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HI, How can I edit the div styles etc? I want to customise the padding of some elements like this:

instead of this:



Go to Umbrella – Main – Custom CSS fields, you can place CSS on that field.

Kind Regards

How can I make the projects i created appear like here ... I tried creating a project then creating and assigning a project category to it but I am puzzled how can I display them all, I can’t even put them on the menu since I can’t see my project categories there… please help, I tried in WP 3.5

nvm figured it out, just a matter of templates

Good afternoon, I need to take a course on the subject before purchase. The Valerie works perfectly on networks MU-wordpress?

I do not know if I made it clear, but I mean the wordpress multisite, has already been tested? works well?

Hi I love the theme but it is causing me major headaches when I link to another subdirectory, the page goes completely blank and will not appear until I refresh.

Im getting a jquery error of Timestamp: 8/9/2013 9:30:16 AM Error: TypeError: jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function Source File: Line: 38

someone suggested removing .svg{display:none} but that just mixes the styling of both themes, any help would be much appreciate


disabled all plugins and this still happens, things that should be in the <head> tag are in

are in a div tag^


Can you continue this on our support forum please ?

Purchased this theme a few weeks back and it is a great platform for anyone looking to showcase photo, video, or even a small business. One of the better themes i’ve come across in a few years, so Thanks for that.

however i have just a few stupid questions that i was unable to find in the comments…

1. What is the best size/resolution for background photo slides to achieve highest quality but still load fast enough?

2. What is the correct size for the Logo in the header?

3. This theme doesn’t seem to work well on mobile devices at all, do you have any plans to offer a mobile version?

4. Also i noticed that there are no social media buttons for Vimeo or Instagram? seeing as how these are the only things i use i was alittle disappointed, is there any way to fix this or ad it on?

Thanks for your help, Cheers.


Thanks for that kind comment, and sory for that late reply, but we where in vacations whits weekends.

1 ) There is no pre-defined size as there are different screen sizes, but the best approach is to choose wide-screen images with aspect ration 16:4 as it will look good on widescreens and square screens.

2 ) 132×30 is on our demo, but you can try to place various sizes as the theme will try to place it on the best way it can

3 ) Well valerie is responsive, so just make sure you have enabled Responsive from Umbrella – Main – Enable Responsive

4 ) Well this might be tricky one, you can edit one of the existing icons at images/icons/social_links.png and one of them edit to look like Vimeo or Instagram and just cheat the theme :P

Kind Regards

hi, can i update to wordpress 3.6 ?


Yes of course.

Friend, I asked a week on the networking Multi-wordpress sites. I am waiting for positive signal to buy the theme.

We’re sorry but the Envato regular license includes only one use, if you use multi sites then you have to purchase the extended version license since I suppose many sites will use the same theme


Hey there, great template… I’m reusing it to help a client organize their projects… I just have a couple of issues in the following areas and can use advise on howto fix:

1) Can I add 3-locations on the contact page? 2) I have a shit load of project photos but for some reason i have to change the post date to have some projects appear in the gallery 3) Some times the thumbnails don’t appear on the second level of the project gallery. Click on Commercial to see…

site link:


I think this thread needs some private data exchange.

Can you move this at


I’m about to buy this great theme! Only question i have:

Is there a Demo XML Data included?

Thanx, Tom


Yes, Valerie has a demo xml file included.

Kind Regards


Ok, perfect.

I will buy the theme very soon!


Hi Guys, i have only one questio, if i want to use different background like a color it is posible ?

Not in main page, secondary pages.


Yes it is, but you have to upload a 1px solid color images, to cheat the theme somehow.

Kind Regards

can u explain to me how i can do it, i already buy this theme.


On the page where you want to do that, open it on Edit Screen and there is a field “Background Image”, upload there a blank solid color image, and click Update.

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Hello good day.

I have a background image on all pages exept the “Home” but the mobile version does not work the background image.

Help please.



The home page can have only a slider, there is no option for Background Image.

You have to set-up it from Umbrella – Background Slider

Kind Regards

Thanks for your reply, but not understand me.

the home is with the slider and works well

the remaining pages with a different background image but this image is not in the mobile version.



I’m interested on your theme, I just have some questions: 1.- It is 100% responsive, right?

2.- I have some problem with the demo, for example in team or contact, when you click it appears some text (get in touch with us in contact) but when the background changes it disappears, can you fix that?

3.- Is it possible to disable the change of background in some pages? Can I put a set of images for the background? A static image?

4.- Can I put comments on just some portfolios?


Hello there, I am currently working on this theme and I have a few questions. You can find it here

1. Can I dock the main menu (Home, Projects, etc) to the top of the page? In other words, when I scroll down, the menu will always be there.

2. Can I add thumbnails to the bottom of each “Project” instead of the title and text box?

3. How did you bold “Our” Works?

4. Where do I change the color of the Yellow Scroll Bar on the side?

5. How can I add the address etc, on above the map, instead of below it? And is there any way to have the map be more zoomed in?


Can you please post those questions at

Kind Regards

Hey guys, I just signed so I can post there, however, I have not received the confirmation email. login cmadsi

If you can post threads there, don’t bother to confirm anything.

hello am Brazilian and not I have international card, is buying this theme paying docket banking?


Can you contact Envat at this case :

as I add more field in the form. and leave similar to this one.

beautiful theme I managed to modify the css and php all I need, just missing this part.

achieve an alternative, friend with gravity form now like to know how do I substituir the gravity current form by form


You have to edit template-contact.php.

At the form there, you can call the function do_shortcode(); to display a gravity form.

Kind Regards

PS : For further problems, please open a ticket at

Hello, great theme!. A couple of questions:

1.- Is there a way to change the menu heigth? I would like to reduce it a little bit. 2.- How can I change the color of the animated text in the slider? Can I have different colors for different slides? 3.- Is it possible to locate the animated text at any point on the slider or is it limited to the central region?

Thank you in advance!!!

Sorry, in adition, how can I have a trasparent background in a page? I always get a white one.


Can you submit a ticket at please ?

Kind Regards

Another doubt is how do I show all projects at once?

friend already got it, I was in the file template-works.php and subistituir all 6 numbers for 99, I correct?

another doubt,

I change the configure completely to leave it the way I need?

have knowledge and want to know if I can make big changes in this thema.

by: translate google


Can you submit a ticket at please ?

Kind Regards

Hi , I have questions.

1- I want to delete ” Load More ” on Project Pages and categories. How can I delete? Because when I visit some categories in Project Page, * click load more – > and select different categorie and see the error. someting is wrong.

2- When I enter my site on mobile phone or tablet pc, everything is coming wrong (photos, menus, etc.) .


Can you submit a ticket at please ?

Kind Regards

Can you offer any help with menu integration when using WPML?

I just need to know if adding the hook to the header.php is the right way to go, and if so, where exactly to add it.



Can you submit this question at and we will help you with that case.

Kind Regards

Don’t worry, I sorted it, but it will take a shed load of CSS work. :(

Hi, Beautiful theme! before to buy, I would like to know if the theme is compatible with some language plug in, as WPML? or another solution?


We have not test it with WPML, but we’ve seen buyers with WPML enabled, and it did work.

Kind REgards

OK, 2 other questions: - on the WHO ARE YOU page, will it be possible to link every person to a single page, instead of social networks? - is it possible to have different fullscreen background for every section of the website?

Thank you!


At Team page, team members do not have a single page.

And for background images, you can choose static background images for different pages, but the background slider is global and it can’t be configured to specific pages, only to site instance.

Kind Regards