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Beautiful theme…GLWS. Like the features, compare tables, contact page especially.

Thanks ncfan2030 :)

nice and elegant work GLWS.

Thanks jacobeli :-)

Man, I got to say that this looks very, very good! (this ain’t no spammy comment:))

Haha! Thanks Phantasia for your kindness! I know this is absolutely not spammy! ;)

Like it ;), nice and clean.

Thank Spnoy :)

Nice work Man ! This looks nothing like Smasher theme. Except the one drop arrow in the smasher theme.

Thanks ojanneh! I’m happy that you liked it :)

Awesome Theme ;)

Thanks Behzadg! :)

Just as an FYI, after installing the theme I got the following message from WP SEO by Yoast – “SEO Issue: Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly. Please visit the SEO Dashboard to fix this.”

It wants me to delete – <meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?>">

Thanks for sending the notice. It’s because WP SEO by Yoast needs to put it’s own meta tags on the pages.

To fix this, after installing plugin, go to SEO dashboard, and click on the “Fix it” button which is beside the notice and it will be fixed as this plugin needs.

I would really appreciate if you send issues via ticket in as comments here are not searchable and if you send these items there, I can make some good FAQs from them to help buyers more quickly :)

Thanks again for your purchase and please let me know if you have any other questions or comments

I am trying to create a full page slider like that on the demo version of your theme.

I cant to be able to do this?

Can you help

Hi, Thanks for your purchase.

Would you please open a ticket in to let me help you on this issue. Just copy and paste this comment in the ticket and I’ll respond to it very soon.

Please note that I’m asking this because I need some permission on your site to make it for you like demo and we cannot put these information in this public page.



Very nice looking theme.

Do you have non wordpress theme? Only the HTML.


Well as you may already know, WordPress version pages will generate dynamically with PHP, so it won’t work as standalone HTML files.

Even if you buy the WP version, unfortunately you cannot use it as a HTML template. I’m sorry…

Thanks allot for your help.

Its a beautiful theme! I wish someday will be available with non WP version.

Thanks Giladl! Good luck :)

I am having some issues getting the ‘tour’ to work with MagicPosts. This is what I am doing:

[tmq_tabs shortcodemode="quick" type="tour" title="" slug="slug-NPZIB" postid="71"][/tmq_tabs]

Am I missing something? The source code generates only the ‘tour’ container. None of the tabs are generated.

Hi i3WebDesign. Thanks for purchasing Ventus. If you have a MagicPost with postid “71”, this should work fine. Did you create the shortcode with Shortcode Manager?

Would you please send a ticket on and let me check it on your site? I’ll respond there very soon.

Thanks for all the help!

You are welcome! Feel free to contact me if you have any other issues with Ventus! :)

Dear Friends.

Thanks for buying Ventus. As you may already know, we are offering free installation to first 30 purchasers and free design audit and website cleanup to first 20 purchasers. To use this service please simply open a ticket in and we’ll response to you very soon.

Please, Please, Please, Do not open this ticket in public mode as we don’t want everyone to see your hosting information :)

Ventus sales number is currently on 24 but we only received 8 tickets about this matters. So please hurry. We can’t wait to see your Ventus powered website is running ;)

Before I buy this theme does the main feature Gallery or the theme support video?

Hello Benjamin,

Yes gallery is available with slider show and light box. Video is supported in v1.2.6 that will be available for download today. You can use hosted video or use video sharing sites such as youtube, vimeo or dailymotion.

If you bought it already, please open a ticket in and I’ll send you the update sooner as normally we should wait until the update is approved on ThemeForest.


Dear Benjamin,

Just to follow up, I’ve submitted new version for review and this new version supports video player and audio player as well.

You can see how they look in Demo.

Please let me know if you have further questions or comments.


Shaping up to be one of my new favourite themes! Great job, very easy to use, nice admin options! If your support is 5 star, you’ve got yourself a winner! Thanks!

Done, thanks for your quick support :)

One more little suggestion – add shortcode to inserts POSTS into a page, like you have with Folio items :) xxxx I want to display my blog posts sexily on the home page!

Yes, that’s a great idea! I will do this for sure :)

Ventus is a “Five Star Theme” now! Thank you very very much for your support! :)

Ventus is a user friendly, very flexible, highly customisable multi purpose theme. I set it up last night and within 2 hours had a fully functioning, pretty website for my client. I found a few issues, submitted them on the forum and was immediately answered and helped! I work up this morning to another email saying all issues fixed and that my suggestions will be in the next update available soon. Can’t ask for much more than that! Great work Iman, looking forward to keeping on buying your themes!

Wow! Thank you very much for your kind words! Actually I’m so happy that someone like you purchased and likes Ventus! I’m also very thankful for your great suggestions and improvement ideas.

In fact I was surprised when I saw how fast you started that website with Ventus. Really enjoyed it. Thanks! :)

Pleasure :) Client loves it! x

Dear Purchasers,

WordPress v3.6.1 is out. Please upgrade your websites as soon as possible because it contains some security issues as well.

For more information, read this:

is possible insert a latest articles/news in homepage?

Great news! :) OK, Please take a look at this screencast:

Actually it’s not for Ventus but another theme that I’m also working on it but the framework is completely same. PLEASE NOTE that styles and some options are different in Ventus.

I wish this is enough for you to be sure about ease of use of Ventus. Of course I’m gonna create separate screencasts for Ventus as well :)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.


great.. so I can insert the latest news like the recent work sample in ventus demo, right?

Yes, sure.

I just wanted to tell Iman, and all prospects, how appreciative I am for his fast support and constant improvement of Ventus. This theme is clean, professional and easily grabs each visitors attention… Skip all the flashy things that designers are creating these days and stick to the basics. Remember, you only have ~10 seconds to make a visitor stay or leave your website. Ventus will keep them there.

I’ve purchased $2,000+ worth of themes from themeforest and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with the main developer. All the other theme designers here can learn a thing or two by actually listening to their purchasers, just like Iman. Keep up the great work!

You’ve surprised me! Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m very lucky that I have this opportunity to work with some fantastic people like you…

These words are the most valuable things that I can gain by working on codes! :)

Thank you very much!


Looks very good wish you good sales!

Will you consider to make the theme compatible for woocommerce?


Wow! Thank you Jawes!

I wish he/she will like it as well :)


Client likes it very much! Just bought it. Looking forward to build with your theme.

Great news! Thank you for purchasing Ventus! I’m very interested to see your Ventus powered website soon. I’m sure you will create a lovely site so soon :)


Can you add contact details above the navigation?

Hi JackMagic!

You mean add a new bar above the menu that you can add phone number, email and socials? If this is what you mean, I was thinking to add multiple header layouts and this will be one one the popular layouts.

I think I can add this feature in next update that will be available today. :-)


Dear JackMagic,

I just want to inform you that the new version of Ventus is available and the new headers + contact information bar are added in this version.

Cheers, Iman