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Hi, the theme slider has stopped working – can you please tell me what I might be able to do please – many thanks – T.

Hey! Guess you have recently upgraded to the latest wordpress version? in that case you also need to update to the latest theme version to fix that bug :)

Hi there, I purchased Enfold from you and loved it.

Want to get this one but just checking to see if you still plan on updating it and if it is compatible with the latest WordPress version?


Hey! Its compatible, but please be aware that enfold is MUCH more powerful and user-friendly than velvet (2 years of development and learning in between ;D ) Not sure if I can really recommend a another theme to one of my customers if they are already used to Enfold :)

Kriesi! Just bought the ENFOLD theme and love it. Our programmer said that the programming works flawlessly. So Thank You! So this brings me to my question.. Do you make anything for Real Estate? Thanks Again.

Hey! I am afraid I currently dont have any real estate themes available, sorry :/

Kriesi any themes for Financial planning financial advisor sites?

Hm, seems there are no features involved that our enfold theme does not already offer so I would recommend that ;)

it is a nice theme it just looks pretty complicated and involved we are looking for simple

The thing is that you can use as many or few features as you like. there is no need to use every feature we show in the demo. You can build everything from complex business site to simple one page portfolio and in between…


I just bought and when I tried to install it I get the following error (Wp4.1.1) “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Why is that? and what can I do?

Hey! My best bet is that you are trying to install the wrong zip file. you need to unpack the file you have downloaded and look for a file that is named “” – thats the one to upload :)

is this theme responsive?

Hey! I am afraid Velvet is currently not, sorry

Hi I just wanted to update the theme to newer version. Can you please advise how to update without losing the data on site? Thank you in advance!