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Amazing work :) Like it a lot!

Just a little problem… On smartphone, when we want to use the Mail Form, the screen go to up while the Mail Form is lower than this screen.

Good work…

Wow ! Fresh, unique, elegant, fast… It’s calling for action !

Looks absolutely great! But it would be nice to have a Demo content included for a start.


Hi Michael,

Thank you! We really appreciate. We will be happy to answer your questions if you need help to create your content on our Support Forum. In the meantime, we believe you can find all necessary informations in the included Documentation.


Unique!!! very amazing, great job ;)

superb! will purchase v soon

amazing! good luck with the sales!

Sweet! Could I ask…... how is this for SEO? Single Page style – how does it handle pages? Usually I insert keywords into page url’s.

And would this support Revolution Slider?


The theme’s Home is managed completely through the WordPress Dashboard, so you can control sections just like normal pages. Internal sections like the Blog, Pages and Portfolios support all default properties of a normal WordPress Installation.

While the theme has been developed followed the standards suggested by WordPress, we cannot guarantee the same for external plugins.


awesome work buddy! Good luck :)

Hello there,

Sure, the theme is completely translatable and soon more languages will be supported by default. All necessary files for the translation are included, along with a quick tutorial in the included Documentation.


Stunningly! Good luck! :)

Really good design this, nice and modern.

Includes xlm demo content file?

cool! Thought to do the similar work;)

Really amazing job dude, i loved! Good luck with sales

hi, great theme first of all. I’m having issues with the top menu and the homepage. When I have page with the velo homepage option set as default none of the other menu links to the other parts of the website appear ie blog & portfolio in the top menu bar to the right. When i set the default page on “latest posts” then the top menu icons appear. When i set it back to the velo homepage page then they all disappear. I’ve been playing around with options for quite a while now and still can’t figure out what I did wrong. Would appreciate if you could help me figure this out. Thanks

Hello there,

I understand your question, but this is not an issue with the theme’s functioning, but more of a different design of the navigation experience. The Home is a standalone section, so the links of the Menu refer exclusively to the sections that it contains. Blog, Portfolios and Pages are external to it (though you can always add them to the Home using the “Section Stream”), so it definitely makes sense using this approach to make the navigation experience less confusing. Also, try to consider that you can always direct your users to different sub-sections adding links in your content – which in our opinion make much more sense than classic (and maybe robotic) Menu Items.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions :)


Ciao ragazzi, davvero un gran bel lavoro, complimenti! Solo una piccola precisazione, è possibile modificare i caratteri?


Ti riferisci ai Font? Sì, è possibile, attraverso la stylesheet del tema. Nella Documentazione troverai anche una piccola guida, nel caso ne avessi bisogno.


Grazie, okay, procedo all’acquisto… al limite poi vi martello un po’ nel forum di supporto, se in qualcosa non riesco, alé!!!

Sei il benvenuto!


“When I have page with the velo homepage option set as default none of the other menu links to the other parts of the website appear ie blog & portfolio in the top menu bar to the right. When i set the default page on “latest posts” then the top menu icons appear. When i set it back to the velo homepage page then they all disappear. “


I was about to purchase but noticed the same problem as well. Mainly on mobile devices. Very disorienting for users to reach a website with NO navigation. Weird.

Apart from that this theme show lots of promise.


Please, note that the Navigation Menu is not present only on the Home, which is a single page with multiple sections that can be reached simply scrolling down with your finger (which is a natural thing to do).

In our opinion, adding a menu for inline sections on small screen smartphones would only complicate things unnecessarily and make the navigation experience slow – especially if a user adds lots of sections. Try to consider it. We thought a lot about this design, and we made the choices that we think are appropriate.

On the rest of the sections (not Home), the menu is always visible, since as every other website you need it to reach a Portfolio or a Page which is not present in the current page’s content (unlike the Home).

A part from this, please refer to the answer I left to the user you quoted.


Couple of comments: 1) Love this theme. Nice & clean design. Job well done. 2) Question, and shoot me for asking, but: since it is a one page site, why not simply providing a plain static HTML version instead of a WP version? 3) A lot of inline CSS in the homepage. Why not getting rid of it in a dedicated css file?

Again: very nice design, kudos for that, but the backoffice needs some tuning…

Good questions. In most of the cases you would be right because managing the Home sections through HTML copy and paste sounds quicker, but not with Velo. The advantage of using WordPress is that you can not only create every section through the WordPress Dashboard and change their color as you wish using Color Pickers, but you can also create Portfolios and Articles with Galleries and Videos that can be “streamed” on the Home, making your website definitely more dynamic and versatile. Even if the Home definitely gets all the attention (which is what we want), consider that behind all that you can still have infinite standalone Portfolios and a pretty cool Blog.

About the CSS: it’s simply a faster and more straight forward way to apply the user’s custom colors. Using a dynamically generated external CSS would slow things down, which we definitely don’t want.
I assure you that your client’s visitors won’t judge their website on how much inline CSS code the HTML shows, but definitely on how much it takes to load.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.


Hello At the icon list ( Section icon) not all are listed!

Can you help me

Hello there,

We will be happy to answer your questions on Support Forum.


I’ve posted on the forum but I don’t have any answers … so??

Hello Sir,

Please, note that support is not provided on weekends. You will receive an answer very soon.