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Hey there,

I would like to let you know that I have downloaded the latest version of the Venus theme but it looks like you forgot to update the version number…because in the template it says it is an older version thanks

Hey arbeni !

Thank you so much for information about the version number. Friend, You can’t edit shortcode from frontend. Because When you try to editing from fontend then it breaks the shortcode html structures.


I have setup some users to be able to edit those articles from frontend. So, after clicking save from Frontend the original article formatting is lost! I then have to manually reenter shortcodes in the frontend.

Friend, You don’t use shortcode for those part which you want to edit from frontend , better you can use bootstrap 2.3.x for those specific part. Beacuse shortcdes is the helix framework feature and it comes from helix plugin. So, we can’t customize it. Hope you understand…


can you send me shortcode for create this page? i like so much this layout!!!

Hey jeunetravel !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. For contact 2 page we used joomla contact from. Maps displayed by Map Shortcode . Right side company address displayed by custom html module.

For More details email us :


As said previously, a really great template – BUT – because it’s using HelixII, there’s a major problem with JoomlaTools Docman/Fileman. If you rely on these extensions, wait until the issue with Helix II is fixed. Right now, using Venus, you can’t upload files or documents from the frontend. See here for details

Hi – any news on this yet please? There’s no feedback on resolution on the Joomshaper support forums apart from disabling error reporting in the global config – which doesn’t work. As mentioned, all functions work fine from the backend and with the default protostar template. Sorry to bug you but it’s a critical feature of an internal site. thanks.

Workaround posted on Joomshaper (helixII devs) web forums here:

Happy to know that you got the solutions…. :)

I´ve purchased this template. Can I use the last version of this theme with Joomla! 2.5.

Thanks :)

Hey publicitis !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Dear, Venus Template only both joomla 2.5.x and joomla 3.2.x . So, you can use venus template only within your existence joomla 2.5 site. For any assistance please email us : Here is our support email ID :


We purchased your Venus template and designed a website for our client based on this template. We are running into serious issues when someone tries to contact through the website. It simply says “email not sent”, even though the email was sent and my client has received the email. The problem seems to be very RANDOM. It happens to one person and not the next.

Our server is saying it is because the module contact – sp contact is out of date and does not work on 3.0 or higher for Joomla.

This is a HUGE problem for my client because his clients do not think the email is going through.


Hi, Please check your email. Our support team replied you.


Hello – I received your email. Thank you. However, My concern is you stated you applied an update to the sp quick contact form. However, I see online that there is no update for this component, so I was simply wondering what update you applied, so if I buy this template again, I do not have to worry about it happening again. Thank you again for your responses.

Hi, thank you for interest to purchase again our Venus Template. If you face any problem our support team must help you…..


Hi Mate,

I’ve tried using the module class sffixes and they don’t work can you please help me.

I want to get this to work portfolio-style1-column3. Am I typing it right.



Hey Olivehasarrived !

Thank you choosing Venus Template. Here is the module class suffix list . May be you want to use fist module class suffix “portfolio-style1”

portfolio-style1 (Portfolio Style 1 Three Column)

portfolio-style2-column3 (Portfolio Style2 Column3)

portfolio-style3-column3 (Portfolio Style3 Column3)


Hi, can I make the DropDown Menu longer?

Hey grefun !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Could you please explain details ? Actually I am not clear about “DropDown Menu longer” . I can see your website, you have used many items for dropdown menu. Better you share the screenshot…

Here is our support email ID:


please see the screenshot

You can add too many menu item . I can see your last item name “export project” . Just add another item it will auto increase.

Note: If you want to change the width for dropdown menu then from template parameter you can increase the dropdown menu width. Go to the template manager->venus-default->menu->column width

For more details email us….


I love this template but all these comments about this and that is pissing me off.

Hey agitech !

Thank you for interest about Venus Template. Don’t worry please see the template rating, we many happy clients and after using venus template they gave 5 start rating. Our support team is very helpful and dedicated for clients..


Hi there, can you tell me how to make table-responsive bootstrap table to work in the template?

damn, bootstrap 2 seems not to have the table responsive feature – I mean if you have a wide table with for example 10 columns and you want to see the page on a smartphone with small width screen, the table is not scrollable :/ – see here: and try to reduce the window size – everything adjusts, but not the table.. BTW – the table is wrapped in a div=”table-responsive”, so it should be ok, but isnt :/

Is it possible to update bootstrap in this template, so it uses version 3 ? then class table-responsive works

sorry – the correct link for the above should be

anyway, seems I figured it out myself, but it’s a workaround – in case anyone needs it:

Add to the file /templates/venus/css/bootstrap.min.css that: .table-responsive { width: 100%; overflow-y: hidden; overflow-x: auto; -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; }

But still – it would be very benefitial to update the template to bootstrap 3 – do you think this would be possible?

Hi, You website looks nice. You know venus template is compatible with bootstrap 2.x . So, you can’t use bootstrap3 . It’s not possible to add bootstrap 3.x. Hope you understand….


Oh wow – I only purchased this template 20 minutes ago and I am already in love with it! It loaded like a dream, documentation is terrific, and the flexibility of this template is simply wonderful. I expected more difficulty with the learning curve, but it’s incredibly intuitive. I’m sure I’ll hit a bump here or there learning the specific structures, but I can already tell it’s going to make a huge improvement in my web presence! Andrea Hill

Hey andreahill !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. If you need any assistance just email us. Here is our support email ID.


Hello, please see my website ( When I enter news from index, I can’t see the CATEGORY (, can you help it?

I can see the “category” shows in all page. Please make me clear about (news from index) . Can you send the exact page link where category not display?


When I enter the Hot News(read more…), I can’t see category in right position.

Hi, Please send your admin access. We need to take a look.

Here is our support email :


hi, I need to know how to add the google fonts in the tinyMCE editor ? thank you.

Hey chancelienne !

Thank you for choosing Venus template. I am not clear about issue of “add the google fonts in the tinyMCE editor ” . Better email us for support .


Hello. I bought this template and I want to install the quickstart version. But when I start unziping I got several Error messages that some files in Administrator folder cant be unzipped. Why?

Hey ernestoperezrios !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. May be you have missed some files. Please download again and unzip venus bundle


I solved it. I downloaded it again and made the quick start successfully. Thank you so much!

That’s good news. Hope you enjoy with our Venus Template :)

Hi there! Love this template, very handy!

However I am facing an issue on IE9 and my client is very adamant on it, On IE9 we get a message saying – You are using Outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience.

I simply asked by client to upgrade or simply not use IE :P but he is adamant that his target audience wouldnt be soo up-to-date

Is there a way you can help me with this??

Thanx in advance!

Hey aslammemon !

Please email us for support. We need to take a look about this issue.


Nice Template! Can I include an image or video inside the Mega menu?

Hi, Thanks for your interest about our venus template. Yeah, you can add video or image as a custom html module. I mean create a custom html module for image or video then call this module by helix mega menu.


Thanks I Already purchased this template and want to know when update is available for Joomla 3.3.0 ???

Hey Mohamed-Shark !

Just now we have released update Venus template for joomla 3.3


Hi, I just purchased this template. Great work. I noticed in the preview demo here tha when clicking to play the video in the slider, the slider still auto-plays and slides across while the video is playing.

Is there a way to have the slider stop sliding when a video is playing? And otherwise slide as normal?


Hey infoshell !

Please email us for support. We need to take a look about this issue


hi, I just tried this. I uploaded the zip file via ftp. Extracted it. Then tried installing it from a folder. That worked. It said it installed ok, but I cannot find it in the module manager to publish it.

I went to create a new module and it was listed there. So I guess it all installed ok then.

Hello, I installed Jommla without the template and examples. Then I installed the template Venus (and all the necessary modules). When I started to create the items, I see that Joomla does not recognize the ‘shortcodes’. How I can do for Joomla recognize the ‘shortcodes’? Thank you very much.

Hey ildecd !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Do you install helix plugin? Helix shortcodes works fine within joomla article but if you use custom html module then from module parameter you need to enable “Prepare Content


Thanks, your answer solved the problem

You are always welcome….


I have the same problem ildecd, I can not put shortcodes in my articles Thank.

hi i install template only and required plugins and i cant view the home page , everything else work fine just when i click on home page then nothing come up , i try to reinstall everything from scratch again and im having the same problem . need help! , thanks.

Hey emsems !

Make sure remove joomla cache and browsers cache. Better email us for support