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Hi, I have been working with this theme and all has been fine. I logged in today and the homepage tab from the menu is missing and all my sections have disappeared. The only thing I can think of is wordpress was updated to version 3.5.2. Does Velo not support this version?

Many thanks


Hi, thanks for your quick response but that doesn’t seem to have solved the problem. Can I provide you with logins? Thanks


Have you made any changes to the page used as Home? Or assigned the “Velo Homepage” template to a different page? The Home Sections are assigned to the page you use as Home, so re-assigning the template to the correct page will show the Home Sections you’ve created. The theme cannot delete or affect your content.


Hi, Ahhh thank you you are right. I deleted the home page by mistake! Whoops

Thanks :-)

I LOVE this theme. I have a myriad of questions because I’m picky before I buy:

1. Are the custom WP menus supported?
2. Can individual blog posts have themed BG colors or is all the same for blogs in general?
3. Even though the BG colors are there to reduce size, can they be overridden with an optional photo?
4. Is the white boarder on every image CSS-based?
5. The image slide show uses the previous and next images to denote where they should be click but they are TINY in the mobile version. Can they be larger or 100%?
6. Same with the X size to close to image. Can this be bigger or is in an asset that needs to be made larger?
7. When scrolling the “one-page” home page, the sections are a big awkward to center. Ever thought about having the snap into place once the use passes say the 75% mark when they are scrolling? I think this will take this site up a notch!

Hey there,


1) Yes. While the Home’s Menu is generated automatically, the Menu for the remaining sections can be configured as normal.

2) Yes. Any section of your website can use a different background color.

3) You can assign a background image to a Home Section, but to assign a background image to the remaining sections (pages, posts etc.) you must use custom CSS code.

4) Yes, and it can be disabled directly from the theme’s Options Panel.

5, 6) I’m afraid that’s a limit dictated by the size of the device. You could alter the theme’s Lightbox to change this behaviour.

7) I see. I believe your users will be more focused on what’s inside the sections, than on the position of the section themselves. Aside from the “curtains” effect, the navigation isn’t that different from a website that divides sections by colors. Also, the Menu and Arrows can help as well.



I just ran into a problem. When trying to add the standard wordpress [audio] or [vimeo] shortcodes I couldn’t get them to work.

Then I tried adding one of your custom shortcodes -> [icon name=eye-close] and that one seems to work just fine!

Can it be that your theme somehow disables the standard wordpress shortcodes or does not support them yet?

Not sure if that makes any sense but I’m baffled that your custom shortcodes seem to work fine but the regular ones don’t work at all.

Please help :)



The theme does not affect default Shortcodes in any way. Please, make sure to use the default Shortcodes properly. You can find more info about them here:

To check if the issue is related to our theme, simply activate a default theme and check again.


Hello… I bought this theme

I loved it, but I’m having some problems:

1 – I need to use the Nmedia Convo widget. Works on all themes, except velo theme and i don’t know why.

2 – The menu icons aren’t in alignment with menu text boxes.

3 – I’d like to expand a little bit the distance between menu and logo in the header.

Thanks a million Best Regards Rodrigo


1) Could you make sure to use the latest version of the theme? The latest version is 1.7.

2) That’s odd. Are you experiencing the same issue on our Live Preview?

3) To change the size of the page’s container you can this CSS snippet:

.section { width: 80%; max-width: 1200px; }


Hi Friend!

I have some questions for you:

1 – The menu icons aren’t in alignment with menu text boxes: 2 – How i can put links without underline: 3 – How I can change “velo-mail-form” to another thing. I put a video in the same place:

Can u help me please?

Thanks a Million Best Regards Rodrigo Nadolny


1) Are you experiencing the same issue on our Live Preview?

2) You must customise the theme’s stylesheet to remove underlines from links.

3) You can start by editing the there’s file Velo – includes – shortcodes.php.


Hi, I am missing the instructions on how to add a portfolio item as a video. I’ve created my portfolio post and selected video but it creates a 404 error. Here is my portfolio named as case studies: You will see if you click the picture it leads to 404 error.

Can you help please? Thanks Kim

Hi Kim,

This is a common WordPress issue. To fix it, all you have to do is navigate to Settings – Permalinks and save your changes once again.


Hi there~ Im really interested in your fantastic theme. The main menu in your theme is kind of pictogram. I wonder that is it possible to change the pictogram to word (ex: About, Portfoilo…etc)?

Hi there,

It is definitely possible, but you’ll have to customise the theme’s files.


Hi there,

Great theme but before i am going to buy it i have 2 questions. 1. Is it possible that the menu has no icons but only text, like a regular menu on wordpress sites? 2. I it possible to change the red welcome / homepage to an other page with text on it? So that there is no welcome page but directly a text page.

On the demo site there is no top menu when i watch the site with an iphone. On the printscreen i can see a white bar with the menu


1) It is possible by editing the theme’s files.

2) The content of every Home’s Section can be anything you want :) Just like a Post or a Page.

Yes, this is the default behavior of the theme.


Do you have also a one page version in HTML5/CCS3 for Velo? Thanks.


Not at the moment, sorry.


Hi there,

I like your theme, and I have some pre-purchase questions. I have little coding experience.

1) I would like to always have portfolio titles available in the menu view of the portfolio. In the desktop version, titles appear when you hover over a featured image in the menu. There is no comparable function in the mobile versions – is it possible to enable titles in the mobile versions?

2) Can you disable the ‘you might also be interested in’ feature?

3) Can one have image captions for individual images within galleries?

4) Can you control the number of portfolio items that are shown in the Home section?

5) Can you choose a different colour for text?

Many thanks,



I can provide you a small CSS snippet that will display titles as now they are displayed when hovered.


Hi there,

Is there any other solution for displaying portfolio titles in menu view on mobile devices? It would be great if they only displayed when you single-touch, and then you are taken to portfolio page when you double-touch (I have seen this work on the mobile versions of other themes). Might this be something that you could include with a future upgrade?

Another question: is it possible to reduce the size of the body text on tablet devices, while keeping the size of the body text on phones the same?

Many thanks,


Hi Mark,

At the moment we are not planning to release new upgrades of Velo. We usually update the theme only for making it compatible with the last WP version or, eventually, for fixing bugs.

For reducing the font size at different resolutions you can use CSS media queries.

Cheers, -P

Hi there,

First of al, you’ve build a great theme, love it! I have a question, is it possible to change to scrolling effect? If you scrol down, the first page going up and the second page appears underneath it. I would like to have no effect so that al the pages are underneath each other, just like you’ve done on your Retro Portfolio theme. Hope you understand what i mean and that you can help me with this.

Also not possible by some changes in the php/jquery codes and files? If you can say which files are used i can try to make some changes to them.

Everything’s possible customizing the theme :) Could you register on our support site so we can provide more detailed instructions? Thank you.

Thanks for your reply, just opened a ticket on the support site:)

Hi there! First of all, thanx for your job on this theme, it’s amazingly beautiful!

What I want to ask is this: I’ve created a menu from “Menu” section in Appearance, with all the Pages I’ve created already, and assigned some Icons to them. I also have created a Page with the “Homepage” template, and assigned it on “Reading” section as the static front page.

But what I’ve realized is that by doing this, the main menu it’s not appearing. It only appears when you create a “Section” on the Homepage admin menu. I mean, it shows nothing of the Menu but the Sections items.

So my question is: how can I show the menu created from de Menu admin panel, but with the flow transitions as they were “Sections”?

Thank you so much for your work! Have a nice day :-)

Hi there,

Thank you! :) We really appreciate.

The Home’s Menu links to the Home’s Sections (to scroll), so its items are generated automatically depending on your Home’s Sections. The Menu configured in Appearance – Menus is used for external sections, not in the Home.

If you wish to add custom items to the Home’s menu you must edit the theme’s file named “template-home.php”.

Hope it helps!


Do you have non-wordpress version available?

Not at the moment, but we’ll probably release the HTML version soon, so stay tuned!

Cheers, -P

This is a great theme! Is there anyway to use the sample as a template and change the info on each section? I love the way it is already set up. I imported the samples but it only shows up as a page(Start) and there is nothing on the page to edit or see how it was made.

Hi there,

we cannot include the pictures and other content that we are showing in the demo because we are not the owners of that content. But if you take a look at the documentation included into the package, you’ll find really easy setting up the theme.

Cheers, -P

Thank you for the reply. I realize you can’t include the images and content. I was hoping that importing the sample information would allow me to have the page set up exactly as it is in the live preview(with placeholders) and I would only have to change the information/colors. This would make it much faster and easier for wordpress novices like myself, as other wordpress themes here on themeforest offer. I’ve created different sections and added the Attribute number but they aren’t connecting while scrolling. They are each individual pages. And each has a posted by name and date. The instructions say to number the Attributes starting at 0 for the first page which I’ve done, how do I link the pages to keep scrolling through?

Have you created an Home page as described in the documentation contained into the package?



I would like to set a responsive, full width google map. ( i set 100% widht but there are margins. Is it possible to set 100%?

Here is my website:

Btw: The theme is great ;)

pre { margin-left: 0; } should work too.


nope, it doesnt work:(

Maybe I have not figure out what’s your issue. Can you please open a ticket on our support forum attaching a sreenshot of the issue?

Thanks, -P

Thanks for your work, just installed like example in 5 minutes!

Hi there,

Your hosting server might be having problems sending the email, so you could try to install a WordPress Plugin like “WP Mail SMTP” and see if it helps. Usually it does.

Cheers, -P

hi! I install that plugin you mean “WP Mail SMT” and configurated it, but cannot send the mail from contact form… :(

there is the only thing I needed to finish the website, :s can you help me?

Please try to disable all your plugins, maybe the issue has been caused by a conflict. If it still does not work, contact your hosting support explaining them your problem.


Have a demo content.xml?


Hi mate,

Top looking theme :-) I’ve been searching for a nice one for quite a while and yours seems to fit the bill. I’m wondering about the vertical scrolling behaviour of the pages on different browsers. In Firefox there is a bit of an issue sometimes when scrolling that the previous or next page sometimes over/underhangs the one you’re looking at – ie that the current page doesn’t quite lock into place. The scrolling behaviour is very smooth though (although I have increased the scrolling smoothness in the browser settings). In Chrome it’s the other way around – the scrolling stutters with each movement of the mouse wheel, but the pages lock into place very well. I tried it with a different mouse to the same effact.

Is there a fix to this?

Thanks heaps.

has anybody run into an issue where they can’t get pictures that you add in posts to show up on the mobile version? any way to fix this, or even disable the pictures from mobile so that that blank boxes dont show up?

We have a support forum where purchasers can ask for help:

Cheers, -P

is it possible to add vimeo or youtube videos in velo portfolio?



I’ve just downloaded and installed the theme on my site, however, it is only showing a white screen –

Can you please help.

Kind regards, Anthony


Here’s what my hosting provider (fasthosts) said ‘The theme does not seem to work on our system. Please try contacting the theme vendor or 3rd party to have this checked. As for the moment, you may use another theme.’

Kind regards, Anthony

“The theme does not seem to work on our system” is a really funny statement :D. They should say why – in their opinion – Velo is incompatible with your hosting. Would you please provide me your WP credentials (via email – I will be glad to take a look into the issue.



I’ve just emailed you my login details.

Kind regards, Anthony