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It is LayerSlider. I can insert it into pages with simple short-code.

I am using the video-full home page template but it has a pretty big gap on top of the slider. default template shows sidebar and header image/title. Please email me for a link to the page.

Posted a support ticket. (private)

Ok we’ll take it from there.

I having an issue with a ccgallery plugin and it runs into an issue involving the themes script.js, is there any way to fix this? the link to the page with the gallery on it is here: http://www.idealshield.com/products/retail-adshield-mock-up/

The problem there is that there are no js errors in the console so it’s hard to debug. Also the js in scripts.js is plain vanilla jquery; nothing fancy going on in that file.

Did the plugin author give any specific information about what’s ‘wrong’ with scripts.js?

>After tinkering with the plugins and the theme scripts I found out that the error reported in the browser is generated from the scripts.js file referenced by your theme.

>Anyway after removing the above error the gallery script got processed

Me: >Can I possibly get the updated scripts.js code from you?

>No, you have to ask the theme author about that. I did not edit the script just removed it to see if the error was generated from there.

Fair enough. What I’d like you to do first is to update the theme. I did change around some of the js for wp3.5 so maybe this will help. Remember to backup if you’ve customised any of the theme files.

Hi Ollie, Great theme. Im adding tabs in my product pages and the tabs are there but the content of the tabs are no showing? any ideas?

How do i do the checklists? can find anything in the documentation?

How do i change the contact us button text on the product page to something else (e.g Sign Up)

Thanks, can you open a ticket for that one please with a link and wp logins(mark as private): http://omc.ticksy.com/

Hi, Do you have an updated version for the theme? Can I safely update to Wordpress version 3.5.1?

Hi, I’ve updated for the current version of wordpress. Remember to backup if you’ve customised the theme files.

ok thanks

Hi Ollie,

I have problem with my site, since updating to wordpress 3.5.1, I cannot change the background to a custom patern image :( The Theme Option page is misaligned as well… any ideea? Running 1.3

Kind regards, Alex

I see you’ve sorted this in your next comment :)

Problem solved! :) Updated to 1.4

Please tell my you are going to try and make this responsive. I love it, but likely not to buy it given the direction of web use…

Hi there, I’m afraid I won’t be making this theme responsive.

Thanks for the reply. It’s really good work – just wish it were mobile friendly too. Best of luck!

hi ollie,

amazing theme, im interested in buying this theme but it looks like your contact form is slightly out, the name of the fields are hidden by the boxes. is this something that has been addressed?? or something i could do myself when i purchase??

Hi, I’ve been meaning to fix that but it missed the last update. If you purchase I will personally fix it for you :)

brilliant thanks ollie

Well Ollie, couple of things, 1) Came on looking for the same fix for the contact page name fields. 2)Testimonials seem to have disappeared from homepage since i upgraded to latest wordpress. 3)The drop down on my menus dont work even though the menu items are there in the admin. (again since wordpress update)

Any ideas

Hi there,

1 – open a ticket with wp logins (mark as private) over here please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

2 – If you update the theme to the latest version this will be fine.

3 – Updating the theme will sort this out too.

Remember to backup your theme files before you update.

Is there a way to re-arrange the Inception Slides? They are out of place and wanted to change their order. But I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Do I have to erase them and then start all over again?

Hi, the inception slides are ordered by date. You can change the date in the publish area of your posts.

One more question, why are the buttons not displaying on the homepage? we added a blue button but it’s not wanting to show up. Instead, it shows up as white: I sent you a message from your profile with a link to our website.

Does the button not work on the home page? It seems to only work inside a blog post.

Are you ready to make your website work for you?  [button_blue url=”ourwebsite-URL”]Get Started[/button_blue]

Hi there, can you try to quickly change the page template back to default and see if the same problem is there.

Hey Ollie,

We changed the page over to Default and it shows up fine. It’s only when we have the page set up as Home Inception that it not show up.

Is there a way to make it work under a home template?

Hey Ollie, I noticed that if I have more than one page of items in the portfolio section, the following pages have a 404 error?


What version of the theme are you running?

Current Theme Ventura

By Ollie McCarthyVersion 1.4

Can you open a ticket with wp logins please (mark as private): http://omc.ticksy.com/

Hey Ollie,

After adding more than 3 Items to the Portfolio Slider, the homepage crashes. The titles jump out of place. Is there a way to fix this?


Hi, can you open a ticket with wp logins please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Done, I had a ticket open there yesterday. Let me know if you received it: 55985

Hello !

After installing Wordpress i got following error, menu not working.

Checking with Chrome console i see this:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: div.omc-product-listing:nth-child(4), div.omc-product-listing:nth-child(7), div.omc-product-listing:nth-child(10)...

What can i do for fix this problem? Can you help me?


Dear Ollie, we are sorry. In this case we can´t login into that account. Previously the old service provider bought that theme. But I have developed it. Here is the domain of the website: www.innovative-finanzberatung.ag . The old service provider does not give us his login credentials. So what can we do? I know you normally answer if the status is “purchased”. But my customer has indireclty purchased your theme. So pleaes be so kind and help us anyway!? Thanks!

Dear Ollie, even the customer has already bought, I have now purchased again. Please help us asap. Thanks!

What you need to do is download the theme again and update the …/ventura/js/scripts.js file.

How can I translate this theme to the dutch language?

Here’s a quick overview on translating the theme.

1) Install Poedit, from http://poedit.net. Open ventura/languages/ventura.po and create and save your translation. That will create a ventura.mo file.

2) Rename the ventura.mo file to the language code of your choice, for instance English/United Kingdom is “en_GB” so the file would be named “en_GB.mo”.

3) Upload your new translation file to the ventura/languages folder of your WordPress install.

4) Open up wp-config.php, and on line 72 where is says “define(‘WPLANG’, ’’);”, change it to “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en_GB’);”, or whatever your language code is.

Now WordPress and Ventura should use your translation.

Thanks Ollie, just one more question, is it possible to create custom sidebars on a page? For example on this page:


Yes, there’s a box in the page editor for it. Once you type something into it you’ll see the sidebar appear in the widget areas.

Hey. Need sample data to install the theme and all of her option.


Hi, extract the main zip file you got here. Inside you’ll see a file called dummycontent.xml. Import that file.

thanks a lot.

I can’t find ventura/languages/ventura.po ???????

Sorry mate – totally my fault with my last update. Can you send me a message through my profile page please and I’ll email it to you.

How do you get the Twitter Widget to work? ours stopped working on our site when Twitter updated their stuff, but your is still working on the page.

Not sure how it’s still working. All I know is that the plugin is called “Simple Twitter Widget” and the version I am running is 1.02

Hi, This theme is compatible with wordpress 3.5.2 ? Thanks !

Hi there, I tested it out yesterday with 3.5.2 and it’s fine.

Hi Ollie,

I upgraded to Wordpress 3.5.2 yesterday & now the sub-menu items in our navigation menu are not showing up when you hover over the top-level menu selection. I checked the Menus section of the the WP Admin and our navigation menu structure is still in take. I resaved the menu but the sub-menu options from the front end of our website are still not showing as available. For instance, when you hover on “About Us”, you should see sub-menu options for What We Do, Who We Are, Who Works Here, What Makes Us Different. **Here’s a link to our website http://aidenmarketing.com/

Can you tell me you aware of this problem w/your theme w/ WP 3.5.2?—our menus worked find until we upgraded yesterday.

Thanks in advance

Hi there, if you update to the latest version of the theme it’ll fix that bug.