text and other things and I don´t know how it´s works.

Is it possible insert o the social icons widget Instagram Icon?

Many thanks.

Hey again,

Ah I saw it now:

1- Try adding this css to your custom css box in the theme options:

.cb-logo-center #logo, .cb-logo-center .cb-large, .cb-logo-center .cb-medium {    float: left;

2- Give it a go and see if that changes, if it doesn’t, it may actually be that you have a cache plugin installed and that it needs refreshing to update what the widget shows to visitors.

3- I had a look at the content area and it doesn’t seem any other content is being outputted at all on the site. Try refreshing any cache plugins to test if that is it. If not, try activating TwentySeventeen theme (default WordPress theme) to see if it is the theme doing it.

4- I’d recommend simply installing a free social media widget, such as this one: as it already includes Instagram and loads more :)

Hope this helps.


Hey again,

1- It´s fixed but a little bit to the right. I have a lot of problems if i see some pieces out of the center. ;-)

2- It’s not working. I am trying with another options and I´ll tell you, sorry.

3- I refreshed the cache but i´s not work. I´m using a Advanced Custom Fields plugin to insert some fields and could be isn´t work with the new version, isn´t it? This plugin had been working with Valenti Versión: 4.0.3.

4- It´s fixed. ;-)

Thanks so much.