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Hi, I like the template, but I would in red color or black color, Is easy to change it? I dont know anything about css code. Thank you :-)

Hi Mate, Thank you for choosing our Venus Template. Listen, You can easily change any color because template parameter have presets color changing option. You can see Venus Template presets page, here we used 6 presets color style. If you want different color then you can change color. Hope you understand….


Just bought the theme! I’ve really appreciated the video on the lefthere in the Venus’ demo. I felt in love with it! ;) “Joomla-la-la!”

Hi Mate, Thank you for purchasing our Venus Template. You can use video shortcode any place what ever you want. Hope you enjoy with venus Template :)

Love Venus Template. It’s just awesome color combination and clean design. Can I change font? Wish to buy this theme :)

Hi Mate, Thank you for choosing Our Venus Template. Venus Template parameter have option, you can use any Google Font :)


why can’t I add more then 5 FAQ’s? How or where are the setting to edit so I can add around 50 FAQ’s?

Hi mate, Thank you for choosing Venus Template. You can add any number of FAQ item. Go to Module manager open Frequently Asked Questions (roksprocket module) . From module parameter, you can set any number of faq item. See the screenshot.

For further assistance email us


Hi there, very nice template, i want to buy it, but only one question, i saw the color preset, are those the only options? or could be yellow?

thanks !

Hi Mate, Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Template Parameter have preset option. From here you can select any preset, then selected preset style will be active for your website. Venus Template preset options are so smart, you change color also. Hope you understand. See the screenshot


hi. im having a problem with my images. in google chrome, the images are resized as i have configured in joomla, but open the same page in internet explorer and the pictures are full size??

Hi mate, We need to take a look. Please share your website URL. Here is our support email ID:


I have loaded the template alone and not the quickstart but cant seem to get the same “TAB Button” design as you have your Tab buttons.

There is no documentation explaining this, can you please tell me the trick?

my bland look:

Your design:

Hi mate, may be you miss html div class gallerywrap . Better you install venus quickstart in your local host for testing and checking all configuration then apply it in your real will save your time and help you for good customize. thanks

i have already loaded your quickstart as well weeks ago. Please tell me what file and code to copy and place where in what section. Awaiting your reply, thanks again.

Hi, you just copy gallery html code from bottom3 position and paste it in your website. Can you share your webste url?

Nice Job Man.This is a perfect and clean multipurpose theme. Wish you good sales :)

Hi Mate, We used clean coding and make it easy to customize. We wish People love Our Venus Template.

Thanks :)

Hello, we are interested in your Joomla Template, for my new Joomla Website. We are making a choice for one. But we are new to Joomla, can you install it for us? or help us in installing? Also, there are many features shown in the template, are they all there in the Template when we buy? Please clarify. Thank you.

Hi sriworld, Thank you for choosing Venus Template. I would advise you to install Joomla 3 or joomla 2.5 and check all the features, using Venus template is not anything more difficult as long as you know the system. We have attachment a documentation with Venus Template . This Documentation help you how to install venus quickstart pack. Listen, After buying template you will get everything.


Hi, I want to purchase this theme. There is some questions to ask. 1. Are there lifetime support & updates available after purchase? 2. Can i use this theme as Jobsite, with Tabs & Tables showing on Homepage? Thanks.

One more question…. is it supported for Multi categories & subcategories ?? Eagerly waiting for reply.

Hi Mate, Thank you for choosing Venus Template. You know Venus Template has no bug. So,you can easily customize it. Listen, we will provide basic support for users. You know, we give frequently update for venus template. Now version 1.2 is available . This Theme is fully functional.So, If you want multi category then you can use it…..


Hi, thank you for strong support, good inspiration, quick answers, THUMBS UP. :bigsmile:

Hi mate, hope you enjoy with venus template. Our support team is very helpful. For any assistance email us. Thanks

I want to buy this theme. but i dont have paypal cause Bangladesh does not support it. How can i purchase this theme? Also in themeforest credit card purchase system there is support for Bangladesh? Now what can i do ?

Hi mate, thank you for choosing venus template.better talk with envato support team.they will give you good solution for buying venus template. Thanks

Hello, friends. I wonder if this template will be any good for product catalog (via K2)? We don’t need a Virtuemart, just a catalog

Hi, thank you for choosing venus template. If you want, then you can use k2 just for product catalogue. Thanks

Hi, I’ve just installed the quickstart package 2.5 on my local wamp server and I have this problem : Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$parent in C:\wamp\www\vinauthentic\plugins\system\helix\core\classes\ on line 2056 Any help please ?

when I make a change in style on the template (change logo or color) I have this error appears …

Hi, thank you for choosing venus template. You can solve it easily. Go to the global configuration from admin panel. Just select error reporting simple. Thanks

How do I disable caching? It’s very annoying, I can’t use firebug to inspect my css because it always points me to a file similar to templates/venus/css/css-63b103b0c947837b5ec94af0952560c3.php

Hi lemonjules, Thank you for choosing venus Template. From global configuration you can disable cache .Sometimes browsers cache annoying, make sure delete browsers cache also. I think Google chrome is good for developing. Please explain details about “templates/venus/css/css-63b103b0c947837b5ec94af0952560c3.php” . Here is our support email id: . For further assistance email us


The problem was my Joomla install, thanks for the quick reply. Great theme. I will email you soon, I will need some customization done.

You are always welcome. Hope you enjoy with Venus Template.

Congrats Mate for 100 sales. Really good job. Keep it up.


I have tried to rename <name> new-name </ name> in templateDetails.xml and packing as and reinstall

after re-instal the template with the new-name he unfortunately does not load all settings

Can you help me pleaze?

Hi Mate, Do you want to use new name instead of venus? Please Email us for support. Our Support team will help you to solve this issue.


Nice theme! I bought it recently and it looks great. I was just wondering (as I’m kind of new with Joomla), how do I setup links on partner’s images. I want people to be able to click on one of my partner’s image and be directed to his website in a new window.

Hi Mate, Please see the venus template documentation . We used news show sp2 module for partner’s. From module configuration you can set images link yes. For more information Please Email us for support. Here is our support email:


Great template and great support! 5 stars from me :)

Hi Mate, Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Hope you enjoy….


Hi Great template Thank you! I am having some issues that could just be me but support would be really helpful.


Hi jaredhmartin, We saw your support email. Our support team already reply to you. Please check your email. For further assistance email us….