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Hi, I apologize for my English

In previous comment “Is there a way to disable” load more “option and just added show all projects at once?”

does not work, remove the button “load more” but only loaded 6 projects

How to remove the button “Back to projects”



This question needs more technical stuff, so please open a ticket at and our team can help you on this case.

Kind Regards

Does this work on Iphones? Cause the live demo doesn’t really work… thanks

When I view the demo on my iphone 4S the projects page and links and any main text don’t show. iPad is ok. Just wondering why…

Hello? I still cannot work this demo on my iPhone. The page loads, but when I click Projects for example, nothing shows up…just the background and headers etc


It should be a problem with the browser on that, as we tested out recently and it worked on major smartphones (Android,iOS,Windows 8)


Is there any way to add a category filtering option for the Blog? And also, why can’t I add any text, images in the blog page above the blog posts?



Unfortunately, those 2 features are not supported from Valerie.

If you are considering buying this theme I would strongly recommend it! The support is EXCELLENT and quick at the help desk. All you can ask for!

Thanks a bunch, for that kind comment.

Do you know if this has been tested with woocommerce? I love the theme, but want to add eCommerce as well.



Nope this was not tested with WooCommerce, and I’m sure this would need some extra work if you plan to use it that way.

Kind Regards

Thank you! I am going to try it out. I will let you know how it goes :)

Cool, than good luck on that.

Hi there, I notice in the in the demo version in project section the project images are in rows and columns, is it possible to have one 1 image the full width instead? There would be one image on top of the other when you click ‘load more’.

I think this is a great theme and thinking of purchasing it. Just a question.

I’ve made an example to show you:




Well this is not quite possible out-of-the box, and if you plan to achieve this, this would need some Theme Customization’s.

Kind Regards


can i have an homepage with a slider with unlimited picture?

Can they be smaller size too or only fullscreen?

Thank you, Regards



The slider on home page is only full-screen, and you can place there as many pictures as you want.

Kind Regards

Where the hell do I rate this as a buyer?

I rarely bother rating, but this warrants 5 stars on the theme itself and the support.

Thanks Umbrella Studios, first class.


Thanks for taking time to rate our Theme, we do appreciate it a lot.

Don’t worry, found it. Five stars given and well deserved.

hey UmbrellaStudios Team,

im very happy to present a nice Homepage created with your Theme: (backgrund-sound changed with live-stream)

And we’re happy to see a good usage of our theme.



I started working on your amazing theme although I am having one major issue. I created the projects website with the works template. I created the projects and the categories as usual. Added the featured images and attached the images to the pages I want them to appear. When I klick on a random project, the images that I attached don’t appear.

Am I doing something wrong? Url:

Seen that you solved that.

Forget my last comment, I figured out you need to add the images to the post instead of attaching them from the gallery. :)

Glad to hear that.

Hi there’s any way to show all Categories names in the FilterWorks button when user mousover it, I will have like 8 Categories and I want to show all of them in the menu when user mouseOver on Filter Works he can see that there’s 8 Categories not just one or two I understand that the landing page of Works will show 6 thumbnails of latest posts my issue is only in The mouseOver of FilterWorks button Menu

to make my point more clear let that I have 3 categories X,Y and Z If I add 6 Works to Cat X the FilterWorks button will shows only “Cat X”?!!!


This is normal, because we place there only Categories of posts which are visible for the moment.

If you click Load-more than you can see new categories, will appear there.

We did that because users, had the case where clicking on a Category removed all the projects from the page.

Kind Regards

Thanks for replay, so If I need to change that without clicking on load more I mean show all Categories in Filter Works? it possible?

So do you need to show all posts there, otherwise it is impossible to place there all categories, without modifying the Theme.

Hi, I’d like to purchase your theme. But I have a question regarding the project item page. Is there a way of making the images full screen>?



Sory for late reply, well at this time we are busy with internal project’s so we can’t handle another one.

Kind Regards

ok, that’s fine. Is there a gap at all as it isn’t urgent? Please let me know.


We can hook-up that after 3 weeks, so if you are still interested than contact us from

Great theme so far! On the Contact template, is there a way to place the contact us form on the left and the map on the right?

What about just having the contact form centered?



Can you submit your request at and we can help you there, as we need to exchange private information’s, and we can’t do it on public comments.

Kind Regards

First off, see website here and login: login- envato – pass: happy#!#

Couple problems. When you resize the browser, it will sometimes screw up the layout: and if you resize the browser it will start to show another part of the background image.

When changes pages, I see a different background image flash. I have kept the image file size under 90kb. Many of them are under 60kb. Why is it doing that?

The social icons on the bottom right cover up the WHO WE ARE bios.

Can I make those bios longer without it cutting off? Am I missing something?

Also the social icons get lost behind all the content on the page. How do we fix that?

Hi Umbrella

Great product, very happy with overall look and flow through the different pages. The things we’re having issues with:

1) As above, it would be nice to increase the length of the bios on the Who We Are page without cutting the text off.

2) Loading additional social media buttons beyond the formatted ones (eg., we’re a band, so we’d like to link our Bandcamp site, maybe SoundCloud as well)

3) Is it possible to make a tab appear in the main menu with sub-pages, but have the main tab not actually link anywhere? We have a Gallery in the main heading, with Photography and Videos sub-pages which link to their respective pages, but we don’t want the Gallery main tab to link anywhere.

Great work, and thanks for being so active here. Really appreciate it.


Have you purchased Valerie, as i can’t see the purchase badge ?

Hello, Is there a way to change the font size of the animating text on the home page? Thanks, Tim

Go to Umbrella > Main > Custom CSS and add:

.welcome_text h1, .welcome_text h2 { font-size: 20px !important; }

change the ‘20px’ value to whatever size you want the text to have

Hmmm, I tried that but it didnt do anything, even after changing the values.

Nevermind, I got it.

Hi there

thanks in advance for you help

I’d have background images set for the homepage which is great.

but Id like to turn them off when I go to any of my other pages please.

i want to just have a black background for my photographs when viewing them on a projects (in my case named portfolio) page and same goes for all the other pages too actually.

is there an option to turn this off?

thanks Grant

p.s could you please answer on here as for some reason i cant sign up for a support ticket because i dont have the code to enter in even though I did purchase this. When i follow the instructions in the position you mention it just says “regular licence” and dosent show any codes or anything like that.


Yes you can, just go to the page where you want to do this, get or edit an blank black image, and choose a Custom Background Image, from the field under the WYSIWYG editor.

Kind Regards