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I purchased this theme and have a question. Where i can change language on\to Russian?

Oh God T_T. Ok, tnx.

If i delated file default.po – in site – nothing hapend. So if i change something in .po\.mo file and upload in host – nothing hapend. What i do wrong?

Could you please update “Visual Composer” to the newer 4.3.x version! The 3.8 is very old! thanks…

it’s a heavily modified version which can not be updated at this time.

Where can I view the change log of what has been updated? Thank you.

At the bottom of the item description page

The main Item Details page? That has a list of features, but where can I see the change log for the recent update? I want to know if I should bother updating or if it isn’t worth it. Do you keep an actual change log somewhere with list of updates?

Oh, the recent update just updated a revolution slider plugin nothing else

Is it safe to update to WordPress 4.0 ???

What is the Slide ID? I have a mulit lingual site and want to show different slides on each home page. It says in the content slider – Fill this field with slide IDs separated by commas (,), to retrieve only them.

I tried entering the page ID from the url but its not working.

Still having this problem, do you know what the slide ID is?

In the administrator menu (Theme Options), where can I set the background color of the active menu?

* CSS code related:

.navbar .nav > .active > a, .navbar .nav > .active > a:hover, .navbar .nav > .active > a:focus


There is no such option, you can modify css to change it.

Pre-purchase question:

Can i assign external links to the “mini-browsers” windows on the slider? I noticed the current just opens an image with lightbox, but I want each “Mini-browser” to direct to a different URL.

Is it possible?

Thanks and congrats for the theme.

No you can’t by default

Hi, Is there a section to paste Google Analytics tracking code ?

Yes there is a setting in admin for that.

I get that its translate ready, is it possible to host both an english and spanish version… second question.. is it possible to move, for example, the pricing table up a couple bars like underneath the header.. kinda of a nnoob question I know but ive had temps that just didnt allow me to move squat around.


Reply here please and thank you.

Hi, 1. It should be possible with a help of some third party plugins. 2. Theme uses visual composer which allows you to visually control the layout.

I purhchased this theme because it’s compatible with WooCommerce. But ever since installing SSL the font awesome icons are not working. How do I get the font awesome icons to work over SSL?

this have nothing to do with the theme, install a plugin that rewrites http to https, the resource is probably not being loaded because the link to font awesome is http on an https page.

Hi, I’ve sent you an email through support, but I’m trying this forum as weel… although this comments seem pretty old (8 months!).

I dont see the editing icons in Visual Composer. I cannot edit then any item!

any ideas?

i have the latest wordpress so far (4.1.1) I tried different navigators (safari and firefox)

well, it’s NOT working in either server. I didn’t say it’s working. I said it WAS working (on my local server), and now it IS NOT working. I know it works on the demo, that made me bought the theme.

And while I can manage to work without the editing icons, I still cannot edit the background color from the menu items, which is my main issue now. Is there a way I can change that color?. I know it’s easy for you, but not for me.

ok, latest update: DUPLICATOR plugin was causing the issue. I have deactivate it, and I can see now the icons. Use this info as you like.

Glad you figured it out


I have another issue with Search Box. No matter I change the color following your documentation, it doesn’t change any color whatsoever in the front end. Any help?

What exactly do you want to change?

the search box border, the word “search” and the magnifying icon. I know where to change it, but I see thats intended only to change colors when you actually click on the search box. But not when it’s not “clicked”. Is it posible?

Unfortunately we do not provide support for customizations, sorry.

Hi Osetin.

Now that I’m getting more into the theme, there are more questions: 1) Home Slider (content Slider) does’t seem to be affected by delay time. It goes too fast (3 seconds) and I’d like to lower it to 5s, but when I put 5 s in delay (using visual composer), nothing changes. Any idea?

I know, I know. I’ve seen petitions from customers that are extremely difficult to come bay, but this is just a delay. Thanks any way.

No problem, try to follow the previous comment, you should be able to change it

Thanks for the rating btw

Do you have a changelog for your latest update? We have noticed some major changes to the code that has affected our layout quite a bit. Would be helpful if we knew where you made those changes. Thanks!

:) you right, I don’t care about people like you, who got their site problems solved by theme author and then rate it 1 star, and I am pretty happy about that, hope one day you will realize what kind of person you are

You know the only reason you fixed the prior issue was because I threatened to write ThemeForest if you didn’t. I am not a terrible person for stating how awful you treat your customers and don’t like to support your product. I am merely warning others about you as a theme author. If you responded better and more positively then you would get a good rating. It’s that simple.

have a good day


jsides Purchased

Great job on this theme! I spent a lot of time looking for one that would work well for my blog. Your example pages and content have helped me a lot because I can just look at how you laid out the pages on your demo site.

Thank you very much, your feedback means a lot to me.

Hello – I want to get support on this item. I follow the item support. It takes me to a ticket system where the drop down does not give me the option for Venera. I entered the purchase code and it complains (obviously) that the code is not for this theme! How am I supposed to get support on Venera?

Hi, sorry about that, try now

Hello – thank you ever so much for getting back to me! I have logged a ticket! Have a great day…

Hallo, is your template fully compatible with wordpress 4.5.1? (I’ve read about problem with latest version of wordpress and old version of visual composer) thank you

Hi, yes it’s fully compatible

I cant edit the images for the Slides. It looks like this : https://gyazo.com/38b15d0ae12daf0e5d2d85ccb5a19c67

Do you know why?

Hi, make sure you install the Visual Composer plugin that comes with a theme, it will allow you to edit them


i cant find where change the logo of the site., i red all the documentation and this topic in the help files.

In the personalization section .. only comes only the option to change the icon Site

Your theme is very very beautiful!

I just buyed today

Hi, thank you for your compliments :) It is located in admin -> options -> appearance -> general -> Logo Type -> Image. If you still have questions – please create a support request at osetin.ticksy.com

Thanks for your quick response. Sorry, for some reason, I could not find the theme options. But I did. Thank you very much!

We’ve just done the theme update to version 1.3 but it seems class names have changed because things do not appear the same as before. Can you let me know if that is the case? Thanks so much!

You can create a support request at osetin.ticksy.com and our support specialist will be happy to assist

Thanks! I have gone ahead and submitted a support ticket.

What’s the ticket number?