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Cool theme! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot.

Really nice! appears to bounce back to the top of the page in Chrome when using the ‘project’ specific slideshow…

Thanks for the feedback, it look’s like it bounces be on the Home Page Return an Next Slide Event is Fired to keep the Background and the Text Sync’ed.As you can see the same slider is in every page except on Home Page it has Text Also.

Great Theme Good work ! ;)

Thanks, we appreciate it.

Congrats, wish you the best with sales :)

Thanks a lot Bedros.

clean.. and nice effects

Thank you Mabuc.

Can you please install? Just purchased this theme and I am having a bit of trouble. For some odd reason in your demo you can navigate through the site without it reloading and the music plays continuously… However everytime I click a link the page changes???


Hi , yes we can just send us the Wordpres Logins.Or go to options panel and enable ajax load.

Kind regards

I sent you a pm with your login info… Btw I did that and it still would not load correctly for some reason… :/

Totaly broken theme in my ie9

Are you testing this with Browser Mode, or the real IE9 Version. We tested this and it work’s on IE9 and IE8 ?

Great theme with clear design. One wish for the next version: soft moving picture in combination with the text effects would be the hammer :-)

good look with sales

best greeting from Berlin


Yes it is a nice idea, we will try those effect’s if they fit on this Theme but not something exactly like that.

Sounds good. I `ve bookmarked for my next projects.

cheers :-)


Thanks Mike

Kind Regards.

Like you style :) love the song 8-)

Thanks a lot.

great home slider effect and transitions but I see a major issue, when clicking on any project rotator the images jump down the screen and I have to scroll back up to view the left and right arrows, it very annoying, would you try and fix do you think

We noticed that from the Beginning, but it is a time consuming thing. We left that way because from the last Theme from the same Category (Nemo) users wanted to have Variable Image Size’s. First we had Dimension Fixed image sizes and than when we allowed variable one the Browser could not Calculate it.

But yes we will go ahead and hook it up.

An interesting project. Congratulations!

Thanks a lot.

I am still waiting on the install? I expected to wake up and see it completed this morning butnI had nothing…. What’s up?

Got it, OK i`ll go by office it will take me 1 hour.

Never-mind we like to help our buyers.

Thanks… Please let me know when complete… Also if you could install all demo content so the site presents itself as your demo that would be great and would help me study how you work the theme.

Hi William

The site is ready, it is Ajaxified* and you have the Demo Content there.

PS : Im really sory about the delay, but we didn’t checked the spam folder.

Kind Regards

Hello Does this theme support multi language plugins?

It has .po and .mo File Included. And it is friendly with gettext.So it should support most of them.It should work at least with qTranslate which has the Short-tags to separate content for each language.

really nice Theme!

is it possible to have different background-sliders / sets on different pages? or pages without slider or a still image as background?

kind regards


It is a main slider for all page’s because it is an Ajax Site and more than a Slider is a bad UX.

Great theme! Good luck with selling!

Where do I change ‘Back to projects’ link text?


To change that you can use the translation files (.mo and .po).

If are not able to do this by youre self please contact support from the form on profile and provide ftp and wp logins.

hi, background sound start over again when i click each menu item. Why? In Your Demo is perfect. How I can fix this… tnx

!!! get worked (solved) !!! great work master :-)



Just go to option panel and enable Ajax Load than the music will keep playing while you navigate through the web site.

Hi! looks really great, is it translation ready? with WPML plugin? Thanks!!

This theme is Translation Friendly, it has .mo and .po files and all the Field are Filtered with Wordpress Filters.

We did not tested it with WPML but it should work as the WPML handle’s the Contect by the_content hook.

When you go to the blog section and you click back to blog – it simple stays on the page and will not return? Whats up with that? Other than that snag its working great!

-C William


Could you grab the latest Update of Valerie, and check if it work’s, if it still does not work than please contact Support and provide the FTP and WP Logins Please.

How possible is it to change colors?

such as: The color of the menu bar? The dropdows, rollowers content boxes etc. that are currently yellow? Are the elements affected by the light/dark theme capable of being other colors?

How possible is it to change built-in images, such as the < > buttons for the slider?

Is it possible to make the content boxes semi-transparent? also, of course is it possible to remove the sound icon?

No with the option panel but we can help you woth that.

it’s really not possible to remove even the sound icon?

The sound icon will not be there if you don’t chose to upload an Audio in that case.

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!