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Lol, how do I get the purchase code?

Thank you for the fast reply, but I can’t see what you see:

Click on the download button and a dropdown list will show up.


THX! Now I can go to the support forum. ;-)

can i use woocommerce with your theme? will it work? thanks

Unfortunately we have not tested our theme with WooCommerce, I am sorry.


Hi I am interested in purchasing your theme Velo. Please help me out with these few questions so I can buy your theme.

-Does the theme work for WP 3.8? Problem-free? -Is it possible to have a text menu instead of an Icon? And without the mouse:over squares? -Can I control the effects of elements flying in and out of the different sections?


Hi there,

1) The theme is compatible with WP 3.8

2) There’s not a backend option for using labels instead of icons but, if you have some basic coding skills, you’ll achieve the desired result.

3) I am not sure to understand what you mean. Don’t you like the “curtain” effect?


Hi, I have a small layout problem, it is not a bug, but perhaps you have an idea. I use a FAQ-plugin on a section, everything work perfectly, but if the content of an accordion is very large (e.g. many pictures) you scroll to the next section, instead of the end of the accordion. Only if you make a small resize after opening the large accordion the section get it real height. It is logical, but perhaps you know a simple way to solve it.

Thank you Torsten

Hi Torsten,

Unfortunately I can’t advise if I can’t see what you’re talking about. Please, open a ticket on our support forum ( and post your URL.

Cheers, -P

Hello, I recently bought your Velo theme, but I would like to create my own icons. Is this possible (and no, I am no whizz-kid – still learning). David

Sure it is, but I guess you need to replace the built-in webfont with a custom one.

Here are some useful tools for creating icon fonts:

Cheers, -P

Hi, I would like to use text labels instead of icons for the main navigation, would you mind sharing what lines to edit in ‘nav-walker.php’ to achieve this? I am having trouble getting this to work with your great theme. Please let me know and thanks.


I am afraid that this customisation requires a considerable number of modifications (not just few lines inside ‘nav-walker.php’) and – I am sorry – we are unable to provide this kind of support.

If you have any other question regarding the theme’s functions, please don’t hesitate to ask :)

Cheers, -P

Hello, I want to update logos (delete old and upload new) on the portfolio and I don’t know how ? If I delete a logo in “Media”, the space is empty. I want to delete the logo and the others logos take the space. I try to search where to manage media on the admin ? Thanks for your answer.


Hello there,

In the “PSD files” folder you can find a “logo.psd” file; edit it, save it and finally upload it in the Brand tab of the Control Panel.


Hi, I have a problem for my gallery in my portfolio. When I add a new item in my gallery, this item goes at the end of the page instead at the top as it’s a recent item (which is more logical).

How can I re-order this items ? Can you please help me ? Thanks !


The order of gallery items does not depend from the data you added them but the first that will be showed on your page is the first you click on when you choose media from the gallery.

Try this: Portfolio gallery page -> Gallery -> Select images -> Uncheck all media -> Check again media you want to add to that page, keeping in mind that the first media you’re clicking on is the first that will be showed on the page -> Update page.

Cheers, -P

Ok it works ! Thanks for you reply !

Is this a WooCommerce friendly theme

We have never tested Velo with WooCommerce plugin, I am sorry,


Pre-purchase Question:

I like your theme, is your theme compatible with Wordpress 4.0?

Yes, it is.


Hello, one question I want to use “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries” to display a Wordpress gallery, but it shows first the velo lightbox and on close the lightbox of the plugin. Is it possible to deactivate the theme lightbox?

Thank you Torsten

Hello, I did not ask to support an other plugin, sorry for express mistakebly. I want to know if there is an easy way to use an other lightbox or not?

Thank you Torsten

I think that your question is too generic… It only depends on your coding skills ;) If you know a basic HTML knowledge, well, I have to admit that’s not pretty easy; if you feel comfortable with jQuery and PHP, then it’s an easy game.


Hello, I thought perhaps there is an easy way. Thank you for reply.


I’m glad to see that there is a new update… Long time !!! What is it about ?

Thank you


Just a fix on the menu admin screen ;)

Hello is compatible with Visual Composer?


No, I am sorry,

Hi, would there be an option to give each portfolio / blog item a different color overlay? When displayed as a grid?


Please open a ticket on our support forum:

Cheers, Pasquale

Hi, will this theme work with a https site? I am looking to install Wordpress in a directory under my main site to serve the content section. I noticed some themes hard code the http into their include statements (and elsewhere) and will cause problems.

Thank you

Hi. I need to know, what icons are included in menu. It is set of Font Awesome icons? Have you got a list of them?

It is a custom set. You can see them all here:


cukru Purchased

Hi! I have section with white backrgound. When I open this section, menu icon disappear because it goes white (like menu background). It is possible to change this color without changing color of background of section?


I am not sure to understand what you mean. Would you mind to provide the URL of your blog?


Hi, I have a question about modifying the Homepage menus. I understand that I need to change file template-home.php. But what do I need to paste in there to get the primary menus? I’m looking to replace the generated Homepage menus with the primary menus from the rest of the site.

Loving the theme. Thank you!


Replace the template-home.php content with the code here:

P.S. I recommend to create a child theme and make the changes on it ;)

Cheers, Pasquale

Wow, thank you!!!!


Hi, I think there’s an incompatibility with the latest version of JetPack. After installing it the Home Page no longer works. I’ve tried uninstalling JetPack but the damage has already been done. Here is what I’m getting in my console log: JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .velo-anchor [href=#menu]

On top of that WP upgraded itself and the contents of my original home page sections are all gone and replaced with the stock default versions. Almost looks like Velo’s original pages reinstalled.

If you have any ideas on how I can get the home page working again, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Ah, I see, sorry, I’m still trying to get used to getting around Wordpress.

Yes! that did the trick! Thank you!!!

So it seems a new portfolio type page is a permalink change that isn’t properly registered by Wordpress, ok got it.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome!

Just an update. After removing the theme, deactivating and reactivating Jetpack, and reinstalling the theme the home page worked (as mentioned earlier).

But, I made the mistake of changing the home page background color and I also noticed the Template was set to default. So I changed that to Velo Homepage and that seems to have broken it again for me, oh well. :( No console errors and all GET requests seem to come back fine, the page is blank with the pulsating circle….. So, I will just use a standard page going forward.

Others may find this useful: Other changes I had to make was from http to https in these two files: 1. header.php – for link to 2. featured-video.php – references to Youtube and Vimeo as the videos were no longer showing up in the blog posts.