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Thank you. Good luck with sales,too. You have amazing templates :)

Impressive work. Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much, my friend. Wish you all the best since we come from the same hometown ( Thessaloniki ). :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice and Cool Work

Thank you very much ali_siddique for your kind words :)

Awesome, great job!

One tip: I would disable the scroll wheel from scaling the Google Map as it interferes when I’m navigating around the page.

Otherwise, best of luck! :)

Thank you very much, daveeeo ! I will follow your advice and i’ll disable the Google Map scroll wheel. Best regards :)

Looks awesome!! Good luck with sales

Thank you oxygenna. You are one of the best here and i admire your work. Good luck with your sales,too. :)

Can I dissable the map from moving when scrolling on a mobile device? it kind of makes it hard to get down to the contact part… I set “draggable” to false, but didn’t help…

I just sent you an email with the solution. Reply back if you need any help. Thank you very much.

Best regards, 4riS

Thank you for quick fix. Works great.

Glad to hear that. Thank you very much :)

Looks awesome – about to board a plane but bookmarked for purchase as soon as I land. Good luck

Thank you charlie. Hope you had a good flight. If you need any help contact me :)

Beautiful Design!

Thank you very much andrelug. I’m glad you like it :)

iam a little bit stupid ^^ how can i put pictures in the portfoilio (1-4)? thx

oh… i thought each open its own gallery :/ i whnat more pictures in each.

I don’t know if this is possible. I’ll check Prettyphoto jQuery and i’ll tell you later, although i think that it’s not.

Best regards,

Done. I have emailed you. Check your email.

Best regards,

Hi im interested to purchase, but before that just a few quick questions. I’m trying to create a similar landing page as this one here http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=Gleam

Possible for me to use only the first part of the landing page template and convert it into one full screen background image with my logo in the centre?

Also instead of clicking the Learn More or Socialize to have the sidebar come out, possible to have the hover effect when someone mouse over the logo, and the sidebar menus comes out from the left?

Hi thanks for the response, what about e.g I replace the learn more text to shop now and have the same effect of something slide open on the side, but I would want the slide out to show my online store page meaning hyperlink but the hyperlink effect is the same when click slide open and show my store website, possible?

Hello again,

So you would like the off-canvas to display a shop. That means that you would like to increase the off-canvas width ?

Send me an email through the contact form in my profile.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Hi, thanks I just purchase your work, will drop you an email now. :)

love this theme. is there any way to disable the option that hides the scroll bars in the browser? I’d like for folks to be able to see the scrollbar and use that if they don’t want to click on navigation elements. thanks!

Hello aardvarkmultimedia,

Glad you like my template and thank you very much for purchasing it. Now regarding your question, it’s simple to disable the custom scrollbar. Just open js/venue.js and remove this line :

Tell me if it’s ok.

Best regards,

Hi 4ris,

Nice template! I’m trying to change the Google Maps coordinate only the county is not changing, do you know how we can fix this?



Hello Reint,

Thank you very much for your kind words. In order to change the coordinates, you must open js/venue.js and edit the LatLng(40.77627, -73.910965). If you did that and still have problem, please send me an email through my profile.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Hello 4irS,

I really like this theme, but :) In my iPhone the Learn More and Socialize boxes looks a lil’ bit messed up. On the other hand when I resize my chrome window on my desktop to minimal size it looks all right.

Great work, Cheers!

Check your email ;-)

Thanks! :) Excellent support and great work!

Glad to hear that. Thank you very much sci-kode :)

Hello, this is really cool landing page! Is it possible to have more than one image in gallery. Best!

Hello lukamatijasevic,

Thank you very much for purchasing “Venue”. Hope you like it. Now, regarding your question it’s possible to have more than one image in gallery section. Could you please contact me through my profile or email me at 4ris[at]4ris[dot]info ?

Thank you very much again.

Best regards, Aris G.