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Excellent Work .. Good Luck!

Thanks :)

WOOW ! You can even change the Theme! Keep up that good work! EXCELLENT :) !!!

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Nice work! But I think the template is too small. Is it easy to make the template wider?

Thanks :)

That’s the style of this theme. Just a little virtual business card. Easy to set-up, easy to customize.

If you really want to make it wider, it’s not too hard if you have basic knowledge of Photoshop and CSS :)

Great work, I really love this!

Just wanted to know how and if it is possible to add pages to the portfolio slide? I would need 4 pages insted of the default 3.

Thank you very much!

It is possible :)

Slide starts with

<div class="slide" />
and ends with
<!-- /slide -->

Take a look at the index.html file and it should be clear how the slides are constructed. Easiest way to add a new slide is copy and paste one of the slides and then make the changes to the pasted section.

Thanks for purchasing my theme, I’m happy you like it :)

Is there a shortcut to making it a little wider? I’m currently hacking my way thru but if there’s an easier way, I’d appreciate knowing. I think it’s basically knowing which background images to stretch and the appropriate css width to change. But any bones thrown my way would sure help. (smile)

Currently it requires modifying background images and editing the CSS .

I will consider adding wider option to the possible update. I can’t promise anything though :)

Thanks for buying my theme, hopefully you like it! :)

Thanks, I think I’ve got it going now. One itsty-bitsy question: How do I reduce the spacing between the the section “tabs”. I’d like them a bit closer together since I have several of them on my page. Thanks

Really great template. More that I have exprected!

Thanks a lot! :) I’m really happy that you like it!


I have downloaded your template using another account, but the sendmail.php file is missing. Could you by any chance email it to me if I PM you my email address? Your template is epic but I really need the .php code.

Thanks, Benedict Lewis

I just replied to your email :)

Latest jQuery seems to break the design of the theme. Here’s how to fix it:

Replace this line in every HTML file:

<script src=""></script>

With this:

<script src=""></script>

New version now available. Problem fixed.

Hi. It’s so good you came up with making the page contents wither but you removed some cute styles :( Regards.

Sorry to hear you don’t like the updates. If you need to download the previous versions, let me know :)

Hi. I already have it and it’s on You can use my ebsite as exemple if you need for the previous version. Thanks too much. I like you item. I like the code quality too and wish you good sales.

Hi, I need help with latest Tweet.Thanks from Germany


I will probably have to remove the Twitter widget from the theme. Twitter is not supporting these kind of widgets anymore.

Demo is not working.

Ooops… Fixed :)

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”


This is not a WordPress theme.