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I like it a lot..very unique and well thought out..looks like it was a lot of work..hope you receive your just rewards


This is one of the best business themes I’ve seen on TF so far! Love the fresh, unique look! This one will sell like crazy! :)

Awesome theme. And the Lamborgheni commercial kills. I’ve bookmarked for my next commercial site.

Brilliant work, Ollie!

This theme is perfect. It’s nice (and very hard) to see something that is truly original on TF!

Keep up the awesome work.

Great theme! Love it! Bookmarked!

Have a question: – check it out here http://awesomescreenshot.com/014gi13d6

Thank you!

It is not part of the options(I’ll add it if more people request it) but if you sent me WP login details I could do that in about 10 seconds :)

Nice Extensive Slider ! Good Luck with Sales..

I’m very impressed!


I just wanted to let you know that, in Opera, there is a gap between the main body of the breadcrumb arrow and the actual pointed arrow.

View the below page in Opera and you will see what I mean.


Tiny flaw, but worth sorting out. Such a fabulous theme.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll sort it out ASAP

Very unique.Amazing job!

Fantastic. About time there is something different on TF. You are very talented. All the best, I am sure it will sell like hot cakes!


Very nice theme! It has valid xhtml?

Thank You

Oh my this is impressive!

I predict good sales for you on this one! :) Great job, bookmarked.

Really impressive.
Congratulations and sincere wishes of success in sales :) . Theme really deserves it.
And this beautiful inception slider. I’m a little jealous :) .

Thanks everyone for the kind words :)

Hi Ollie,

Really unique template with some fresh ideas!

Can it be integrated with WPML or qTraslate plugins, I’m woundering, wont I face big problems with setting multilingual site based on this template?

Thanks, Aleksandr

Hi I haven’t tested the theme with those particular plugins. If more people request that feature I’ll put it on the development list.

Very good theme :)

Hi there, is it possible to have the current home page slider be auto scroll rather than relying on the press of the arrows? I love the theme, but I think it would make the theme really stand out with the auto scroll function. This is on my “to purchase list”



Hi Ciaran,

Yes you can have it auto scroll. It is an option in the theme :)