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Hi Ollie, I discovered online on the Net that there are many people who are having problems with WP 3.5.2 breaking the functionalities within themes, so I found this great link with instructions on how to downgrade to a previous version of WP. I downgraded back down to WP 3.3.1 and my navigation sub-menus reappeared like a charm.

**Just for reference for anyone else who may need to downgrade in the future, here is the link w/instructions on how to downgrade from WP 3.5.2 - it worked like a charm - just follow the exact directions. http://www.internetmarketingwizard.com/how-to-downgrade-wordpress-3-5-to-older-version

Hi, there’s no need to downgrade the WP version – updating the theme would probably be a lot easier.

Hi Ollie, I recently bought the WPML plugin since the site I’m working on will be supporting more languages. Also I read the Ventura theme is compatible with WPML which works great for the pages. But. How do I translate sidebar content, the copy inside the Inception Slider etc.


Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Hi Ollie. TnX a lot for your response. I already figured it out.

When creating a different language for a page, I can also create a sidebar for that page for that language. That new sidebar widget can be found in the widget area where it can be translated.

For the Inception Slider I overlooked a checkbox “Make ‘Featured Posts – Inception’ translatable”


Hi Ollie, THANK YOU for a great theme, it is by far my favorite!!! The site has been up for a year now, never really run into any problem. We just checked it recently and notice the sub-menus don’t show up anymore. I tried making a new menu, still won’t work. should I reload any php, js or css file? if so which one? PLEASE HELP!!! http://www.sandhillconsultinggroup.com/

Hi Ollie, I did what you said, the inside pages’ drop-down menu works, but the home page drop-down still NOT. Please take a look (url above) and HELP! THANKS!!!

Also where do I find the purchase code? so I can log into you tech support?

Perhaps you should update the entire theme. Remember to backup all your theme files.

Ur response time is great.. < 24 hours.. love the person who support her theme with professionalism

Hi there,

Purchased some time ago but would now like to update to WP3.6 is the current theme download compatible? if so I will update my theme before WP3.6 :)


Hi Ollie :)

I updated the them and it seems to be functioning correctly (well almost) I try to edit pages and I can’t type any content into the visual or text panels, there is nothing displayed even though there is content on the preview and live site page. Everything else on the site seems to work OK.. it’s like the wysiwyg editor is broken.

There is a WP update 3.6.1 but I haven’t taken it yet until all works properly.

Can you take a look if you have time please, I can email you the log-in credentials :)

Updating to 3.6.1 didn’t seem to help :(


A random post I found suggest a crazy solution that actually worked.

Post is here if anyone needs: http://dmjcomputerservices.com/blog/2012/02/15/wordpress-post-edit-area-is-blank-displays-white-text-on-white-background/

Hi Ollie,

There something strange going on with the inception slider on my website. The slides don’t show the featured image of the slide itself, instead it shows the featured image of the previous slide. So now all slides are mixed up showing the wrong images. Could you please help? The website is: http://www.harryluders.nl/ The website runs on Wordpress 3.6.1, it seems that the theme is not yet compatible with this version, cause it shows an error not being able to locate jquery-1.10.2.js in the wp-includes folder.

Thanks in advance. Stephan

Hi there, I just saw your ticket – we can go from there.

Proof of purchase

Thanks for purchasing!

Hi Ollie,

I am considering purchasing your beautiful template. I would first like to know if it is “Responsive” (i.e. does it automatically size itself to the device such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, etc. Thanks!

Hi there, I’m afraid this theme is not responsive. It was designed just before responsiveness was becoming popular.

Hi Ollie

Do you still support this theme?


Hi there, yes I am supporting this theme.

Hi Ollie,

If I download the latest theme files, can I upgrade to 3.8?

Also .. is the ‘Inception Slider’ available as a plugin so I can use it on another site I have?

Hi there, the slider is not available as a plugin since it’s far too integrated into the theme. As for wp3.8 – leave it for a few days as I have to do a compatibility test over the weekend.

Hi Ollie – I’ve recently taken over a website project that uses your theme. I updated to wordpress version 3.8.1 (unfortunately without reading your last comment) and now it looks like the short codes are no longer working. http://www.lippa-cpa.com/

Do you have any insight on how I can fix this problem? Thanks!

Hi there, can you log into the account that purchased please.

Hello – unfortunately I cannot. I wasn’t the person who originally purchased the theme, and my client no longer has the information needed to login. I understand the importance of needing proof of purchase, is there anyway to work around this so I am able to get support for the theme?

In that situation you can try to get the purchase code and use that on my support site.

Having issues with Layerslider-wp not showing up on homepage after WordPress 3.8.1 update. (already updated jquery)

Is there is fix for this?

Hi there, do you mean the layerslider plugin?

Yeah, but with a couple of tweaks I got it working again. Thanks for the reply.


I am not able to edit any of the widgets.

I have Ventura v 1.4 installed with WP 3.8.1 update.

Can you help?

Hi there, can you log into the account that purchased please.

Logged in. Here is my previous comment


I am not able to edit any of the widgets.

I have Ventura v 1.4 installed with WP 3.8.1 update.

Can you help?

Thanks, can you try deactivating your plugins to see if there’s a conflict somewhere please.

Hi is there an update for this theme forthcoming, I really want to update my sites to v3.8.1

Hi there, I’ll be putting in an update next week for this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Ollie, any luck with the update so far?

Hi, I’ve updated the live preview to 3.8.1 and the current theme is compatible.

hello.nice theme.can i make it RTL?is there any conflict with this issue?

Hi, thanks for enquiring. I’m afraid there is no RTL support for this theme.

Hi Ollie,

I plan to buy your theme. After the purchase, I can get the dump with the demo data?

Hi, there’s a dummy content xml file included in the download. It doesn’t have all the pics in the live preview but most functionality will be setup with it.

Hi Ollie, Thanks for the reply.


Is the theme compatible with wp 3.9?

Thanks in advance,


Hi JP, I updated the live preview to 3.9 and it works fine.

Great news!

Thx Ollie

Hi Ollie,

Thanks for the great theme.

However I want to show two different product categories on the nivo slider. Is there a way this can be achieved? I.e. one product category under the first nivo slide and another product category under another nivo slide.

Do you have any instructions on how to execute this? It would be graciously appreciated if you could!

Best Regards, Mark

Hi Mark, I’m afraid that sounds like a customisation. If it’s not a feature in the live preview then it more than likely is not in the theme.

Ok fair enough.

Can you provide the necessary code to place within the product tabs to make the contact form appear correctly? As it currently it just shows the contact form text like: http://i.gyazo.com/65ff7d8f482d63e60acef6a69dce4641.png


Can you open a ticket for that please with wordpress logins (mark as private):


Hi Ollie,

its been several years and the site is working very well! very stable for teh amount of stuff i have on the site.

anyhow here is my question.

I want the nivo slider on top of all my pages. but be able to show my custom side bars.

what should i do? if i change the Page attributes on the page to Home nivo full width. it won’t show the sidebars. if i change it to Home Nivo SIdebar it only shows posts. what do you recommend?

Hi, have you tried clicking “Screen Options” at the top-right when you are in the menu editor? I’m pretty sure you can enable the features you want there.

i didn’t even think to check that. lol sorry Ollie. should have been more thorough. i usually check screen options on product, and pages but didn’t think of checking when on the menu screen! awesome!

No worries, glad it’s all sorted now.