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Amazing file again Kriesi

Great design! :-) Unfortunately my server doesn´t let me import the dummy data (Importing didn´t work!). Could you think of a reason, why this fails. Is there another option to import the demo content?

Thanks, Bernhard

do you have an older version of the wordpress importer plugin installed? if so make sure to deactiavte it.

If you dont have and cant get to install the dummy content you can also try to download the latest version of the wordpress importer and upload the dummy.xml file that is located in your includes/admin folder with the importer…

Can’t… stop… hand… from… pressing… Purchase. :D

Are there any screens of the admin slider management pages? Thanks.

this is amazing! you are super talented!!!

Hello Kriesi!


A few q’s if I may.

I’m looking for an html5/css3 is not specified what html / css you are using..can u tell me pls?

In Opera, the slider images don’t show properly…wondering why that is..they only show a part of the image as if it’s staying in full size with overflow hidden. I have Opera 10.53

I love it and hope to buy it if it’s html5 and I can figure out why opera doesn’t display slider images right.

Great work! Very impressive

have you tried the latest versionof opera? I am using 11.11 and it works perfectly fine. since opera has such a small market share I only optimize for the latest version.

Other than that: yes the theme uses html5 doctype and also some css3 features

Everything looks really good. Very clean and minimal like the last 200 themes on TF :) Yet with some cool unique features.

Loving the homepage slider!

Good job man, as always!

Incredible theme, absolutely love the slider. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion. Hope to see more of this style slider. The theme builder looks good too.

thanks for the post! glad you like it :)

Hi There, Very Nice, want but, just want to check if it is possible just to have text under the slider? I.E no little picture’s.


yes you can modify the content and layout in any way you like. its done with a template builder that works via drag and drop. no coding necessary :)

The home page slider is amazing!!It presents images in a really winning and pleasant to look way! Excelent job!

Thanks Rebecca! :)

Hello !

Is it possible to make slider in the portfolio item thumbnail ?

thank you

yes, you can choose a different slideshow for each post, page or portfolio entry

Why you dont doing sortable portfolio any more ? Its so impressive feature . thank you

to reduce the amount of javascript necessary. I think packing all features into one template aint the best idea, so I switch feature sets now and then :)

gr8 work…


Could you possibly add active menu item highlighting. As this theme has no breadcrumbs menu, there should at least be active menu highlighting to give a visitor some orientation. I miss this very often with WP themes, though it is very important in my view.

good idea. for now you can add this to get an active state to the custom.css file in your css folder:

#top #header .current-menu-item>a{

Thanks, it works for the first level. Any idea how to achieve having the ancestor item highlighted as well, when on a child page?

I also wonder, whether the design would retain it´s minimalistic character if a breadcrumbs menu is inserted. What do you think? Maybe you could include it in one of the future updates?! :-)

the classnames for ancestor elements of currently selected items are:

current-menu-ancestor current-menu-parent current_page_parent current_page_ancestor

so something like this should work fine:

#top #header .current-menu-ancestor>a{

Will think about the breadcrumb idea, for now you can of course just use a plugin :)

Can I change the type of slider?

yes, you go tthe choice between the avia slider which is also included ( ) and th zooming/panning Ken Burns slider

Hi Kriesi, Thank you for the quick reply…and YAY !!!! I’m sold! Love it and since your answer to html5 and css3 is positive…I am thrilled!

I will upgrade to new Opera…I’m not too worried about my visitors using older opera, as you say, it’s not a large share of the market.

You can expect a purchase from me in the next few days… :D

great to hear :)

Hi. Is it localization ready with .PO, .MO files? Thanks

This theme is masterpiece. Great work Kriesi! I just have two questions.

1. The Zooming/Panning Ken Burns slider looks very nice but can the zooming and panning be disabled. I would just like to have a have a link on the caption area instead? (You know when the mouse is over the slider, that magnifying glass appears. I would like to disable that and also the play/pause on the bottom-center of the slider. So basically I would just have the left/right arrows to navigate through the slides.)

2. And does it come with any Ad Widgets? If not would it be compatible with uAd – Advertising for Wordpress or WP PRO Advertising System plugins?

I really can wait to purchase this theme.

1.)so what you want to use is a simply fade slider. you can either use the aviaslider for this or select the zooming/panning slider and set starting size and position to end size and position which would result in no movement at all

if you want to remove the navigations you can simply do that by hiding them via css. if you need help with that feel free to ask at my support forum how its done:

2.) the theme doesnt come with add widgets but it hsould be compatible with most of the wordpress plugins out there :)

Hi Kriesi

really superb theme. I purchased it and got it up and running in no time. The template editor is great. Easy to use, even for me ;) Now im trying to alter it a bit for my customers needs.

I noticed that in the mixedskin version, in the footer the headings are in white, which makes them almost impossible to read on the light grey background. I cant seem to find the right css code for this to change the color.

Also i want to change color of the heading box in the mixedskin version, i want this to become darker.

any suggestions?


replied to your second post. thanks for your patience :)

Hi Kriesi,

Bought your theme! Trying to customize a few things can u help?

1- trying to create a hidden top menu with drop down tab like this: by using 1 top styled navigation item with others dropping down to show in horizontal line but also having trouble.

2- trying to add youtube, linkedIn or other share widget instead of the 3 icons you have in bottom right footer to offer more choices for like, sharethis etc and when I change the php script in footer page nothing shows but the credits.

Can u help pls?

1.) this is unfortiunatly a little out of the usual support topic especially since I dont know what problems you are encountering. If you post a more detailed info on my support forum maybe my team can help:

2.) you need to open the footer.php file and add anothe “li” item to the unordererd list that contains the social media icons. give it a unique class like this:

echo "<li class="linkedin"><a href="">linkedin</a></li>";

and then add an icon via css to the .linkedin a{} tag in one of your stylesheets