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Very nice adam :) Hopefully have 1k sales :D

Cheers mate!

Superb!! I like it. Good Luck with sales :)

Thank you very much!

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Hey, thanks a lot, I’ll try my best ;)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks a lot!

I made the slider. Its a simple implementation you have, but damn it looks nice. Good job!

Hey, thanks for the kind words and making the code available, it’s a fantastic plugin you’ve created!

Are you up for some customizzation on this theme?

I have responded to your email, thanks :)

Just bought the theme and have a simple quick question. How we change the speed of the homepage slideshow? I would like to reduce the speed.

Please advise. Thanks.

Thank you for your purchase.

At the bottom of the page where the sudoSlider is loaded theres a script just underneath it, just increase the number in the following line:

speed: 1250

Haha I see. Thanks for the reply. was looking all over the js and css.

That’s ok ;)

Great Work nice feel !

Thanks a lot :)

Hey I’m having some troubles installing this theme on my wordpress site. I have followed the troubleshooting guides on the forums but it still isn’t working. Could you tell me the steps to set up and install this theme?

Right I see the problem, the logo is too long and forces the mobile menu to drop below. I suggest you make a mobile logo which is shorter and use the media queries to make it appear when necessary.

Time for another confusing problem! I used to be able to have my facebook, twitter, and google plus icons display fine in both the header and footer, but now they are gone! Even more odd, they show up on my local file copy, but not online. (www.sanster.org)

Just checked them on safari, chrome and firefox and they all show up

This is lovely!;

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Any update on the WordPress port? I’d really like that considering that’s what I thought I was buying :p

No updates yet but a deal is in place.

Hi, I just bought the HTML Template couple of days ago and I love it so far. I have one question though. Are those forms (contact form and form on sudo slider) working or there is no functionality attached to them? Let me know and if there is no code provided by you, could you point me in the right direction so I make them work? Thank you!

Best Regards!

First of all thank you for purchasing Velocity I’m glad you like it! There is no functionality in the forms, they would require PHP to be working. I would recommed using the following script and customising it to what you want: http://codecanyon.net/item/simple-php-contact-form/46679?WT.oss_phrase=contact&WT.oss_rank=3&WT.z_author=jigowatt&WT.ac=search_list

or you could use the following tutorial:


Thank you for your recommendations.

Hi, I love Velocity so far! I just purchased the template and and enjoying it. Its very easy to customize even for a HTML newcomer. I do have an easy question for you…

1) How do I change the template color to blue? I believe the index files come with Red.css as the default. I see the blue.css file but I don’t know where to change the reference in my various HTML pages to use the blue.css.

Thanks in advance for pointing this out to me.

Nevermind, I located your index.html instruction file and found the instructions there. I added the css/colors/blue.css file under the css heading in the HTML file and it worked..perfectly.

Hey, glad you’re like it and found the solution! if theres anything else just message again :)

What are the max dimensions for the logo?

I would like a larger logo on my site, but I do not want to skew or break the theme.

It all depends on the links you have, if you have less then your logo can be wider. If you used the exact same links as the preview then it would be about 265px in width but then the css media queries would need to be adjusted. Do you have a link to your site?