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I activated the Captcha feature on the backed and its not showing. what can I do?

I went to Site->Global Configuration->Site (tab) and from the Default Captcha list, select Captcha – ReCaptcha.

Then to Users->User Manager and click the Options icon on the right side.

The Captcha plugin is activated as well.


Which contact form you are using? Joomla or sp quick contact module. If you are using joomla conact form then recaptcha will works. But if you are using sp quick conact form then recaptha not work.

For further assistance email us. Here is our Email ID:

Hi, is it possible to make more columns in pricing tables? Can the font of the price be bigger? Is it possible to enter price like “2,39 EUR/month” – is there enough space for?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Thank you for choosing Venus Template. You can add more columns. We used bootstrap span4 for 3 columns. Yeah, it is possible price like 2,39 EUR/month. If you need any assistance just email us. Our support team help you to solve your pricing table issue. Here is our Email ID:


Hi, After reviewing more than 100 templates, I chose to purchase yours. However I cannot install the template for joomla 3.2. Please help out.


Thanks you for choosing Venus Template. May be you missed something. Please email us. Our support team help you . Here is our Email ID:

Thanks for a speedy response. I am both impressed with the template and the support that royalsoft has given us. I love the fact that you made it so easy to customize the template and all the features it has. It has been one of the best investments I made for my business. P.S. Please email me if you develop additional Joomla templates. I’ll be one of the first to purchase it : )


Thanks you for so much. Hope you enjoy with Venus Template. If you need any help just email us….


Hi, how can you change the size of the logo in this template. I’m trying to change it everywhere I can think of but w/o any results. Please Help ASAP

I’ve send you back the right URL sorry, it was a mistake…

Thanks alot… it now works perfectly!!!

You are always welcome. Hope you enjoy with Venus Template. :)


Great template. Could you please tell me where sp-main-menu is getting assigned the visible-desktop class? I would like the desktop menu to be visible in the tablet viewport but I don’t see where that class is being assigned. Thanks in advance.

Hey wnelander !

Thank you for choosing venus template.For destop menu need to add few css coding in the responsive.less file. Please go to the template->less folder then open responsive.less line no. 82 . Just add below css within /* Portrait tablet to landscape */ @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) { }

//add this css code
   display: inherit!important;
display: none !important;

If you face any problem please email us….


Hi there. today i downloaded your template update and started building my website with it working in J3.1.5 – I am not using your demo, i am loading the “raw” template. this is what helix looks like it’s messed up. Any ideas?

Hey created4design,

Please send your admin access. We need to take a look. I think it is caching issue. Here is our support email ID:


ok email sent with site and ftp info – thanks

Hey, Please check your website. Now template backend is working….

Hope you enjoy with Venus Template :)


Hi, is it joomla 3.2 compatible?

Hey Igigi,

Venus Template is compatible with Joomla 3.2.


This is a very good template, is realy amazing. Thank you for this work. Is a powerful template.


Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy with Venus Template. If you need any help, Email us….


This Template is just great! And i love the support given by the creator! This is just outstanding. Thank you very much!

Hey tmmeyy !

Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy with Venus Template. Friend, our Support team always try to provide best Support…. :)


I can not install the template the file is 20 MB, the folder venus_quickstart_j3 is 50mb the server goes wrong during installation

site offline=>Fatal error: Class ‘Helix’ not found in /home/w98774/domains/ on line 12 | site online=>Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /home/w98774/domains/ on line 25

Hey bunzlolo,

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Do you want to use venus template within your existence Joomla site or you want to start from scratch? Friend, If you want to want to looks like demo venus template then you need to install venus quickstart_j3 and if you want to use within your existence joomla site then need to install venus template only and helix system plugin. Make sure enable helix system plugin from plugin manager.

I can see you install venus template only but you don’t install helix system plugin. Please make sure install helix system plugin and enable it.

Note : If you need more assistance please email us. Here is our email ID:


great! great template! great technical support! 5 star!!

Hey bunzolo !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template


excellent template (5)! – management template is very easy (5)! excellent technical support (5)! – Recommended (5)!

Hey Jeunetravel,

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. If you need any assistance, please email us…

Thanks :)

hejj there,
great template….
- i have install the template and there it’s only version 1.3
- can i change the name of template

Hey Arbeni !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. You can change the template name. But it’s little bit complex. I mean you need to rename few files and folder. Please email us for support. Our support team give you instructions. Here is our email ID:


Quickstart breaks every time. All kinds of errors. Template does not show up even though the folder is clearly present. Extentions install but then error. There’s not even a save button present to save changes in extentions. What a mess. Error 1146 on slider module. So many errors I would need to spend my life asking support questions. Who has time to deal with this? Quit selling templates that are not tested and do not work. It’s extremely frustrating.

Installed 3 times now and has the same errors every time. Why?

Had to revert back to Joomla 3.1.5 quickstart package to get it to work. Thank goodness I understand CSS because the color pickers on the “presets” don’t work at all. I can choose a color and save, but no change is made. Yikes.

Hey chrisjameson !

Do you install venus_quickstart_j3 successfully? Friend, we have released update Venus Template with compatible joomla 3.2.1 . So, no need to revert back to joomla 3.1.5. May be you have missed somethings. Please email for support. Our support team Must Help you. Here is our email ID:


Hi. Great template – thank you.

One quick question – if I want to use smart search instead of search module, will the module style correctly?

thanks, mark

Hey crBtv !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. We used to css for search module. So, Better use search module . Friend, Next update we fixed css for smart search module .


Ok – pity because Smart Search is so much …. smarter. Great news that you’ll be including it though. Any idea when this update might happen please?


We are little bit busy for Upcoming Template. After releasing New template, we give update for venus template with few new features . Hope you understand. If you need urgent then email us for support . Make sure send FTP and admin access. Here is our email ID:


Hallo, I require a quickstart for J2.5. I do not see it in the files?

Hey kobus4u !

May be last update quickstart for j25 is missing . Please email us. Here is our email ID:


I have a problem with the ‘Home’ page, I want to put an article but I can’t do it. I don’t see it on the home page. I choose ‘featured’ in the article but it doesn’t appear on the home page. I don’t know which is the problem. Can you help? thanks.

Hey ildecd,

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. We used to hide component area. From admin panel Go to the following path extensions->template manager-> venus-default->advanced . Bottom of the advanced tab you will find Component Area . Select “no” and save it…

Note: From which User ID you have bought The Venus Template. Because I can’t see purchased button. Friend, don’t mind please use the real user id for support.


I have select “no”. But the article doesn’t appear. I don’t know if I have to change other parameter in other place. When I choose ‘home’ in a menu item, the article disappear.

I don´t know my user Id, How I can know it? Thanks.

Do you install update version (v 1.4) ? We have fixed this issue with latest update. Please install update venus template only within your website. Hope it works…...


Guys, Just wanted to say that this template is really great but more importantly, the support that you offer is superb. Thank you, and if anyone out there is wondering whether to buy this (or any of their other templates) you can with confidence!

cheers, sem.

Hey cr8tv,

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. We always try to provide our best support for clients. :)


cr8tv said it all. I have launched a great site with the Venus Template and had some great help along the way. Nice job guy’s and thanks again for the great support!


Hey jaredhmartin !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. We always try to provide our best support for our clients.

Have a nice time….. :)