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This is also the same if a customer wishes to review an item.

I don’t see any problem.

Never mind, sorted it now.

Hi Diabolique,

I wanted to change “add to cart” text to “enquire now” and make a link to contact page. I opened to theme/vanityshop/template/product/product.tpl and couldn’t find the (a id=”button-cart” class=”button” Purchase / a) even if I carely read the .tpl file 2 times…As you said in FAQ

Any help would be so appreciated.Thanks

Thank you very much Diabolique,

Also I would like to remove to “reward poinds” text , how can I do it?

Hi Diabolique,

I have purchased your Vanity Shop Theme and am experiencing a few issues which I am hoping you can help us resolve.

1. When you click ‘register for an account’ A pop-up appears with a separate window. Also, some of the fields don’t have any writing next to them or the drop-down boxes don’t work. Please see the link –

2. Why the “Shopping Cart” text does not appear in the top menu? (upper right corner) please see the link –

3. We are transferring from our old website www.naken.co.uk which has an ‘order sample’ button and Calculator function in some products. please see link – http://www.naken.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_66_100&product_id=208

We are having trouble writing this onto you template. Do you have the script for us to accomplish this?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


It looks like corrupted code. Reupload theme files. If you use old version of opencart then upgrade it and install latest version of my theme for opencart 1.5.4

3. Probably it’s a VQMOD so you have to check which part of code (in product.tpl) is used as “handle”.


We tried re-uploading the theme files but it didn’t work! The only think we can think of is to uninstall everything and then re-install, but this will take an age. We were hoping to re-launch the new site on the 1st September. Is there anything else you can think of?

Also, do you know where we could get an order sample button and calculator extension from as this may be quicker?



Probably it’s caused by some module or vqmod.

Also, do you know where we could get an order sample button and calculator extension from as this may be quicker?

No, you have to find it self.

Where is the code for the Font style/size on the main page for the categories? I need to squeeze another word in so i need to remove some of the spacing between 2 categories.


#categories ul li { ... margin:0 62px 0 0; ... }

Hi i just got your template and it is working great. I would just like to know if it is possible to add some custom layout pages for the categorys? If so how would i do it?

Thank you


Unfortunately there is no custom layouts.


I find that the default slide duration is too fast. How can I change the slideshow slide duration ?




and increase animSpeed:500

I have setup my new store but the price is showing is in USD in IE9 and pound sterling in FF do you know why this is ?


Do you have the same problem when Default theme is active? Probably some core file is corrupted so you should reupload some opencart files excluding config.php and admin/config.php

hello can I put a personal picture or font as a background and can I have the template in french?


Yes, you can

Is it possible to change 4 column to 3 column of item display in the catalog please ?

Unfortunately not.

So is it possible to add a Catergory section on the Column Left of Column Right and then follow with Some ad banners below ?

Also can you please tell me what is the width of the BESTSELLER column on the Column Right in each Product page please

Found the solutions to both of those above..So just ignore it.

SORRY TO ASK A LOT but in your old theme, you have the bg-transparent3.png on the theme, but in this new version seen that you have removed it. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the stylesheet to remove it manually from my old theme

bg-transparent3.png wasn’t used by my theme so that’s the reason why I removed it.

Just upload new version of my theme. I don’t remember each change in stylesheet.css.

But if I upload new version of your theme and without knowing where exactly it will change, will it effect the current style ?

Also come on you can have a look at this in person for us please. As I have also purchased the Extremeshop from you also

It depends which version of my theme you use. You can compare files using this useful software: http://winmerge.org/?lang=en

I am on Mac hence that software is no use lol..

What do you call that section pls ? The white background just right below the Catergory and run to the top of Latest ?

It’s bg-container.png and bg-container2.png

Also just noticed that there are loads of change in the previous version. How would I go about

1.) Update all of your theme from v1.1.1 to this new theme without having to modify those contents again ? Seem like a lengthy process right ?

2.) In your previous 1.1.1, the Review option just stay there all the time on the Product page, but in the new one, you can click at the REVIEW heading to close or open it. Is there any guide on enable this in the 1.1.1 ?


I see that you have very old version of theme so there is tons of changes.

Realised that too..so changed the whole look of my shop to the new Xtreme Shop hahaha…Great theme

I’m using the previous version which I bought 12mths ago. Can I upgrade for free and if so does that mean I would have to redo any changes I made and input all the data/images etc again or can I just update to the new version without hassle?

Secondly I’m trying to install a bitcoin payment system called bitpay and it gives two options of either using an opensource ssl certificate or an API key. The admin area only allows for SSL cert and I’m really not sure how to do all that. Any suggestions?

Finally I would like to insert a gallery/press area that I can use videos and photos. Is this possible?


1. Upgrade is free. You don’t have to recreate all products, but if you made any changes in the stylesheet then it will be overwritted.

2. This is not a theme issue. Maybe you should ask for help payment gateway’s author.

3. You can insert videos into description area only.

Ok I upgraded and consequently killed my site. Any ideas as to what I did wrong? http://www.parameria.com/

Do you use 1.5.4.x version of opencart? Reupload “catalog” folder which is inside “Theme for OpenCart 1.5.4.x”