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how easy is it to remove the social page?

It is very easy to remove the social page, you just need to remove some line of code…. I will guide you if you need help :)

Is it possible to add video?

Never test to upload videos yet, but I think you can embed the video code and it should works…


If you can put up the method to remove the social contact page and the icon then I will buy it.



It easy…

to remove the social menu you need to remove line #67 and to remove the content you need to remove line #123 – #139, thats it :)


Nice one, looks cool.

thanks you! :)

Hello, i like your vcard very much, but i want it little bit different. I want on the Welcome-Page: only in the middle of the page my Name and small text/slogan under this. I could do that in html (i think so) but how can i manage that on this page the logo pictures left top is not visible but on other pages it should be visible.

Next think, i have the idea of a Gallery in the work tab which is working little bit different as yours: every thumbnail should not represent a picture it should represent an album. i click on it and i can change through this album and at the bottom i have another next or previous buttons in which i can move to the next album. Is it clear what i mean? like in this: http://themeforest.net/item/the-virtual-business-card-vcard/full_screen_preview/71184 It should also work with iframe, videos exactly like of this of mustapha quilon. What do you think is this possible?

Like i said before im very impressed of your template, but i myself dont like the icons for work and social. Do you only have them or do you will provide also other? Another thing is is it possible to make the social icons more animated?

I know i have pretty much wishes. Looking forward.


I’m not sure that we can make the top logo only show in the other pages and it is hidden in the home page.

We only provide that icons included in the template, but you can change with other free social icons.

Right now I only sale this template as it is… and you can make customization by yourself to fit your needs.



would a slideshare.net flash file work in the lightbox on the “work” page?

I’m not sure… never test it yet…

If you do test it please let us know. I’m very interested in buying this template.

Right now I only sale this template as it is… but i I have time to test I will let you know… thanks

Hello Swalian,

Firstly a big thank you. Good Work :)

I sent you an email if you can help me.

Thanks a lot

just reply your email… thanks

I noticed it’s possible to have multiple slides for the “work” page. can the same be easily done for the “about” page?

Yes, the same slider can be easily done for the about page…. thanks

I think you should Wordpress this up!

I will consider to make this template to wordpress… thanks :)

Hello swalian,

I have a problem with this webpage (which is, by the way, really well done :) ). Nearly each time i open it in Safari 4 or Chrome (both running on a mac) I get an about 100px high white space on the lower part of the page. As soon as I resize my safari or chrome-window the white space is gone.

Any solution?

Thanks so far.

To the Author: 1.) Any chance of a different color of red (Mozilla Red [#FF1A00] )? And 2.) What about Mollom on the contact page? Is this possible? I would be willing to pay a small premuim for the custom skin color.


What do you mean about ‘Mollom’ on the contact page?


What font did you use for the logo?

The Send button doesn’t seem to work in the Contact Us page. Do I need to install something?

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