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Looking great! I’m not working bevor with OpenCart or a template like this, is this full working (specialy theshop) if i buy this template? Or i need some extra software (OpenCart) ..?

It requires only OpenCart and nothing else.

Why should i disabled all kind of modules? This really decreased the amount of functionality of the OpenCart system. This way, the template is really useless!

It’s not required. If you want to setup website like on the live demo then you have to disable few modules but you can use any module with this theme.

When i don’t disable them the template won’t work correctly. For example the Welcome module (seems like to be a simple one right), when i enable it, it appears on every page!

Did you selected “Home” layout? When you select Home layout then it will be visible only on the frontpage.

Nice work.

What file size does the digital delivery support?

Probably it’s unlimited. I don’t see any limit info under OpenCart dashboard.

I love this template.

I have added to this site, www.hippo.is, how can I control how many featured products are shown on the front page ?

Nevermind – I figured it out…


Great job.

I want an office to be able to register, then send registration links to it’s people (affiliate links I suppose). (I’ll be adding extra registration fields to know a person’s profile, and their office’s total profile. ) Secondly, if the office does not register, I want any person to be able to register and form a user group of people in their office or wherever. If people become part of a office or group, I want them to have their own password to enter and get free downloads, or buy other stuff.

How should I have my programmer handle the above?

I read that vQmod is the way to go for changes OR for new registration fields this would apply: ... create a completely new pair of tables and seperate out access to them tables into your own php files. ... creating ‘oc_products_extra’ and ‘oc_categories_extra’ ... match them up using same unique primary key … ‘product_id’ and for categories this is ‘category_id’.

How should I have my programmer handle the above?



You can go to System -> Users -> User groups, create new group with limited access to “catalog/download” page or create own page (new route) with limited permission.


Great theme!

I want to remove “Affiliates” at the top-menu. Can you point me in the right direction?




It’s inside:

<li><a href="<?php echo $affiliate; ?>"><?php echo $text_affiliate; ?></a></li>


One more thing…

I’m getting this weird error when i login to account / my account / change adress

Notice: Undefined variable: button_continue in….../catalog/view/theme/vanityshop/template/account/address_list.tpl on line 23

I have fixed this bug. New version of this theme will be available for download within few hours.

Modified files:

Thanks again!

Hi Diabolique, Great Theme, just bought it a few days ago, only new to opencart and website design for that matter but i am a coputer and network tech so im getting into it easy enough (I think… ), my first question of many over the coming days so help is welcome. Im looking to changeout the background image and find its location in the stylesheet.css file, it is a url link to your site with the image. as i have my background image uploaded to my server, i used the following : background-image:url(””../image/bg-background woman 1600×1200px.png”); in place of the orignal : background-image:url(“http://www.diaboliquedesign.com/demo/vanityoc/bg4.jpg”) I have made my image the same size as yours 1600×1200 pixels ?? Can you point out where i have gone wrong.. all i get when i go to the website is the text & menus off to the left and no background… thanks Madbull-Irl


Change your file name for something like this (without spaces):

Also use JPG format instead PNG .

Thanks, Worked Great.. :)

Hi. Love the theme. I am very new to Opencart. I managed to install opencart into my website. and before i mess it up or whatever. in the instructions it says to past the “catalog” folder in the bin. Do i replace the other catalog folder that is there already? thanks for your help.

Hi! Yes it will be replaced.

Hi Diabolique, Madbull again.. looking to change the slider images that are linked back to your site, i can see them in the home.tpl file and the url link back to your site, if i have my images on the ../images/photoexample.jpg folder, how do i get the image to show. I have figured the first part for when the mage is clicked on i can link it to a page on my site but the image will not show. the second thing is that the thumbnails on the home page, it is hard to see the product text because the background is black to light gray, what section do i need to be in to make this fully black or darker?? also the thumbs on the main page are showing tiled images of the products, can this be just a single image for each thumb??? Cheers, MB


1. Just upload you slider images to main directory of your opencart installation and use direct linking like http://www...

2. Open catalog/view/theme/vanityshop/css/box1.css

and replace:




3. Did you set thumbnails size for Featured module like it was written in the theme’s documentation?

I have another question. How do I change the color of the Navigation bar?

You can find the reply in the theme’s documentation (III step). Replace “bg-menu1” for “bg-menu2”, “bg-menu3”...”bg-menu10”

#menu { background-image:url("../image/bg-menu1.png"); }

Well two, where can I change the Maintenance Message? Thanks for all your help!

Maintenance Message? It doesn’t look like theme issue.

There is an option under Sytem/Store/Settings/Server to put the website on Maintenance Mode, there is Maintenance message, can I modify this?

It’s here:


Hello Diabolique

How can I add Facebook like button into product.tpl ?

Thanks for a great theme.

Open theme help page and read chapter called:

Don’t see some font glyphs

I have added the FB share button into product.tpl and it works, but it does not pick up any image from the webstore, you can test it here:


I have added this FB share button into other templates and there I am able to send the product image to FB.

Do you have any solution ?

It is because this theme doesn’t display images using img html tag but it uses CSS and “background-image”. So right now it’s impossible with this theme.

Thanks for all your help! Ok I have one more question, as the Admin I would like to receive an email when people register as a customer. I got that working but I get the standard email. I would like to get at least their name, email address and phone number in the email. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, but it requires extended modification in controller’s files. This all customer’s information you can view under dashboard – Sales -> Customers

Alright. Thanks! Ill research it.

Hi Diabolique, Sorry I was away for a bit on a business trip. Just wanted to say thanks for the help on your last reply to my post. i will get back into it later today. Cheers Again :) MB

I’m happy when you are happy 8-)