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Is there a setting that would allow the search feature to search within the Portfolio section? I have about 80 items in the portfolio but none are returned on a search by name.

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :) First I want to thank you for purchasing Vella theme and hope you like it :) We are working currently working on updating Vella and returning back support, please stay tuned!

Hi. How do I create another blog page? I needed to make publications in 3 sections (blogs) different in theme Vella. Create a category menu, but does not work. I could mea Judar it. I look back, thanks.

Hi friend :) hope you’re fine.

Thank you for purchasing Vella theme! You can create countless blog pages through create a new page then choose page template to blog template (at the right sidebar). Also, adding category to posts is through the right sidebar

Enjoy using Vella and feel free to ask at anytime :) also if you like the theme, we’ll be very grateful if you give us five stars at Themeforest!

Have a great day :)

Thanks for the feedback. I can not see the displayed image (error XML in the URL). Could indicate again. Wait.

Ok, no problem here’re links to the images in order: for the page template http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/0325n18h6a for the categories http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/0a25n186eb :)

Hi Ahmed, Kindly note that I couldn’t find the Sample Data folder in my installed package, please advice.

Best Regards, Ahmed Samak

Hi Ahmed, hope you’re fine :)

First thank you for purchasing Vella, sure you’ll like it ;) , unfortunately the item isn’t supported currently, but we’re working on updating it and re-enable support :) please stay tuned!

Have a great day!

Thank you, Ahmed. It will be great if we have a straightforward method as I got the theme populated but from different locations within framework folder. Thank you!

I’m afraid that I didn’t understand you, anyway, you can import demo content through (Appearance > Theme Options > Backup Options) :)

Have a great day!

Hi, Ahmed please advice post type and components at your template that can achieve a product views (slider of product’s images) like the following one https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.eu/index/products/product/ecosysp6021cdn.product_views.html Thank you in advance Best Regards!

Hi Ahmad, hope your weekend was great :)

Sorry we can’t provide support for Vella now, however, you can use Woocommerce plugin to achieve such views :)

Thanks and enjoy using Vella!

Hello I want to have a page that includes all customer testimonials, in a simple text. No carousel, but a single testimonial list

How to do this ?

Hi friend :) hope you’re fine,

Thank you for purchasing Vella, hope you’ll like it ;) Unfortunately the theme isn’t supported right now, but we’re planning on re-support the theme at the very soon, please stay tuned!

Have a great day :) Heba.


sajayi Purchased


Please i’ve observed a very weird issue with Featured Image.

When i set an image as Featured Image for multiple posts, it ends up not showing on the posts page. However it shows only if the Image is a attached to just a post and not multiple post.

Please how can i resolve this issue.

Thank you.

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :)

Thank you for purchasing Vella, hope you like it :) I’m sorry but the theme isn’t supported for now unfortunately, but we’re planning on resupporting it and updating it ;) please stay tuned!

Have a great day :)

Hi Ahmad! I purchased this theme on 02/15/2014. I have only used it on my own website. I have used it on only one website. Two times, I brought the website down and then I built the website again. But still one website at a time. This time, I am creating another website, but I have a notice that this License is being used by another account. Now, I am not using this License anywhere. If it is being used in another account, then there is fraud. Can you investigate and tell me what website is using this License? I have proof that I am the Purchaser of this Theme. I was not able to log into your Support because of this situation. Thank you.

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :)

Thank you for purchasing Vella, hope you like it :) We’ve added at the latest update a notice about that the license is used for one website a time, it’s just a notice appear to all users as there’re some who don’t know this information :) , if the notice text is :

( The “Regular License” of Vella theme gives you the write to use it in one website only, if you want to use the theme for multiple sites, you need to purchase a license for each site. thanks. )

It’s totally safe to ignore this notice if you’re using it for one website :) otherwise, I’ll need you to send me a screenshot of this notice :) but no need to worry at all.

You couldn’t sign to the support forum probably because your support period have been expired unfortunately, however, you could renew support at Themeforest :)

Enjoy Vella and feel free to ask anytime, also, if you like the theme, we’ll be very grateful if you give us five stars at Themeforest :)

Have a great day!

I have been trying to download and update the theme on my website, but the download is version 1 and I want the latest version. How do i get this please?

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :)

Thank you for purchasing Vella, hope you’ll like it :) You can update Vella using Envato Toolkit plugin :) also make sure that you haven’t copied the theme as child theme, as it overwrites updates :)

Enjoy Vella and feel free to ask anytime :) Have a great day!

Hi Ahmad,

Im using Vella on my website www.unique-design.nl. When im adding clients to the bottom page, i have to fill in a client link. When i did it and go test is the picture is linking to ex: www.unique-design.nl/www.lyrytiek.nl. But that page doesn’t exist. It should refer to www.lyrytiek.nl. Also trough www.unique-design.nl/client/lyrytiek nothing is happening and i get an 404 error. If you can give me an email address i can send you login credentials to check?

Best Regards, Ryan van Brunschot

Thanks, you to!!

By the way, do you recommend any plugins or option for costumers to pay/order trough the pricing tables? I was thinking to start up woo commerce and link to the product pages, but its gonna take a lot. Hope you could help me out,


Ryan van Brunschot

Hi Ryan :)

Sorry for the delay, please your inbox :)

Have a great weekend!

Hello, After purchasing your template a get this message : “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home not found. ” I follow explanation from the documentation and when I try to activate the pluging by registering the Item Purchase Code, i got a message purchase code invalide. Best Regards

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :)

Thank you for purchasing Vella, hope you’ll like it :) This happens when the demo is imported before you install and activate Revolution Slider, as the demo slider wasn’t imported :) however, you can import the slider from (vella/framework/importer/revslider/home.zip) through (Dashboard > Revolution Slider > Import Slider) :)

About plugins activation, you won’t need to activate the plugins as they come with Vella and their updates are included in Vella updates :)

Enjoy Vella and feel free to ask anytime :) also if you like the theme, we’ll be very grateful if you give us five stars at Themeforest :)

Have a great weekend!

Hello, i follow your advise and now it’s ok

Hello I have two pages where the footer does not take the width of the page. how can we solve this problem. And besides my card appears and disappears immediately at the contact page. Thank you for your help

Hi friend, hope you’re fine :)

Sorry for the delay, the update is available now with option to add Google maps api to fix Google map issue :) you can update using Envato Toolkit plugin :)

Enjoy Vella and feel free to ask anytime :) thank you for your patience! Have a great day :)

Hello I updated vella theme but the issue with the map is not fiexed. do i have to make some things elses? best regards

Hi friend :)

Yes, you’ll need to first create google map api key, then go to (Appearance > Theme Options > Social Settings > Google map API) and insert the key then save :)

Enjoy Vella and feel free to ask anytime :) Have a great day!