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The menu Font is very small can i change it without affecting anything. thanks

Hi there, can you log into the account that purchased please?

Hi -I can see that you have no plans on making this responsive, but that you can send som code that would make it more functionel on tablets/ipads. Could you please send this to me also? info@visue.dk

Hi, are you having the same difficulties viewing the live preview on your ipad/tablet?

Hi there,

Just took WP 4.0 update and my drop down navigation seems to be broken on my menu, any ideas?


Actually everything is working fine and pages are still accessable via direct url, just the mouse over drop down part of the menu is broken.

NVM.. sorry to waste your time, i simply over-wrote all the theme files and it fixed it ….lol!


No problems :)

Is it safe to upgrade my Wordpress version to 4.0 with this theme? I am hesitant because it only says up to v3.3 in the theme summary.


thanks it worked for me too, after an initial scare that was due to the site not having the latest theme version

No worries mate! Glad it worked out :)

Hi Ollie,

i was just reminded that i should update wordpress to 4.0.1 for security reasons. is the theme compatible? if not will it be updated soon? thanks!


Hi Brandon, the live preview is running on 4.0.1 so there should be no problems.

Ok great thanks. i updated it and you are right. works good.

Hi, This theme is compatible with wordpress 4.1.1 ? I’ve updated the theme and submenu has stopped working and some details of the home too. I need your help, thanks!

Hi there, I tested locally and the theme is compatible with 4.1.1. It sounds like it could be a plugin breaking the JS. Can you open a ticket, paste the link to your site and I’ll have a look for you:


Hi is the ventura theme compatible with wordpress 4.2.2? it only says on your site that it is compatible with wordpress 3.3 which is quite a long time ago.



Hi Brandon, it was working fine with 4.1 but I’ll have to double check everything is ok for 4.2. I’ll update the compatibility list once it’s done.

Hi Ollie, is this now compatible with wordpress 4.3? just asking before i do the update. thanks buddy.

Hi there, I just updated the live preview and it all looks good so far.

Hi Brandon, Any news about compatibility with 4.2? (for security) Thanks, Bill

Hi there, the live preview is running 4.2 and I can’t see any issues with it.

hello, theme do not display polish letters on inception posts title, what to do ?

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

When is the new version of the theme? Why are not you updating?

Hi there, I’m only keeping the theme online so that I can support current users. I won’t be adding any major updates in the future.

In fact I might retire this theme soon as it is quite old now.

this theme is not responsive any plan about it?

Hi there, I’m afraid I will not be making this theme responsive in the future.

sir, I am IT student and I want this theme for learning purpose. How much concession can i get? and how I can make it responsive?