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Hi Kriesi,

in addition to my last post, here is what i think where the problem is regarding the color of the footer box. In the stretched layout in the mixedskin the footer box is a dark grey color, in the boxed layout it is a light grey color.

is there an easy way to fix this? for instance in the quick css panel?


hey you are right, this is a small oversight in the mixed-skin.css file in your css folder

please open the file and search and remove:

.boxed #footer { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #F3F3F3; }

Have you abandoned your html fans?!

Any possibility of a html version?!

unfortunatley html versions usually only pay off if you produce a real top seller with 1500 slaes or more. if any of my themes get that many sales I will consider doing a html version.

Are you able to add the slider w/ thumbnails to interior pages or homepage only?


any pagy you want to :)

great work…

Theme looks great, quick question before I purchase? can the Cufon font system be replace with the Google font system. I have a customer who is font picky and it would be the easiest way. Plus the text is selectable. Thank.

not be default. you would need to deselect any cufon fonts and implement the google fonts by yourself. But I am pretty sure that you can find a plugin which enables google fonts for wordpress quite easy :)

does this come with the demo data ? It would help in my customization

yes it does :) Its got a demo content importer that will setup a site very similar to my live demo :)


Can i translate the theme using a .po language file?


yes thats possible

When I use a Category page, the page is an Archive Page:

(Where ‘Cooking’ is the category)

The heading of the page is: ARCHIVE Archive for category: Cooking

How can I make it say: COOKING NEWS The Latest On Cooking

Open archive.php, in line 22. you can read the word “Archive”, this is static and will be what the first line is reading.

You could probably replace the whole line with:

echo avia_display_heading(true, __(single_cat_title('',false).' News','avia_framework'), avia_which_archive());

This would be step 1, now it would read cooking news – Archive for category cooking.

Second step would be to open the file: framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php and search for the function “avia_which_archive” arround line 641. Here you can change the text directly to your likings


Thank you for the instructions, it worked.

OK I have 3 more questions :)

1. How can I made Archive page heading in cufon?

2. How can I make slider heading in cufon?

3. How can I shorten each blog entry on the archive page so that it says “Read More”. It currently shows the entire blog post on the archive page. I want to have a snippet of each.

Thanks in advance!


Great theme however I’m having a very annoying issue.

I’ve added a portfolio item and have the portfolio page set up OK and added a featured image which shows up correctly on the portfolio page however when I click on the actual item, the featured image is stretched across the top of the post. How can I change this?

An example is here.

I’ve tried all the settings that I think would be applicable to this however nothing works.


Is it possible to shrink the slideshow down to a 1/2 or 1/3 column, right or left aligned?

Very nice. Really. Thank you for your excellent work. I am having a couple issues with IE8 /9: (all other browsers work perfectly)

—Images come out with some white ‘speckles’

—Very slow loading, and glitchy/choppy slide-show

Any ideas to help?

I’ve found a few code snippets that are supposed to help, but I don’t want to adjust any code without your insight.

Thanks Again.

Hi Kriesi,

great Theme again. I purchased it for one of my new customers. But my Slides do not fade. I selected Ken Burns slider and also have put different size variations. The Images are all bigger than the Slider Frame. What’s the problem?

Please help.

Seems you already got it working? Looks perfectly fine for me. If it doesnt work for you maybe you are using an outdated browser?

Cheers Kriesi

Hi, having an issue deploying this on production server.

It’s fine on local machine but when i move it over I get the following error printed on page and the styling is all off.

Steps taken: Copy files to remote server Edit wp-config Export Database from PHPMyAdmin find/replace on http://localhost/sitename to Import into remote DB

Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/c555194/public_html/wp-content/themes/velvet/includes/helper-templates.php on line 369

Any help appreciated

Hey! are you using PHP version 5.2 or above? Anything below might result in php errors… Sounds like this could be the problem here…

Support requests

Hey everyone! Since I am away for a few days please use my support forum to get help. My staff will take care of your issues :)

ADH Purchased

Just a real quickie…

Great theme BTW …

how do I remove the sidebar from an actual portfolio post itself? Not the main main portfolio page?

Appreciate a speedy response.

Thanks so much.


I am interested in your theme a lot…but before I buy, I need to see either the backend (completely), means panel optoins or documentation… I need this for my decision. Can you please provide either of them or both. Thank you a lot.

does this item support background images,such as along the sides (i.e. naughty,sometimes youtube)

Hi Kriesi. Have just bought your theme. My client currently has a css static website but your theme will be her new website. Once I activate your theme in Wordpress it will overide her old site. How can I work on the new site and leave her old one public until I finish the new site? Thanks.