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WOW!!! Thats awesome. Congrats from the team JoomShaper and very best of luck with sales. Also thanks for using Helix V2 Framework (y)

Thanks for your comment. I love helix V2 Framework. It is very easy to use and customize. I wish people love it :D

We have created it with love thats why you people loving it. Thanks again for using Helix :)

Helix V2 framework have some awesome features like layout builder, shortcode, presets manager….Those features are really helpful for people to build website. Thanks

Hi, Welcome Very nice template :) good luck with sell :)

Thank you so much.

Nice template. Welcome to ThemeForest and good luck with sales! :)

Thank you so much

Its a perfect and clean multipurpose theme. Wish you good sales and welcome to Themeforest family.

Thank you so much, I hopefully….:D

I am very happy to see new Joomla templates on ThemeForest. But this is a not just Joomla template, Its a professional template for multipurpose usage! Good luck with sales.

Thank you so much

design is great, you plan wordpress version

Thank you so much. Yeah I have plan for wordpress

Before buying….In the main page (bottom index), instead of using subscription module can I add an email form or email module?

If you need more help for slider you can see the documentation. Here is the documentation link

Note: We wish full rating for our inspiration and strong support


I’m in the middle of setting up my site (I’ve done a lot of work to it). What are the files I need to upgrade/rewrite? Where are they?

Hi, Please explain details. which files you need? Our support team will help you. Here is our support email


very nice job, good look.

Thank you so much

Good Job Man. And welcome to tf family :)

Thank you so much…...

Looks wonderfull ;)

Thanks Mate…...........

Very nice template.

Thank you so much. I wish you love our venus template. If you need any assistance just email me

Note: I wish rating 5 from you.


Hi there,

Bought this template, amazing, install was quick and easy about 5 minutes like the deom, 100% fonctionnal as the demo, nice extension, really fast to load, responsive is 100% ok, easy to customize, K2 Admin, and so so clean and professional, finally a template that filled my needs,

2 thumbs up for Venus !

Keep up good work…


Thank you so much for purchasing our Venus Template. If you need any help email us . Wish a good rating for our inspiration and strong support.

everything is just great about this template, one question,

How can i Edit the subtitle in section there is the title and always in subtitle it is written ‘Welcome to Venus Template’ want to change this line,

Thanks ep

Hi, You can change it easily. Just go to the module manager and open title position. All subtitle comes from custom html module. If you need any help email us


Hi, I noticed that your menu opacity is set nicely on both the Quick Start and Your Demo – however, i am using your template and loading it stripped and adding things as i go (not using your Quick Start) and the opacity on the menu is a lot darker and not set as “nicely”. I looked in the “temp manager menu params”, but don’t see “opacity” there. How did you change this, is there a setting i am missing? or did you add some sort of css?

Here is a picture:


Hi, Go to the following path for menu.less file “templates\venus\less” menu.less line No. 213

perfect, thanks!

You are always welcome.

Hello, considering purchasing this template. Is there a way to add a background image that spans the entire background of the page? Currently the background is just a color.

Hi, Actually which section you want to use background image.Listen, If you want then you can use background image instead of background color . I think it’s not a big deal. Hope you understand….......


Awesome theme. I’m considering purchasing it but I’m new to Joomla. How easy is it to achieve something similar to the example site. Will I be able to create all the animations I see on the site with my own graphics? Are there any functionalities shown in the site that I can’t easily add myself with modules etc? Also, I want to apply this theme to my website. What licence do I need?

Hi, This is our pleasure that people love venus template. We provide a well documentation with this template. We wish this docs will be helpful for you. Listen after installing quickstart pack you will get fully functional website like our demo. Good news for you that after buying this theme, Envato provide you a number this is licensed. Hope you understand….........


Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t replicate the zooming effect that happens in the “about us” page. I’ve copied the html code provided but there doesn’t seem to be any code that makes that zooming effect on roll-over possible. Sorry for these basic questions.

Hi, May be you have missed something. Our support team will help you. Here is our support email :


Nice Template, thanks.

How can i insert/split 2 columns in a flat-out menu link, like in the demo?

Hi, Do you want two columns menu like shortcode? Please email us: and tell details. Our support team will help you…..

Nice template but so far it does not work with Virtuemart (Main nav stops working after activation) or Nextend Accordion Menu V9 (crashes the whole template after activation). So far we have been unable to find a solution. Rated it 5 but now I rated it 2 for the limitations of what are known as major components and module addons, due to programming language conflicts.

Also we had issues with the logo not resizing. We put any number into the size box and nothing happens, it stays at its default size. We inputted (300×68 px) in the templates backend controls, no change. Very frustrated. Sent email to support yesterday NO Response so im posting here. Please help!!!!

You can use any logo size for venus template. You know Template parameter have option . You just put the logo width and height. it’s not big deal….. If you have big logo then go to the layout builder option . from here just increase the logo span size…....

K Thanks for the quick reply. Ya I added the virtumart into the template and does work. The issue is when your on a product page, the Main menu drop down does not work. I will send you the credentials for ftp and Joomla admin so you can check it out.

As for the logo I did change the size as you said and saved it, but its not resizing in the front end, stays the same defaulted size. Guess you can see when I send you the credentials. Thanks!

Hi,Listen I have checked your vituremart issue. I mean product page issue. we have fixed it. For logo backend have option. Please send me your cpanel (ftp) and admin access. Our support team will help you. Here is our support email:



a2 Purchased

good morning My question is how do I delete a style=”font-size:0; height:0; width:0; opacity:0; position:absolute” target=”_blank” href=””>JoomShaper this the end of the source code? thanks

Hi, Please email us for support. Our support team will help you. Here is our support email:


Hi Royalsoft,

We have sent email to your support team,

the title is “Re: [ThemeForest] Receipt for Payment”

Please help us. Thank you.


Hi mate, Still now we don’t receive any support email from you. Can you send again about your issue? Here is our support email :


Hi! I’m interested in purchasing this template but I’d like to know if there’s a way to insert the logo in the menu bar that appears when scrolling down the page. I’d like the logo to be always visible.

Thanks a lot!

PS: Very nice template!

Hi Mate, Thank you for interesting about Venus Template. You know we used fixed scrolling only for menu section. So, sorry to say that there’s is no way to insert logo in the menu bar that appears when scrolling down the page. Because, if insert logo in the menu then it looks not good. Hope you understand…......