Vendy - Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

Vendy - Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

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Shopify Theme for Fashion

Would you agree that fashion reflects time? From season to season, designers draw our attention to clothing items, patterns, and even colors that are better to include in a wardrobe. Likewise, some trends are crucial for web design, as well. In a word, having considered this all, we’ve created a brand-new multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion – Vendy. With Vendy, rest assured that your online retail business will be always up-to-date no matter what you offer. How?

First of all, this flatsome Shopify theme shows off a simple clean design that suits absolutely any purpose. Yes, it’s the right choice if you or your client plan to start selling clothes, shoes, accessories, or other fashion supplies. Moreover, today, the high demand for minimalism is also a tribute to user comfort. And, by building an online shop with Vendy, you will get a balance of the highest usability and winning appearance.

Secondly, Vendy is one of those themes for Shopify that are for professional users and newbies. For example, if you want to check how to create an online clothing store without special knowledge, choose Vendy. This all-in-one layout is based on one of the best eCommerce platforms. Without doubts, by relying on it, you will not only establish a place to buy, and sell but power your brand awareness. Plus, all this is available not touching a code line.

10 Ready-Made Homepages

Moreover, the Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion is available for your use with 10 homepage templetes. Each of them boasts of premium simple clean design and infinite formatting options. Best of all they match minimal apparel and accessories shops but also suit any general-purpose eCommerce niche. Besides, their number is going to increase.

Due to these pre-styled homepages, you can save your time greatly while creating a shop. Just choose the one you like the most and customize it up to your taste inserting your products. After, don’t forget to spice up everything with bright images and readable descriptions. Also, add prices. Plus, feel free to use the default stock photos. They all are carefully selected to reflect the atmosphere of fashion.

What is more? Vendy is loaded with:

  • 5 Listing pages;
  • 5 Product pages;
  • 2 About Us pages;
  • Lookbook fashion page;
  • 2 Collections pages;
  • fashion Blog pages;
  • 3 newsletter pop-ups variations.

Please note: Zemez Wishlist is preferable to use for domains from only.

Theme for Fashion Outside – Shopify Power Inside

Shopify heads eCommerce functionality. This SaaS platform is flexible and possesses the user-friendly features of a CMS. In the handy Shopify menu bar, anyone can launch a store of any complexity. It’s especially easy to do with such a theme as Vendy which also goes with Shopify Visual Builder. This ground-breaking tool limits the difficulties of website creation letting everyone style page templetes just by dragging and dropping (drow).

The simple clean Vendy will help you blast off your business, as it’s developed at the best Shopify traditions. That’s why it gives shop owners full control over their product pages, customers’ details, lookbook fashion, website traffic, and its sources.

In addition, Vendy is one of those alternative Shopify fashion themes that are easily integrated with:

  • popular payment systems;
  • latest SEO requirements;
  • all modern browsers;
  • social networks;
  • Amazon, eBay, Houzz, etc.

Working with Vendy, you’ll also like:

  • a rich bundle of pre-designed web forms (contact, search, subscription, etc);
  • banners to boost your marketing campaign;
  • product listing and grid mockups;
  • adjustable headers and footers;
  • shopping carts and wishlists;
  • fashion blog templetes;
  • catchy action buttons;
  • varied gallery styles;
  • image generator;
  • Lightbox.

Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

And, extra points go to those themes that are mobile-friendly! Seriously talking about the design of Vendy, it not only looks up-to-date, but it also performs so. Fully responsive and retina-ready, it will let your shop adapt to the diverse screen resolutions of all modern devices. This will engage more customers in your store by meeting their wish to shop mobile. Luckily, your selling items will always be at the hand of your audience in gadgets they prefer.

As well, the Bewear Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion is eye-pleasing. All the sections of its pages are placed and edited to give your visitors enough space for eye rest. And, every element of the interface will work to show your selling proposition in the best light. Minimalistic and elegant, Vendy will stay modern for years advertising posh jewelry or saucy clothes. There are so many ways to apply its universal design, so many ideas you have.

Lightning-Fast Loading Speed

Don’t make your visitors wait for your website to load! Choose only high-speed products to base your store on. As for the Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion, it guarantees your shop stable performance and quick loading. In short, no matter how many pages you’ll add, they all will work flawlessly.

Backed with Technical Support

Vendy is a full suite of options for oneness store creation that comes with detailed documentation and friendly technical support. For sure, you’ll get the free answers to all your “how-tos” and scale your business extremely fast.

And now, please click on the “Demo” button to see this new Shopify theme for fashion yourself!

Change Log

12/04/2023 - Release 4.2.3: - Added the ability to display custom colors that are not included in the list of web colors through metafields (color hex or image). Implemented for the product page variant block, for the feature switcher images and variant url on product cards in collections and the Featured product section.
- Added the ability to disable Description in tabs or collapses for the Product page and the Single product section.
- Short description text clipping was removed and a “more/less” button was added.
- Added translations for Login, Register, and Account page elements.
- Added the ability to display sections on the Login, Register, and Account pages.
- Added the ability to select of the number of columns on the mobile phone for the brands section.
- Added the ability to choose the number of columns for the footer.
- Added an “on/off” option for displaying titles for footer link lists.
- The ability to disable the collapse of footer link lists on mobile devices.
- Possibility to add logo via svg for headers and footers.
- Added “on/off” option for the “Back to top” button.
- Added Tiktok and Telegram icons with links for them.
- The ability to send messages via mail and telegram.
- Added banner promo in the form of a pop-up.
- Fixed problems with displaying badges on product cards when changing some currencies.
- Fixed the styles of standard lists that are added through the admin panel or live customizer.
- The area of the login link and wishlist in the mobile menu has been corrected.
- Optimized product page styles.
- Fixed other minor bugs.
30/01/2023 - Release 4.2.2: - Fixed bugs with the grid column on the collection page.
- Fixed empty style for option dropdown type.
- Fixed swatch, if product not available.
- Fixed minor bugs.
19/12/2022 - Release 4.2.1: -Integrated Growave app.
- Fixed link for tag on product page.
- Fixed problem with filter if wishlist or compare is off.
24/10/2022 - Release 4.2.0: - Optimized css for collection and product pages.
- Fixed minor bugs.
24/10/2022 - Release 4.1.9: - Thematic Update (Halloween and Black Friday edition skins).
20/10/2022 - Release 4.1.8: - Seo optimization;
- Added new skin (Autumn Fashion).
06/10/2022 - Fixed structure index and settings layout home.
23/09/2022 - Minor bug fixes;
- Fixed problem js after closing compare modal window.
19/09/2022 - Release 4.1.7: - Added new skin (Vivisette - lingerie);
- Added new wishlist (without app);
- Added custom liquid block for product page;
- fixed minor bugs.
12/09/2022 - Release 4.1.6: - Changed settings section lookbook (after update) for home 4 and home 11;
- Fixed style product card icons on the collection page.
08/09/2022 - Release 4.1.5: - Added new skin;
- Updated section Lookbook (video, slideshow, product style);
- Updated block Lookbook in section Mega Mosaic;
- Added new section Single product; 
- Fix additional buttons in cart; 
- Changed right template Home 1;
- Fixed display template-product as section (template is only page product);
- Added field for text block on the product page; 
- Minor bugs fixed.
03/08/2022 - Release version 4.1.4: - Integration of Smart Search & Filter application from Searchanise.
25/07/2022 - Release version 4.1.3: - Added new home 13;
- Added new skin 4;
- Added new section lookbook carousel;
- Fixed minor bug.
19/07/2022 - Release version 4.1.2: fixed showing featured image on product page if image = 1.
16/06/2022 - Fixed translate variables in local;
- Fixed count item in switcher image product card by options;
- Fixed problems with compare and badge stars review after applying filter or sort.
19/05/2022 - Added new Skin - Bags;
- Updated skins Jewelry and Watches to last Shopify 2.0 version;
- Updated component compare;
- Added link to whole-slide in slideshow section;
- Added variants link for product card;
- Added settings for off button "size chart";
- Added ability to stay default open collapse with description on the product page;
- Added the ability to take the description from the tab or collapse on the product page;
- Added section announcement bar;
- Added toggle menu/ new type menu for the header;
- Fixed showing options if one variant and showing name options;
- Fixed description in the tab on the product page;
- Fixed dependencies compare from a login on the product page;
- Fixed minor bugs.
22/04/2022 -  Minor bug fixes.
08/04/2022 -  Fixed problem with size guide button on Product page if "Size guide" page not exist.
- Fixed problem with button "add to cart" if variants of product not exist.
30/03/2022 - Fixed error animation AOS via adding unit in settings_schema.json file;
- Fixed error Shopify.Selected.Options (if not variants) and added missed code for recently and current-viewing blocks;
- Added preset for dynamic blocks;
- Fixed minor style bugs.
01/03/2022 - New Demo 12 with left sidebar header variation;
- Selection and customization of product card design components (featured product, section mosaic);
- Custom animation of the caption or its elements in Slideshow and other sections (such as an image with text);
- Set up product card design components for collections;
- The functionality of selecting and displaying any option on the product card has been implemented (previously only color);
- Implementation of dynamic blocks on the product page;
- Advanced Media on Product Page (images, video, youtube, Vimeo, 3D models);
- Implementation of dynamic blocks on the product page. Updating settings and adding new features into blocks;
- Compare Product (Let your clients compare products that fulfill similar needs and help them to make the right choice);
- Call-to-action pop-ups: “just bought”, “recently viewed” (Display user activity on the product page to attract more clients);
- Adding product recommended\product related functionality (optional);
- Refactoring of the script and structure of tab\collapse blocks to work correctly with the gallery stick on the product page;
- Added the ability to display the content of the product page outside of tabs or collapses;
- Fixed zoom issues;
- Shopping cart bug fixes on mobile devices;
- Fix minor style bugs.
29/12/2021 - Fixed default menu on mobile device.
17/12/2021 - Fixed variable for layout type image on product page.
10/12/2021 - Updated section devider;
- Added value dependencies from screen size (desktop);
- Added option border to thumbnail on the product page; 
- Fixed process rergistration\login;
- Fixed mirror bugs section - slideshow, feature product.
07/12/2021 - Fixed account alert message;
- Fixed customer registration redirect.
01/12/2021 - Added a new dynamic filter and three types of filter display (toggle, linear, left \ right column);
- Added Demo 11;
- Added a new MegaMosaic section to create unique layouts and mix different blocks in one row. (Demonstrated on Demo 11, where the entire Homepage is built on this section);

- Added a new type of product page (Product type 6);
- Added a new header layout (Header 6);
- Added a new footer layout (Footer 5);
- Added new currency with localization support and display settings;
- Added select aspect ratio options for product and blog images;
- Updated blog section and blog template with flexible settings to create unique blog layouts;
- Added custom background gradient for buttons and other elements;
- Added the ability to select the default menu when disabling the mega-menu;
- Added support for the submenus of the 2nd and 3rd levels in the mobile menu;
- Added skeleton (structure) display when installing a theme for sections with products, blogs, and posts;
- Added customer-style.css file allowing customers to add their own custom styles with ease;
- Added the select a value option for the font-weight of headings;
- Updated the custom account pages design;
- Minor bugs are fixed and performance improved.
07/10/2021 - Added banners for Halloween in .fig file.
20/09/2021 - Showing submenu in sction megamenu on mobile and tablet device is fixed.
08/08/2021 - Minor bug fixes:
- section pagination style;
- responsive block products in megamenu;
- position content block on product page type (sticky).
27/08/2021 - Online Store 2.0 Compatibility. Section everywhere. Support App Section. Grid Bootstrap 5; 
- Updated Product page: Added thumbnail zoom, thumbnail filter, swatch color - image, modal window, many settings for layouts and items; 
- Update all sections. Added multiple features and settings for layout and style sections;
- Added youtube video slide in slideshow;
- Improved performance, accessibility, and user experience; 
- Added header constructor;
- Fixed minor bugs;
- Added the image editor support in the admin panel.
05/07/2021 - Product-script.liquid file fix - continue shopping button on the product page with the currency option switched off .
22/06/2021 - Updated shop.js.liquid file.
15/06/2021 - Updated product custom badges. Added new payment systems: google-wallet, google pay, shopify pay.
31/05/2021 - Floatton and FB Messenger by Hura Shopify Applications Integration.

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