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You Earn it – GLWS

Thanks. I finally understand what Envato needs ;)

Nice work, GLWS o7.

Thank you very much!

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thanks! :)

should you work the footer webpage

Can you please elaborate more?

Hi, Where is the video showing tutorial for the slider?

You can find it inside the word or pdf document. However, this is the link to the video http://youtu.be/rtpiP3Yqrr0


Please comment if you have any further question. And, don’t forget to rate :)

Great template :-)

Hi, Thanks you very much! Did you change your comment? Because, the email that i got of you comment is different. According to it, you are having some problem with the menu on mobile version? Is it solved?

The images folder with logos and batch icons are missing. Is there a separate downloads section or where can I get these for the template?

Hi, We cannot redistribute the logos. It’s Envato’s policy. Sorry.

And, the batch icons used are embedded in the muse file. If you want more icons you can download it from here: Batch Icons. Just use there .png files to insert inside muse.


your site looks very good – but will it work for me? I am looking for a simple site -[ one page ok ]

1 My server can only serve html pages, images and other static content(avi, doc, zip, etc.

2. I mainly want to showcase a FLASH VIDEO. { I already bought a flash video player on activeden} a. Also have the same video available for youtube. { these could both be on the front page }

3. connect basic email.

4 Some text. Perhaps a couple pictures, ok. 5 Add a sign up page, { optional } if it would work? 6 Do I have to edit this site in Muse?

7. Does an embedded html video player come with this? { for youtube? } 8 Can I embed my flash video player?

9 I have a wysiwyg html editor, but dont know code. { could you recommend an easy editor to work best with your site? }

Finally -Will your page/ site work for me?

thank you


1. Muse automatically generates all the html, css & script files. I don’t think the site will work without the script files that muse will generate.

2.Yes, you can embed youtube videos inside it. You can also embed html video player. I am not sure that flash video player will work inside muse. But if you have the video on youtube. You can embed that.

3. You can do that.

4. You can do all of that.

5. You can also add sign up page.

6. Yes, you have to edit the site in muse. But, if you prefer you can also export the site as html & then edit it inside any editor too. But editing inside muse will be much quicker if you are familiar with other Adobe products. Because muse works just like the others.

7. As i said, you can embed youtube videos inside it. There is a simple drag & drop youtube widget. All of you have to do is to put the video link in there.

8. You don’t have to use any editor. Muse will do everything for you. Just edit it like you edit things in Photoshop or any other adobe product. Muse will generate the code for you.

I think it should work for you just fine. I am also available on Skype for any help to edit the file.


Hey guys – LOVE your theme. Nice job. I have a silly question – for some reason, the little “scroll arrow” at the bottom of the slider stopped working. can you tell me how I reset that? It seems like it isn’t an anchor setting?

oops – answered my own question. Thanks for an awesome theme