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Hello? Sorry this is an urgent issue I need resolving pls. Thanks…

Setting a menu item to open in a new window doesn’t work….pls help urgently…I am setting the menu item in the menu settings in the wordpress admin and ticking the ‘open in new tab’ box but it still is opening in the same window and so navigating away from the site…


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Is there a way to make the logo appear bigger? and the menu lines transparent?

Yes you can go to Umbrella > Main > Custom CSS and add:

.logo a img { height: 70px !important; }

( “70px” can be changed to whatever value you want the logo size to be )

for the transparency of the lines add this

.menu > li > a { border-left: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255, 0.2) !important; }

change the value after the last ”,” on rgba to controle the transparency.

The lines worked. The logo only stretches and become distorted when I mess with the “px”.

Than upload a bigger logo or try changing the width to.

Hi, I would like to add a transparent pattern overlay to all backgrounds. Is this possible in the Custom CSS editor, or will I have to modify the .css files?

You can do that in Custom CSS, but remember to add ”!important” in the end of each property

Ok, so I ended up doing the overlay with the Background Manager plugin. It works fine except on the home page, the overlay goes on top of the text and buttons.

I have some other issues as well: 1) The sub-menu background color is always black on Android devices.

2) Video backgrounds make all links un-clickable on iOS (when using Vimeo links, Vimeo videos also do not play on iOS and Android)

Otherwise, great job!


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Is there a way to disable “load more” option and just show all added projects at once?



Well not by default, but if you go to template-works.php on line 147 change “posts_per_page” from 6 to -1

And than go to Umbrella – Main – Custom CSS and place : a.load_more{ display:none !important; }

I wanted to know if there was a way of making background images for different pages “responsive”. It seems like only the homepage slider is responsive. Since I couldn’t resolve the logo issue i decided to place it on the page background. It works well on the homepage but when you go to an other page on a phone or tablet it looks huge.

Checking responsive box didn’t fix this problem. Any suggestions?


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Sorry but the images are meant to be centred and have the same size on responsive layouts, i guess you need to find a better way.


Awesome theme, I am loving it. Is it possible to remove the google maps display on the contact page and add in more contact info? Just like the Address & Info tab in this design

Any advice on installing a flickr/instagram feed on the contact page as well?


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First of all: I am in love with this theme! It has been a breeze to work with and what minor issues I had, I was able to find assistance via the comments here and the Umbrella helpdesk.

I am however having a problem with the following:

1. Getting text and buttons to show on the homepage slider images. 2. Thumbnails on blog intro page aren’t sized correctly 3. Project page image does not show in project post.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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oh and back to blog link also not appearing…



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I have a pre-purchase question – I love your themes by the way you guys are doing awesome work.

How difficult would it be to integrate WooCommerce into this theme?

Thank you


Thanks a bunch for that kind comment.

Well it will be difficult as WooCommerce requires special theming.

I’m thinking in buying this theme, but i realized all the projects and categories has an added path on the permalink: and

Is there a way to not to use that?

Because there are two issues with it: I tried creating a page with the same name (project_item and project_category) but it doesn’t work either.

I think the theme is awesome, but it would be better if we can fix this. Is any way to rip the additional path?

Thanks in advance.


We used that way so those to reduce the interfering permalinks with other pages or posts.

But if you need them only with SITEURL/ARTICLE-SLUG structure we can help you editing the code and it should work pretty fine.


Hi There,

I am having a lot of problems with the theme. For reference my site is

1. I cannot get ride of the line across the center of my page that says ” proudly powered by WordPress Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).” I have looked everywhere in the code and cannot find anywhere to remove this.

2. I entered my social media information and the social media buttons are not showing up. That is one of the main reasons we purchased this theme, because it said it had easy customization and came with these integrated social media buttons. Neither of which have proven true thus far.

3. We are getting a new high res logo but I would like it to be more integrated into the site. It just looks odd sitting there in the corner, so small and non-integrated.

4. What is the optimal size for the images in the slide show to prevent them from being cut off in random places?

5. None of the tex that I add to the background slide comes up.

If someone could please contact me asap I would really appreciate it, if you contact me privately I will give you my login. Something seems to be very wrong with the control panel of this website and considering we paid for this with the hundreds of free options out there, I was really hoping for better customer service then having to fill out a question on a forum…PLEASE HELP!!!


1. I can’t see a line that you are talking about, a screenshot could be a good thing.

2. If you go to Umbrella – Social Media and fill all the URL than it should display those social media URL where you already filled up.

3. How do you need the logo there, as it accepts an image upload and it is re-sized automatically to prevent outage from borders.

4. Any image with aspect ratio 16:4 would be fine there, somehow all of the images will get croped as you can force them stretch, and if you leave them to keep their aspect than some parts should be hidden to keep the size rational.

5. You need to create a page template home and configure wordpress to handle that page as home page from Settings – Reading.

PS : Some problems might be due to theme customization (coding) and some other problem might be due to miss-configuration.We take responsibility only for bugs and problems that this theme could have nativelly and we will do our best to fix them ASAP otherwise if problem are external than we do not take responsibility.

We hope for you understanding and rating on your Downloads tab.

1. The reason the line is no longer there is because I had a friend who reads code better then I do go in and find where the code was hidden in order to delete it.

2. I already went to Umbrella – Social Media – and filled in the URLs for the social media that we have and they are not showing up.

3. What is the optimal size for a logo?

4. I will see if I can change the “aspect ration” ....any idea of an optimal size in actual pixels.

5. The text I was referring to was the text that is in the Umbrella – Background Slider – text option. “Home Big Text” and “Home Second Text” There is also an option to change the “button text”... that was not working either.

If someone could please contact me direct with a non “do not reply” email, that would be greatly appreciated. I do believe there are some coding errors as many of the “Umbrella” control panel customizations don’t seem to be working and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. We do love the theme and I would be happy to give it a very high rating if I were in fact able to achieve the results that I anticipated based on the spec site. I appreciate your help.

Thank You!

The best way to proceed this is by asking support at

I would like a refund? The site is not working for me. :(


In that case contact envato support.

Otherwise if you need help than contact our support at

PS : I don’t believe that the theme is not working, there might be a part mistake from us, a miss-configuration or a lack of customization but we can proudly tell you that our theme Runs at a WordPress and can be a great site if it is configured properly.


my first purchase and i think, i love this theme…

i have some question, is this theme support for commerce? :)


Glad to hear that.

You can submit any thing you need at

okaay thank youu ;)


When trying to remove the “Load More” on the Portfolio page doing what you prescribed in comments below (changing 6 to -1 in the template-works.php file), something went haywire and broke.

The site is now giving me this fatal error on the portfolio page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_background() in /data/15/1/46/128/1372943/user/1472773/htdocs/wordpress1/wp-content/themes/valerie/template-works.php on line 118

I even tried to replace it with the original template-works.php file from the download and am still having the problem.

Any ideas? Please help as soon as possible. Was completely done ready to launch outside of this and then it broke.


Can you post this issue at

If anything went wrong while customizing the theme than we can’t take responsibility because it looses the Selling Stock Items business logic.

We really hope for your understanding

Is there a list anywhere that specifies which plug-ins you used for your Demo of Valerie? I naively bought the template thinking that was already put together (knowing nothing about wordpress). After hours of research it seems a lot of that (especially the about us page) is plug-in driven?

I wouldn’t mind buying them if they are for sale, or perusing them if they are free.



We do not used any plugin for theme preview, everything you can see on our demo, is native and you can achieve those either reading our documentation or import the .xml file which is located on the package you got from Themeforest.

Strike that…I found templates…but my knowledge of CSS is ZERO…lol.

Do you guys have a help guide or a tutorial for those templates anywhere?

Thanks, again

Thank you!

I’m sorry for asking so many questions. That code worked for just the home page. If you go to there are other buttons on others pages with this horrid brownish color button font. How do I change those?

Also, Is there a way when viewing the pictures (i.e. my Portfolio page) when you click on a project, you see all the pictures at the bottom of the big one?

i can’t thank you enough for all your help. I went from a blank page I was screaming at, to something really nice (i feel). =)

Thank you!


It would be awesome if you could contact us at our support forum at

Before purchasing… Can I change the music selection?


Of course, this is user defined.

Theme is great so far. One quick question – is there a simple way to make the header position fixed?

If that worked, than a Rating here could really help us and we will feel a big thank you.

Glad to hear that, thanks a bunch.

Hi, 1 – i have problems with audio background and filter categories button. I have upload a .mp3 song but when i load the site icon audio is in off mode… and the music play two times together… and in every link page the music reload.

2 – The filter categories button not open….

I have try with firefox chrome and safari with mac. With chrome and safari the audio play correct and the audio button is right. The button menu filter don’t work. In firefox the audio have problems and the button too….. but the menu filter work. Your demo theme works perfect with three browsers.

I don’t know what is wrong…

Please can you help me?



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Maybe wordpress 3.5.1 do some conflict??

This is a part where only support can go further.