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Hi Ollie, I have submitted a ticket through the support system, looking forward to your reply :-)


Thanks, I’ll take a look now for you :)


How can I access the short codes for this theme?


Hi, can you log into the account that purchased please. Thanks.

Hi Ollie,

I just wanted to thank you for the great support with my tickets.

It’s a great looking WP theme that works beautifully. :)

Thanks again and all the best!


You are very welcome Gil :)

How can i resize the blog featured images www.crashmasters.com/blog ? The blog posts 1 and 2 templates aren’t working for me :(

I see you’ve sorted this out in your next comment :)


I am having a variety of technical issues as I am developing the site for full functionality. These are the issues I am having:

1) The blog articles are not showing up. They are listed on the blog page but when I click to view the full article I get a 404 error. Example: Click on any article from http://ryanmazer.com/home/blog.

2) All of the data in my potfolio custom post section is not displaying correctly. I am only getting the first of the many photos in the detail pages on about the portfolio. Check it out from: http://ryanmazer.com/home/portfolio.

3) When I add text above the products custom post text the third column shifts out of place. Example at the bottom of page: http://ryanmazer.com/digital-marketing-strategy-interview.

Could you please advise on a solution to fix these issues?

Thank you.

Hi Ryan, can you log into the account that purchased please? Thanks

nvm i got it

Hi Ollie

I have a problem with a plugin, the plugin is “whmcs bridge”. It makes a site called “whmcs”, so I can see the portal in my wordpress.

But some how the portal fills out the whole site, and goes over where the sidebars should be. And I’m not good at html/php, but I think that I need to change something in the header.php?

Can you help me where I need to make the change, so the portal stays in the text area?


Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

First off- thank you for this amazing theme. My question: Is it OK to upgrade to 3.4.1? Thank you very much!

Thanks :) you can update to 3.2.1 no problems.

EDIT : 3.4.1 works fine :)


tol Purchased

Hi, I emailed you a question, but not sure if you got it? I set up the service boxes with six items (www.tol.no) sometime ago, but now I want to edit the text and change the six pics infront of the service boxes, I can not find where to edit it. Where do I find text and images? Thanks for your fast reply!

Hi there, I’ve responded to your email. You’ll get faster support if you use my ticketing system over here: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Why is style.css only 10 lines long? Makes is sooooooooooooooooooo hard to navigate….

Hi there, that sounds like zip corruption (line breaks were stripped out – it happens sometimes). Extract the zip with a different program and upload the file again.

good to know it was an error….

Hello, I just have submitted a ticket through the OMC Theme support system. Waiting for your reply.

Just spotted it ;)


This them is beatiful !!! It is possible to change skin color for a custom one? Like red ? Thank’s


Thanks :) unfortunately there’s no red skin if my memory serves me correctly. However there is a psd file included if you wanted to make a new skin from that.

This will be change all the part colored ?

Hi there, I’m not sure what you mean – can you rephrase please?

sorry, i am french ! i want to khow if i change the psd file, the result change every color of the template ?

No problem :) if you change the psd then you will have to manually recreate all the background images. In fact you might be better off editing the background images directly.

Hello, i purchased theme version 1.2. I saw that there is 1.3. I can download it or do I buy it? thanks

Hi there, the update is free – click your username at the top right and select ‘downloads’. You can get it there. Remember to backup everything before you update.

Hi Ollie, I love this theme! I see that the last update to this theme was on 17 November 11, Are there any updates scheduled for this theme any time soon ?


Hi there, the theme runs fine in the latest version of WP so there’s no urgent need :) If you’ve any problems you can create a ticket here: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Dear OllieMcCarthy,

Hope you are fine and doing good !

your ventura is a very creative template in the market you had really done a very good job

i had take this template with one of my friend each and every content of the template is working fine but we have very small issue with the category portfolio, if we switch more then 3 items in the any portfolio category inception slider will be disturbed,

so please know us that your theme is compatible to add more then 3 portfolio items in one category

Regards Affan

Hi Affan, can you log into the account that purchased please. Thanks.

Dear OllieMcCarthy,

Please confirm me first when i purchase the template porfolio category will work fine,

REgards Affan

Hi, anything you see in the live preview will work including the portfolio categories.

thanks Ollie, now im going to purchase this template if i will find any error i will contact you …..

Dear Olie,

We only able to add 4 item in one portfolio category, if we add more then 4 inception slider will be corrupted, you can check by go through this link wezcon.con

can you know me your personal email id or contact # i also need to discuss some more business with you,

REgards Affan

Hi, can you open a ticket for that with wp login details and I’ll look into it: http://omc.ticksy.com/