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Hello,I am done building my site with your theme and it is very nice,thank you,problem before i host it is,i cant find where to enter my social media handles. Where do i put my social media id so social media can work,I have enabled it and itis not in configure.Please help out.Thank you

Just edit that block and insert link to each social icons. If you need more help, please raise a support request on

Great theme!

I have questions. Can I disable fixed header?


Pls go to Appearance, edit Velocity theme, on Toggle Libraries tab, pls uncheck the “Sticky script”.

@symponythemes thank you!

Hi, is flash-knowledge needed in order to change the pictures of the slider, or the text? thx

Nope. It is a great module with easy interface:

Hello, we bought Velocity, great work. We’d like to update the MegaSlider module to the latest version (2.8). The licensed version included with Velocity is 2.3. Is it possible to update it without licensing the MegaSlider twice? Best regards,

Sebastiano Ridolfi

Yes, please contact us on and we will send you the latest update.

When I follow the directions to go to “Add Content” There are only the 2 basic content types. How do I get the others to show up?

nvm. I believe I accidentally skipped a step in the installation process.

Hello! I bought the theme. Really love it! I see you have a new upgrade. How do I access it? Best Ulrika

Just redownload the theme from your Downloads section. It will be the latest version.

Hello symphonythemes

How to disable “loader” and make web faster?

Precisely which lines?

It starts with <!- PreLoader -> commenting. Just remove the code following it.

Thank you!

I find it interesting your subject but I would like to ask some questions. You can see the documentation for how to program your theme? I would like to do a column on the right with banner advertising, you can make your theme? I await your response. thanks

It is a Drupal theme and you can customize it as you want.

Yes you can add a block onto the right sidebar to show your ad banner.


How i can modify contact and search page? And why contact page don’t show zone title wrapper?


Contact and Search page layouts are defined by the corresponding .tpl.php file under /sites/all/themes/velocity/templates. Please raise a support request on to ask for more details.

You’re stating that “Multi domain & PSDs +30$” ... where’s this multi-domain purchase offer hidden? Thanks.

No, this theme is distributed via Themeforest only. So you can only purchase the Regular License or the Extended License.

Hey Hi Is there an ETA around when you are going to release SmartDIr on themeforest?


It is rejected by the review team. We will make some modifications and upload it soon.

Thank you! Waiting for it eagerly! Regards

You can purchase it via our website, if you need it urgently.

Could you please provide a list of all of the modules (3rd part or custom) this module uses? Thanks!

You can check it on Admin – Modules. They are all contributed modules from

I haven’t purchased the theme yet, I’m still trying to make a decision on the best one. If you could provide a list of the non-core modules that are required by the theme, that would be incredible. thanks!

Hi,I am still having problems with my top social media icons,i clicked on the block,and went to the code section of the text field and found the following. Please tell me where to put my facebook and twitter id so the functions can work please.

                         please tell me where to put my social media id pls

Pls contact us on, we will support you there.

@symphonythemes i installed your theme with all features in existing site but I have problem with menu block region. Please check link with two screens, my existing page and demo page. Menu region is wrong place on me existing page. How fix it?

Please check Apprearance – Velocity, Zones and region configuration and pull the Menu region to the Branding zone. You can set the width of each zone as well.

If you need more help, pls contact us on our support forum The secret code for registration is “forest”.

Hello, just curious about “exclusive Author” status. Is it possible to sell the same item here AND on your own website. I noticed Velocity on your homepage. (so, actually no other marketplace is involved).

Thanks in advance.

Well, actually no. Our account on Themeforest was temporarily disabled a few weeks ago, so we have to put the selling link on our website so our customers can purchase it.

We will revert it now.

Ah, I see. Thanks for your reply!

Hi, is it possible to use the theme with Drupal 6? I’m using v 6 and there are problems with updating to 7.X – but I want to buy it and use it straight away if it’s possible with v. 6

Unfortunately, this theme is available for Drupal 7 only.

hey i bought this theme for making my company’s website but i know very little about druple. So can you please help me by providing some tutorials for it.

whenever i try to add content type on my velocity theme it shows this error “PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away: SELECT nt.* FROM {node_type} nt WHERE (disabled = :db_condition_placeholder_0) ORDER BY nt.type ASC; Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 0 ) in _node_types_build() (line 738 of C:\xampp\htdocs\d7\modules\node\node.module).” Please tell me how can i resolve it?

Pls raise your max_allowed_packet and max_execution_time variables of your MySQL.

and how can i do that?

Google is your best friend. Pls google “mysql max_execution_time” and you will see this thread on the top of the list:

Hello, I bought the theme and I love it. I was trying to change the default menu to a mobile responsive Menu, still using ResponsiveMenu, with the modality (ResponsiveMultiLevelMenu codrops, for which I correctly installed the library). I then choose animations 3 for Open and Close, but it doesnt switch to responsive off the mobile phone. I found online that maybe I should install the dev version of ResponsiveMenu (they fixed some bugs and still havent released 1.6; now available is only 1.5). Any suggestion?

Pls try the dev version to see if it works. Otherwise, you may have to raise an issue for the module developers.

I feel a bit cheated here. I thought this would have mostly everything up to date and came to find that this is still using Omega 3 which was released back in February of 2012! They are 4 years behind in Omega which was the reason why i purchased this. I thought it would come with Omega 4. The description does not say that they use a very old version of Omega which will force you to buy again later for Omega 4 since there is no upgrade from 3 to 4. I only see two options here… Provide me a full refund so i can buy a theme that uses omega 4 or provide me an Omega 4 version of this template. And for future customers considering this please take note that this uses Omega 3 which is about 4 years old and not the recommended version anymore. you should update your description to say it uses Omega 3.1 and not the most current Omega 4.4

There is no problem using Omega 3.1 . It somewhat provide more intuitive theme interface than Omega 4.

If you see it is a big issue, pls raise a refund request.