Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

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Before I purchase….

Can I upload videos directly without having to used embedded code or URLs from Vimeo or YouTube? If so does your library separate images from videos to find them easier? Or do you have categories in the library when you upload content in admin of WP?

Which version plays best on all products including apple PDAs/Devices? Does the HTML5?

Can I create category pages for video galleries? For instance, an automotive page with 10 separate automotive videos and in separate categories do the same for fashion, tabletop, lifestyle, etc As well as do it for both motion and stills? It looks like I can from your demo. Nice job. I like this theme very much.

Thank you.

There is no backend provided with this template. You might checkout the Wordpress version here: http://bit.ly/X2PgRE

The current state of video deployment requires still flash for older browsers and devices not compatible with html5 yet. So you either do the hard work yourself or use just one of the most popular services like vimeo and youtube and avoid the struggle.

You can combine the galleries as you want with different pages, link them and even call the prettyPhoto lightbox wherever you feel like.

In the WP version, can I upload videos directly without having to used embedded code or URLs from Vimeo or YouTube? If so does your library separate images from videos to find them easier? Or do you have categories in the library when you upload content in admin of WP?

You should ask the other author about the videos. My system allows you to filter whatever you feel like, so I guess you can either mix and separate images from videos.

hi, have a problem…. when i click on any link it doesn’t do anything, stay in the same page…

Are you running it locally? If so you’ll need to enable local script access. Firefox does it out of the box, while Chrome needs a parameter to do so like shown here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4270999/google-chrome-allow-file-access-from-files-disabled-for-chrome-beta-8

Is there a way to add another location on the contact us page? I’m asking if I can add a location in Denver and in Chicago. Please email me at michael@quantum9.net

A similar question was already answered here: http://themeforest.net/item/vega-html5-responsive-template/discussion/2402989?page=4#comment_2242744

If you still get stuck contact me privately.

Hey I tried to make the navigation bar transparent but it still shows the “portfolio” after the navigation bar.
See here
I want the portfolio to be shown JUST LIKE the main background slider (ON FULL SCREEN). How to do it ?
You need to change the styling of the main container, but it will affect the whole site unless you add a specific class to it. So you should add a custom class to the div with id “content” and use the following rules:
position: absolute;
top: 0;
width: 100%;

You’ll probably need to adjust the height of the wrapper to match the new configuration.

Then you need to fix the header by applying again an absolute position and using a higher z-index.

This whole process might break the responsive behaviour, so do it on your own risk.

The proper way to achieve it might be to change the order of the DOM elements by putting the portfolio before the header, so it can be stacked up and style it to fill the whole screen. But yet again it won’t expand and trim like now if you do so.

flashedge: Really nice. I’ve been looking for something exciting based on foundation with lightbox like effects. But it’s for a business where I need a lighter color theme. Originally you’d though to produce a white version, though you had reservations due to the shading effects you were able to incorporate here. I though maybe I should get this and see if I could play with colors in the way of code, images, or patterns.. but I’m sure I’d get lost. I wonder if you’re still interested in offering a lighter version. Thanks for your super contribution.

Yes, I didn’t make a white version on purpose because it didn’t fit the design. Though you’re free to customize it anytime through a custom stylesheet that overwrites the existing one.

Thanks Emanuele. I’ve tried to custmomize, actually for a good part of three days—though I can’t make headway and have about given up. I could get fonts switched in preparation, and have explored their backgrounds. I was able to lighten some gradients, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what elements or divs to attach lighter backgrounds. The rich complexity of the theme slays me since I can’t seem to find the tags/elements to put a lighter background onto with my CssEdit tool. I figured after a while that the includes were tripping me up, but even then can’t identify the styles to edit. What I really want is the footer and black against which most text and images rest to go light, the top row (containing the logo, the key links, and social icons) to be a new color or texture.

Use an inspector, like Firebug. Right click the element you’d like to target and copy the selector. If you want to force styles add a ”!important” suffix to the rule. Remember to work inside a custom stylesheet and load it after the existing ones.

does the framework come with any backend solutions?

Nope, I’m sorry. Just frontend is provided.

hi flashedge

with regards to the twitter feeds, are there perhaps another solution to populate the tweets directly as previously instead of the “news ticker” option.


The original script comes from seaofclouds: http://tweet.seaofclouds.com/

There were some people who published a fix for this on github: https://github.com/StanScates/Tweet.js-Mod

Twitter wants you to use their system and work with API Keys, which will mean that every user needs to generate a key by himself in order to create such a simple feature.

You can also develop your own system and inject the output inside the news ticker, it’s pretty much the same.

Hello Emanuele,

I am getting a grey bar at the bottom of the google map. Can you tell me how to fix it? See it on IE and Chrome.


Did you do some customizations? It shouldn’t happen.

Hi Flashedge, Your Template is awesome, I have 2 questions;

1-Can i change the photo gallery in portfolio like this? http://tympanus.net/Tutorials/FullPageImageGallery/

2-i wanna fixed width and height for mobile devices and tablets is it possible

i wanna Like this; http://s15.postimg.org/oggvvdh57/image.jpg

not like this http://s15.postimg.org/bb1dp9n9n/image.jpg

Thanks ,

Best Regards

You can customize the behavior through media queries inside the custom stylesheet which will overwrite the existing ones. About the gallery you linked, I’m afraid you need to do some work to integrate it unless you just link it as a standalone page.

Hi again emanuelle , My problem just for all mobile devices and tablets fixed height and width will u help me if i buy this theme?

How can you scroll then? I mean you’re going to cut stuff that way.

Hello flashedge

please how do i add my own songs to my website?


Place your mp3 files in the right folder and link them inside the music player element.

I have a problem – tab portfolio is very long loading. The pictures are small – maybe you have some walkthroughs for my problem?


I didn’t find any issue with your site. Just some high latency with the server.


The twitter feed has stopped working. Can you give me a solution?

Thanks ----- OPS SORRY. I had not read the previous query

Hello, I have a problem with my twitter feed (it is also not working). Can you direct me to an alternative.

I noticed in a previous message you mentioned a news ticker.


Yes, the latest version of the template includes a news ticker. Download it from your dashboard: http://themeforest.net/downloads

Hola!! Acabo de comprar esta plantilla y la estoy probando. Mi problema es que la plantilla original se ve en IE 7-8-9-10 pero cuando cambio alguna foto para probar, no se ve. Probe en la portada y en el portofolio y no se me ven. Que puede pasar??

Yo no hablo español, pero voy a tratar de ayudarle lo que puedo a través de Google Translate. Si usted tiene problemas con las imágenes no se muestran correctamente, debe tener seguro de respetar las siguientes reglas.

Evite el uso de caracteres especiales de lujo en el nombre del archivo, utilice minúsculas para el nombre completo incluyendo el archivo de extensión. Compruebe que las rutas son correctas. Si usted es inseguro uso urls absolutas como su dominio. Optimice sus imágenes para la web, mejor si es JPG y comprimido con un programa de gráficos como Photoshop o Fireworks.

Si usted todavía tiene problemas, envíeme su trabajo en privado y voy a tratar de ayudarle.

Hallo! Perfect theme, and very cool! I just have a problem, at the moment: suddenly i can’t see the “tweets”. I’ll try to explain: it’s some days that in the section “tweets” at the bottom-right of the page there’s only the text “loading tweets..”. I tried to open the original template (just to make a text with the original/defalut source code)...and i can see that anything change (even with the defalut data-user “flashedge” and all the other default files). What’s happens? Do i have to edit something anywhere? Thank you in advance for the reply.

PS: ho notato solo alla fine…che siete italiani.. ;-) Comunque vanno bene risposte in entrambe le lingue. Grazie ancora.

Ok, thanks. I think i’ll use the news ticker. Thank you again.

Hi Flashedge. I have one more question: is it possible to have a short list of what to change in the .js, .css, or more, to use the news ticker? Just because i customized the previous version of the template in all those files, and it could be very complicated to remake them all if i simply replace them with the new version of the template itself. I included the class “ticker” in the style (as i’ve seen in the new style.css), but may it’s not enough, and something is missing (i can see the news in the home, but anything is scrolling). Could you tell me what to change in every file (css, js, and more..if required)? Thank you again.

You should be able to update by just overwriting the css and js folder and keep sure your DOM reflects the current one. If you have custom stylesheets or scripts it’s always a good idea to pack them inside another file and call it after the existing ones. For istance there is a custom.css file that does exactly that.

Hi there, i was just seeing if the works page 2 column, has a limit send to amount of posts can be in this gallery? I have 33 posts in this, and is laid out a bit funny at the bottom, as it can’t fit anymore in…? http://www.robcaremusic.com/sitev2/#press_clippings

Can this be fixed somehow….?

It looks fine to me. That’s the common masonry layout. By the way the last image is missing.

A @TechMind : moi, je n’ai pas de problème avec Dreamweaver CS6…

Bonjour Flashedge, Par contre, j’aimerais savoir, Flashedge, si vous avez prévu un affichage des métadonnées (données Exif) sur les photos des projets… comme le nom de la personne prise en photo ou bien des informations plus techniques sur la prise de vue telles que :
  • ModelIFD0: Canon EOS-1D X
  • XResolutionIFD0: 750000/10000
  • YResolutionIFD0: 750000/10000
  • ResolutionUnitIFD0: 2
  • SoftwareIFD0 : Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
  • DateTimeIFD0: 2013:06:03 21:59:05
  • ArtistIFD0:. Stéphane Audet
  • CopyrightIFD0: © Stéphane Audet © phane
  • CommentsIFD0: Port de Cogolin
  • AuthorIFD0: Stéphane Audet.
  • KeywordsIFD0: 2013; Championnat de France; FFM, Jet Ski
  • SubjectIFD0: GOETHALS Antoine
  • ExposureTimeEXIF: 1 / 4000
  • ApertureValueEXIF: 6/1
  • ExposureBiasValueEXIF: 0/1
  • FocalLengthEXIF: 800/1
  • FocalPlaneXResolutionEXIF: 4718592/32768
  • WhiteBalanceEXIF: 1
  • Ca serait bien venu, pour un site de photos professionnel comme Vega! Merci d’avance et bonne journée à tous !

    It probably executes only the first time due the AJAX loading.

    The easy solution is to add a target attribute to your anchor tags and set it to “_self”. It should refresh the whole page this way and execute your script.

    The harder solution is to code inside the AJAX call everytime it detects the script it runs automatically.

    Merci pour votre aide flashedge !

    Grace à vous, j’ai résolu mon problème en déplaçant :

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”./js/exif/binaryajax.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”./js/exif/exif.js”></script> dans le head des pages et en ajoutant un target à self dans les liens :

  • Portfolio
  • Maintenant, j’ai bien l’affichage des données exifs lorsque je clique droit sur les photos de mes projets, comme par exemple : http://livedeclic-images.fr/projectjetsofun.html

    Mais, j’aurais une dernière question avant de mettre ce problème “résolu” : pourquoi est ce que ce code ne marche que sous IE et pas sous chrome ???

    Merci d’avance.

    Je vois un popup dans IE et Chrome. Il se trouve que juste IE rend la fenêtre “secouer”.

    I have another question.
    On the project.php page, the background of the navigation bar is black.
    Is it possible to make it transparent
    so that
    the image can be full screen ?
    I mean, I want the image on the full page instead of starting below the navigation bar. I hope I am clear.

    This image is missing: http://paktourist.com/iffti.pk/test3/images/portfolio/01.jpg

    Most of your images are very heavy and uncompressed. You should definitely optimize them for web.

    About the layout you’d like to change. The line fades out the black bar, but it keeps the menu there. If you want to remove the menu you need to do it on your own through the custom stylesheet.

    Uncomment the last line before the closing head tag, which looks like this.
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/custom.css">
    Open custom.css and apply your changes there. Remember to add a ”!important” suffix to your rules that might conflict with those applied by javascript.

    Ok. Firstly, how should I “compress” the images or optimize them for web. Secondly, Is there a way that when portfolio is loaded the top navigation menu slides up (and probably an arrow or something is shown so that when somebody clicks on it the menu slides down again) and the image is shown on full screen.

    Ideally you should compress it through Photoshop and export them as web images. Though you can also use online services like http://compressjpg.com/

    About your second request, you can do it through jQuery using the toggle method: http://api.jquery.com/toggle/

    You’ll probably need some custom work. Consider also to use prettyPhoto if you don’t like the existing portfolio.

    When I replaced all the 16 occurences of ”.html” in js/foundation.js to ”.php”, it works fine but again for .html pages the problem persists. plz guide.

    Uh, you really don’t need to change anything inside foundation.js – the main script is net.flashedge.app.js

    so i change it in net.flashedge.app.js, then ?

    alright, got it. thanks

    I included a file header.php using the code
    <?php include 'header.php'; ?>
    but when I click on works it redirects to


    I don’t know why it’s putting a . at the end of works
    Kindly guide

    You need to format everything in PHP or HTML. You can’t mix them. It reads HTML as 4 chars and when you load PHP it misses one letter and keeps the dot.


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