Discussion on Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme

Discussion on Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme

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cuonet Purchased

I installed a new updated Venedor 3.0 theme in Shopify. However, there are no collection templates in the blue electronics theme. (for example, collection.liquid, collection.ajax.liquid, collection.liquid, and collection.nested-collection.liquid) therefore I cannot move to the collection pages in my shopping mall anymore. What can I do? Please check it again and fix or update it. if I made a mistake something, let me know How to set it properly.


cuonet Purchased

product.json and collection.json are really one of the most basic core files. Those files are not included in the blue electronics theme. Those files are included by default in other themes (in the green, orange, and yellow themes.) those files are supposed to be included in the blue-electronics-theme.zip file. This is like no patty in a hamburger. A hamburger without patties is not a hamburger. it was a mistake by Flexkit team. You have to update it for the customers. This asking is so legit that you shouldn’t get tickets or money for these basic services.


Thank you for letting us know. The template is now updated. Please download and try again.



cuonet Purchased

Thanks. I will review it.

Hi, all pages now just repeat the same products when scrolling. Looking at your comments here this is a issue with the theme.

Don’t just tell me to update to 3.0 as this takes time and testing since it don’t automatically carry over customization.

Please advise urgently as our website is basically unusable.​

I would raise a ticket but I am not going to pay for support renewal for this issue.

Hi, your portal doesn’t let me raise a ticket as my support has expired.

If you need support, you will have to renew support period.

Are you being serious? You break the product and then tell people who have used it fine for years to pay for support? You are the worst company to deal with and I will be leaving reviews to reflect this.

richalot Purchased

I see a new version was recently released that corrects some issues, but I don’t see any info or documentation on how to update to the new version so that you don’t have to recreate everything you already have in place. Is this something that will be documented since many of us are now on an older version?


There has been a big change from v2, so you will have to install the new version and migrate previous customization to the newer version.


richalot Purchased

OK, that will take some time to implement and test. In the meantime is there a fix to correct the repeating products when scrolling?

Yes, we can get someone to fix your problem in the meantime. Please create a ticket on our support system; https://flexkit.ticksy.com


cuonet Purchased

Hello, Flexkit If you click on the collection, you’ll see 16 products, but if you click on page 2, page 3, there’s no response and it doesn’t move on to the next page.

The page number is not displayed properly in the address, and it becomes a strange address such as ”../collections/plugin?constraint=page%3A%3A2&”.

it’s a web address example in my shop. there is something wrong. https://pluginshop.co.kr/collections/plugin?constraint=page%3A%3A2&

If I click page 2, isn’t it normal when it becomes a page address like ”../collections/plugin?page=2”? I don’t know why it’s like “collections/plugin?constraint=page%3A%3A2&” Did I set up something wrong?

After Shopify launched the “summer 2023 update”, it became impossible to move product pages in the product collection in my shop.

So I look forward to updating the theme to match Shopify 2023 summer updates.


We’re updating the theme and it is under review from Envato team. Please update your theme with the latest version once it’s released.



cuonet Purchased

Thank you for supporting.

You’re welcome

​The demo has the Products Pagination Issue. To click the next page has no response.


My website also has this problem. It looks like the theme need to be upgraded.


Please raise a ticket on our support platform. https://flexkitux.com


​We are experiencing navigation to the next page in all product categories. Shopify support says that the issue is with the theme and since the theme was purchased via a 3rd party, they are not able to resolve the issue.

​Url: https://violetvibes.in/collections/shape-magnets

Whenever I click on the next button it’s not redirect to the next page. I have changed the navigation options to load more button, still its not working

Hi There was a dropping issue with Shopify which caused your issue. It should be working fine. If you still encounter any issues, please feel free to raise a ticket on our support platform: https://flexkit.ticksy.com Regards

I have problem with your theme and I need your help to solve it please

theme was working fine but today when I am scrolling down to see more products the first products keep repeated again and again

what it the problem please ?

I didn’t make any change for the theme and I didn’t install any third party app in the last 4 month

I need urgent help please , because this problem cost me to lose a lot of customers


Please raise a ticket on our support platform: https://flexkit.ticksy.com


Hi there, I bought this theme 3y ago, in Shopify when I click on the Venedor app, I have an error msg, I want to update to latest version, how do I proceed now ? Txs

Hi Carambo

Yes, we the theme is still active. You can download the latest version from your account dashboard and upload it to Shopify. If you want to get help, create your support ticket on https://flexkit.ticksy.com


Ok txs, what’s up with the app in Shopify, no longer supported ?

Yes, the app is no longer available

Does this theme have a feature to post general reviews on the homepage? It could place lets say 10 different reviews from random products on the homepage?

Yotpo might be a good choice in your case.

Thank you! COUld you please suggest a few others that work with this theme?

There are some other good choices including: Loox ‑ Photo Reviews by loox Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews Judge.me – Product Reviews

Can anybody hear help? I paid for this license over a year ago, but it doesn’t work. Because support has ended, I can’t get help from the author. I simply want to load what I paid for, but it isn’t working. I tried hiring somebody from freelancer.com and they can’t figure it out either. I would appreciate if somebody from the forum has had experience uploading the orange version to shopify. Just because my “support” ran out, doesn’t mean I didn’t pay for the license. I have a right to use it, but it doesn’t work.

We’ve helped to install the right demo.

I can’t install demo content and can’t select layout citrus cosmetics. please urgent fix it.

I just purchased this theme. I am not able to install this theme through the apps.flexkitux.com. It says Bad Gateway. Please resolve the issue.

Hi! Thank you for using our theme. Could you raise a ticket on https://flexkit.ticksy.com, please? Regards

Hey, we use your template for Shopify. Now that we wanted to use some icons as well, we wanted to go to the following URL: https://docs.flexkitux.com/pages/icons-list.html . Unfortunately, the page is no longer accessible.

Hi The page is back now. Please check again. Thanks

The live demo and the images aren’t loading on the product page.

Bom Dia! Não estou conseguido entrar no site de vcs, fica aparecendo a seguinte mensagem : A conexão com docs.flexkitux.com foi recusada.

Hi! It’s working again. Thank you

I have problems with the page and blog templates, it is showing the style of the website, it changes the header

Hi! Thank you for using our theme. Could you create a ticket on our support platform flexkit.ticksy.com with more details please? Regards

Did the manual upload as the app is not working, but now cannot change the default preset, currently set to “Darkgreen – Pharmacy”

I found that you already raised a ticket on our support system. We will reply there soon.

i can’t reach creator he does not answer, the website does not work, images on google can’t be opened, i don’t know how to build my website, i think i will ask for a refund.

The problem is resolved already, thanks in advance.

Hello Flexkit. I’m hoping to get some help regarding the “Filter by Tag” feature. I left a Support Ticket request on flexkit.ticksy.com a week ago, but I haven’t heard back. Is there an estimation on how long before I will get a response or help with a resolution? Thanks.

Hi there, I can’t download your VenedorTheme app because the URL https://apps.flexkitux.com isn’t working? Are you aware of this or can you help me with downloading the theme? Regards

Hi Thank you for using our theme. Please download zip file from Envato. App is not working at the moment. Regards,


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