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Congratulations, this just looks great! :)

Thanks ABZ

Thanks Greensound


How do I link the buttons on the homepage to other pages?

Also, I want to create a custom sidebar that has a custom contact page. How do I do this? I am very new to WordPress so please describe in as much detail as possible.

Is there a better forum for submitting questions?

Thank you!

You can create any page with fullwidth or right/left sidebar and then assign a custom sidebar. If you need assistance please use email then i can give you full support over there.

Hello, I don’t know how use the portafolio slideshow, I can’t upload 2 o more images, Can you help me, please?

It’s not possible because , when upload imgs via add media and then select the portfolio as slideshow. generate a Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/content/06/10786006/html/expandex/wp-content/themes/vaudora/framework/includes/image_resize.php on line 17

When you use this content example: , you can’t see other image in the content editor why??

The import content which contains my site links so replace those with the images hosted on your site and the error will go off.

i cannot able to install it properly :( .

after uploading sample data. its not showing up as per the demo :(

help me out plz

also got this errror after imported is done :

Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form

please tell me how to make exactly like your demo.?

I have checked and replied to your email please check your site its same as demo version now. Let me know if you need any more assistance.

Thanks Maqk

Great looking theme! Does it have the option for multi-day events? For example, a class that is three days long?

you can create as many as events as its post types


I am building a multilingual (EN, DE, BG) website for a client of mine and I am considering purchasing VAUDORA.

Does the theme come with some .mo/.po files in it? I would have to further translate it in Bulgarian as well.

I am using polylang for the multilingual management.

10x in advance, Nikola :)

HI, purchased this mainly for the planbox slider although I can’t find it anywhere, could you tell me where to find it please?

I have got your email i will check and reply back to you soon.

And one more thing:

I’ve been having the following issue with other themes and I’d like to know if it will be present in VAUDORA as well:

- if I add an accordion shortcode and enter title in cyrillic (title=”???????”) the title gets scrambled.

I know it’s an encoding issue and it is not in tbe db but in the script files… but I haven’t found a way to fix it yet, so I’d be grateful if you could test it :))

10x again :)

Yes i will be releasing version 1.2 on Monday where you can get that cyrillic support as well but that depends if the font you are using has those chars.

Hi there…

I need some help please. I am using the smartPop-Up BOX – Wordpress Plugin along with this theme. However the theme is not allowing the popup to come up.. any ideas?

Can you email me the URL and WP Logins so that i can test it.


Love the theme but I cannot change the background colour / pattern / image. I’m using v1.2 bu this problem has existed with the theme options > skining panel with both v1.1 and v1.0

Any thoughts?

I will take a look at it and let it updated soon.

Fantastic theme, can’t fault it… so many ways to customize :O)

Great theme. Have one small problem. In the tabs shortcode on your demo, the OFF tabs have a white background and the ON tab has a gray color background.

Using the Shortcode generator for the theme it always add a tabcolor to the background of the tabs, whether ON or OFF. How can I fix this?

Can you email me the WP Logins please so that i can take a closer look at it.


I just found that there isnt a PSD for the 3 box home page design, do you have one available at all?


Sorry its all css based so no design for the boxes.

Hi there.. there is a search option in the heading style 4… how cani get rid of it??? thanks a lot.

If you open headers folder in that you can edit in header-style4.php page for removing anything.


With this theme, will I be able to customize my sidebars for every page?

Thank you.

Yes its possible.

Great theme! How do I change the scroll speed of the Testimonial feature?

Great theme! How do I change the scroll speed of the Testimonial feature?

I see its working perfectly.

Check again and let the testimonials fade in and out they after the 3rd one they start to overlap

You made a mistake that added fade in 1 place and on another place you left it as slow.

Hi – I’d like the subheader (the bar with the title of the current page you’re on) to be on the homepage. How can I make this happen? I don’t see any options in the theme’s backend, etc. Thank you.

It will not be there as no themes will have the subheader on the frontpage. Email me from my profile page contact form i will see if i can help you out.

Hi guys. Amazing theme. How can i make the portfolio carrousel show the latest work? I need it to show me the post from newest to the oldest… right now is the other way around?.... what do i have to move in the .php???? thanks a lot for your help… :D

Found it. Thank you… just added ‘orderby’=> $portfolio_date, at the carrousel. thanks a lot. :D

Glad you got it. I will add this feature in theme options panel in next update.