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why the autor don’t answer the questions?

How can I turn off comments at blog posts and pages? The Settings > Conversation option ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’ doesn’t seem to work on the template!


Feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

can this be used on blogger?

Hi Kriesi – Congrats on a Big Day – A Mili :-)

I was hoping you could help me find a solution to something my business partner asked me to do. We purchased the Velvet – Minimal theme and came across this video: in the documentation for our theme. the video shows a slider that we would really like to use on our website, however, when we went to activate it the option wasn’t available for our theme. the slideshows we really liked from the video were the Full Size Featured 2D and 3D slideshows. My question is, i was wondering if there is a way that i could add more slideshow options to my theme? those slideshows in particular

Thank You in advance for your response!


Hi, firstly congratulations for the theme. It’s great. Secondly, I will ask you if it could be possible to achieve the logo image at the center position of the page, and below the logo image, the menu in the center position too. I hope I have explained my doubt correctly. So, I will wait for your response. Thanks a lot.

Hi, another two questions please… Is it possible to change slideshow’s size to get it higher? and I have tried to show a swf video and flv, and I couldn’t… is it possible? or we just can load .mov.. or what else? Thanks a lot.

Support Requests

Hey guys! Due to my vacation I am not able to check the themeforest message boards regularly. Therefore I would recommend to post any support requests in the support forum at htttp://

My support staff will take care of your problems while I am gone :) Thanks for your understanding!


hi. i find your theme very attractive. just a few questions: 1. is there a way to sort the portfolio items? 2. are there any social plugins available? 3. do i have to decide what kind of color i want before buying the theme? or can i change them afterwards as well? and what about the boxed and full width page format?


I’ve created a Homepage PSD template for this theme for my own use since it didn’t have one, which you can download for yourself here.

Cheers and fantastic theme Kriesi!

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme!

Mai 14th Update: we have updated the framework folder across all of our WordPress Themes for security and new functionality! Go get it now :)

Please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download.

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

I like this clean theme. But some questions before I buy the theme.

1. Is it possible to setup the single portfolio page in full-width?

2. I don’t need the featured image in portfolio single page because I have special external content (360° panoramas) which I have to integrate. Is it possible to hold back the featured image in single portfolio page?

Hi.. i’ll like to know how i can change the text between menu and slider, i’ve found heading options, but i dont know how change the text.. someone knows? thanks and sorry for my english….

Hey how do I disable the link on the title under my products (portfolio page) on page:

Thanks Ahead.

Or Change the Link. To go somewhere else other than /protfolio/(product name)

Hi there, this theme is gorgeous and I’m wondering if you’ll be adding a responsive option to it soon?


Hello – What’s involved in changing the font size?

hI, on the preview theme you wrotte that i can use template builder. So, what template builder can i use or what a template buider is complatible with this theme. example, here we have a ether content builder, you suggest other? thanks!

I can’t find how to change the sidebar int the home page(static page), page sidebar widget does not do it. Defaut template. TKS!!

Dear Kriesi Whre can i find the documentation of the template Velvet?

Thanks Leonardo