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Is it possible to set the background music off by default to let the user decide to turn it on? Cheers

Thanks, this time everything went fine! – Thanks for the fast and great support!

That’s glad to hear, you’re welcome anytime.

Hi there, regarding creating portfolio’s I am having some trouble with the slides moving as I have quite a few images uploaded into the slider, it seems as though I need to set it so that the image only downloads as needed, because at the moment i have to wait for all to download before the slider will work.

is there a way I can set it to lazy load?


Right now Valerie does not have a Lazy Load, but we’ll note this and if we decide to include it on the future we’ll notice that on updates.

Kind Regards

Hey Guys, for some reason I cant load photos to my site any more. I click background image – choose file a from media library, and then the select button hi-lights but nothing happens after that. Any ideas???


Can you open a ticket at and leave up there your site logins as well ?

Kind Regards

im trying to open a ticket but cant register. when I put my Envato username in (as requested) it says its already taken?

I just sent you an email with a new password.

Hi Guys, Great Theme! Really enjoying working with it. Can you tell me how I can move the 3 bar drop down image up a little? its kinda getting half hidden on mobile devices.

Please visit and open a ticket there

Kind regards

I’m trying to import does not appear , but I can not support projects

I want to receive e-mail address where we can support

Did you create an account in our support forum? If not do so by using the same username as here in Envato

Kind regards

I was hungry, but no one answered 2 days

I wrote 2 one nobody answered

404 page you want to redirect

404 pages to get index


Can you be more specific about this problem ?

Does this theme have the option to change colors without coding. Meaning do you have a dark version, light version, pre-built color options?


There are light/dark skins and you can change the yellow branding color with a color picker we added in theme options

Kind regards

Is there an updated version to this theme?

We will make an update soon. Are you having any problems currently?

how do I change the accordion text color and the accordion color? Thanks


Use this CSS

.accordion h4 a {
    color: #fff;
    background: #F4B530

Nippa Purchased

Hey Guys, How can the background slider be stopped from being the background on every single page on mobile devices. It doesnt seem to matter if the pages have there own backgrounds, on mobile devices, the sliders are the background on every single page? Help!!!

Hi Nippa,

Sorry for the delay we just replied to your ticket on our support forum.

Best Regards

How do I import the demo? I cant even find the demo file.


In the theme package you can find the demo content. You must install the wordpress importer and then add the xml file in there to import the content.

You can also contact us in our support forum and we can do that for you

Best Regards


hgw7m Purchased

Hello, is it okay to update WP to V 4.5.2 – we have Valerie Version 2.6.2 operated with a child theme. You mentioned an update – is it already released?


Yes we jus tested Valerie 2.7.2 one more time on WP 4.5.2 and it works as i should,

The current theme version is 2.7.2 not 2.6.2. So if you did make changes on theme files it might cause problems.

Before updating please create a backup in case something goes wrong or in case you made changes to theme files.

Best Regards, Umbrella Studios

Hi, my support has expired, this is why I am writing here, after i updated the theme and wordpress, not I can not upload images on layout builder, can u help please?


No problem for the expire but can you please open a ticket in our support forum providing your login information so we can check the problem and come up with a solution.

Best Regards

Hi I want to add an hyperlink on my team members section, is it possible?

We would like you to describe where do you want the link on our support forum and No payment is required.

Also we will need your login informations since you need a modifications.

Kind Regards

I want to hyperlink the ‘continue reading’ text on team member description on this link: . where should I send the login info?

Hi there, I added the field that you required at the custom post Team.

If you have any question feel free to contact. Kind Regards

Hello Umbrella..Vase looks promising for a photography site…Does it come with a child theme ? And can I change fonts with a plugin compatible with Vase template ?

Hi there,

Thank your for considering Vase.

Seems like you commented on a different theme but that is ok :)

Yes! Vase comes with a child theme and also has a section on the options panel where you can upload your font or choose one of the 800+ from google fonts. \\

Kind Regards

When i make the menu bar thinner by doing this: background: rgba(0,0,0,0.4) !important; height: 70px !important; } padding: 20px !important; padding-top:0px !important; height: 70px !important; line-height: 70px; vertical-align: middle; horizontal-align:middle: !important; }

.header .menu > li > a {

On the mobile version the menu’s are hidden behind the button with three horizontal stripes. But that button does not align anymore. The desktop website does work just fine. Oh and while im writing this, is there an option to link to Instagram as well, just like Facebook and youtube. Thanks already

.header { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.4) !important; height: 70px !important; } .header .menu > li > a { padding: 20px !important; padding-top:0px !important; height: 70px !important; line-height: 70px; vertical-align: middle; horizontal-align:middle: !important; }


Can you please contact us via our support forum: providing your website URL so we can take a closer look and try to fix the issue ?

Also providing any screenshot of the mobile menu issue would be very helpful to understand the issue you are facing.

Best Regards

Hi there! Is the template compatible with visual composer please? Thanks!

Hi there,

We tested out the Valerie theme with the latest version of Visual Composer and it works fine. But visual composer is not included with Valerie.

Kind Regards