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Any news on the WP template?

The truth is that we have a problem with developer. Something bad happened and now we just have to wait..

Hi, I purchased this item a few days ago and ran into one problem. When using Chrome, the foreground elements in the Revolution Slider would slide into view properly the first time the page is loaded. Then if I load another page and then go back to that page with the slider, all the foreground elements get shifted to the far right. I have to reload the page manually before all of the foreground elements appear correctly again.

This is not an issue in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

So I take it you didn’t update the slider to the new version yet? It has been about 4 months ago…

Actually i upgraded it but there are some more things to do, that’s why i didn’t uploaded new Vena, please mail me on nevidethemes@gmail.com and i’ll send you something.

Hello, I just purchased your theme for my wordpress website, however this message came up:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4886152-vena-multipurpose-responsive-template.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

How can this be fixed?

how do I display the select form, in the contact page, :(

Hello i don’t understand why the home menu changes when i open the other pages… what i need to do to fix the problem? I really need help here thank you!

here some screen of the problem:

https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1606x796q90/819/10e1.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1605x796q90/268/0zkw.jpg

thank you very much!!

Hi! Basic HTML my friend! You have to copy your menu (when you have done it) and paste to the rest of your html documents.

ok thx it worked! im new to HTML so im still working on it

No problem dude, hope you like Vena and it’s easy for you to work with that template. :)

if you see here http://h2ografica.it/ i wiould like to put a logo of the same hight of Vena logo but wider, the problem is when i do that it looks terrible on the top and on the botton how i can fix this??

Hi, add padding: 15px 0; instead of 8px, to a.logo on line 8 style.css

thank you very much!

Nice Template! Can the “HOME” page accommodate the 4 column “Portfolio/Works” HTML vice the carousel slider?

I trust a full width map can be manipulated on the “CONTACTS” page?

Is the developer up and running now— I’m planning on this page to be a small Chamber of Commerce page and would like to know if support is there if I need it?

Thanks so much!


...just noticed— Will this template accommodate a sticky header?

Thanks ~ Metrail

Yes, you can simply do it. Unfortunately there is no google maps support.

You can add stickyheader by just adding position:fixed to his main class.

Great theme and has been working great up until lately. Emails from the site are no longer being sent to my inbox. I noticed someone else had this problem as well, any information on this please? Thanks

seems sendmail function is not being used anywhere in the script, could this be the issue?

Hmmmm i try to check this script.

Just sent you a message (18:35 CAT) via your profile contact from. I’d appreciate a prompt response. Cheers!

Dear Nevidethemes, I purchased this recently. It’s a great work. There is a problem with Revolution Slider.

When we see on mobiles (I checked in android), the second lines texts not visible. (I checked your demo on my android. http://nevidethemes.com/?product=vena. same problem)

First lines are ok. Do you make any updates for this theme.. in that case pls let me know.

Dominic Ancelm

I sent you an e-mail ! :)

That’s very good theme! Thx! But I have one question.
I need to add popups in my site. It work good on computers, but popups opened in full size on mobiles. I cannt add separate css for mobile or add rules @media.
Tell me pls, how i can make it?

Anybody using this with a flat file CMS? Every time I try to type an M the menu pops open. How can I disable that shortcut?