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Hi! ??????? ?? ????! Thanks for theme and one question. Use Valor with Woocommerce and have small problem – can’t upload and assign image for category thumbanils. Result after select image – default category’s image placeholder.png. When change theme to default – all ok.

Spasibo :)

wp – 3.7.1 woocommerce – 2.0.19

open file “valor/assets/js/custom_uploader.js”
replace contents on
          var media_frame;
          var formlabel = 0;
      var fileInput = '';
      $("#extra_fields").on('click', '.upload_image_button', function(e){ 
                    fileInput = jQuery(this).prev('input');                            
                    if ( media_frame ) {
                    media_frame = ={
                        className: 'media-frame new-media-frame',
                        frame: 'select', 
                        multiple: false,
                        library: {
                        type: 'image'
                    media_frame.on('select', function(){
                        var media_attachment = media_frame.state().get('selection').first().toJSON();

Fixed! Thank you!

Hi. Answer, please, mail.

hi, I replied to your email

Hi, I couldn’t install the theme. It displays the following error : “Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

The error persists even when I download a new file and try the installation again.

Please let me know how to proceed to resolve the issue.

Hi, Can you help me fix the slider in my home page which is not working? It keeps loading but no image is displayed.


Hello, excuse me theme template can support the Chinese language version of WordPress, can run in Chinese version environment?

How do I get in contact with you? The support forum page does not have any login or create ticket. I sent an e-mail to you but I have not received any answer. I hope to contact you to solve some issues. Thanks

Do you still offer support for the theme?

At what can I expect to receive your support?

Hi Foxsash, What kind of support do you offer? It has been now 4 days since I have contacted you to request your help to fix an issue with the theme and I still didn’t receive your support. Please let me know when we can communicate via email or chat to solve the issue.

Hello Foxsash! Will you help me resolve the issues? Let me know so I don’t have to stop wasting my time waiting for your support.