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I want to use only the “work” layout several times more in a row. how can this be done

Please open “index-parallax.html” and copy work html code from there.

not working, i need 3 links to use the same work layout but different photos and text, the style is all messed up

Can you post your problem here (with image), our developer will check it for you

Do you have a ballpark as to when the WP version will be released?

i’m not sure, WP version is developing by another author.

Is he/she with the same company as you or completely different? The reason I ask is, is there a way for me to get in touch with that author to get a good date? We’re in the middle of a rebranding process right now, and we definitely want to use this design for our website redesign, which is coming up very quickly.

No, I asked but did not get response. I’ll notify you via comment when I got answer.

...How can I integrate this template to Blogger? Would all the functions work, like the heart-like button at each blogposts? I would really like to see this one in Wordpress version but Im running out of time waiting for it…

To Zankover:

I saw your template for Joomla, great work, sorry to say but I have put Joomla behind me and works only with wordpress, sometimes Blogger but not that often. Thanks anyway :)

fantastic design!!!!

thank you!

On this theme… the video controls do not work on the iPad or iPhone. Do you have a fix for this?

it’s too heavy for mobile and tablet device to play background video when using website, so video will not work on iPad or iPhone.

Then why not write code so that when device is mobile, video opens to the YouTube (target=”blank”). Just a suggestions… great theme however.

Still no WP version? Any news about that?

it almost complete, I think it will be here next month

That sounds great :) I purcased this version to my other Project so the WP will be a superb theme for my personal site. Thanks for your Quick response !

How to add portfolio filters in parallax-full.html ?

Please consider that I tried to copy the portfolio code from parallax.html wich already have filters, but no works.

Please check in support forum, our developers solved it for you. We’re not provide support via comment so it might be slow here

Can you tell me how to simply add the Google-Map for location on this theme?

You can change longitude and latitude, please find this code (in html file):
new google.maps.LatLng(40.748395,-73.985542)
You can get longitude and latitude by right click on google map, choose “What’s here” and get long/latitude on top left of screen

Simplicity works! Thumbs up!;

thank you

I’m thinking of purchasing this theme for a client, however the images in the background as I scroll are very sketchy/jumpy. Is this on purpose?

Hi. I just purchased this theme. I just want to ask how can I put the logo on the center and make the navigation side by side of the logo?

Please post on our support forum Our developers will help you

I can’t fix this problem: On the “Newsletter” default module appear on the top the word “SUBCRIBE” and not “SUBSCRIBE”.. where I can find the file to change the word?

hello,am still a newbie in web design. Is this theme compatible with wordpress… i really love the theme and i wanna get it but i only work with wordpress… do revert

no, it’s just HTML template, not Wordpress theme


There is problem website responsiveness when we open it on android or any mobile screen.

please check the issue as soon as possibel

any updates about this..My website is live and it is not working fine.

Please resolve this as soon as possible

We fixed the issue already. Please update

all you need is update style.css files. Please download the package again and get new style.css

found the code

Okay…. so I have the purchase code but when signing up on your website there is not line to create a password… and when I try to sign in… no password.. HELP

Hi, Sorry for your inconvenience. Can you please provide us your email address or just send us a message to