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Hi on the slider, can we add any video file, or can we only use Youtube and Vimeo?

Hey infoshell !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. You can only use Youtube and Vimeo video



welcome :)

Hi, I created a RokSprocket Module List (feature top 1) but I cannot remove the “Read More” link. I don’t want the Read More link to appear on this module as I will be using this to list links. Is it possible to do so? I tried with no luck.

sorry, that contact filtering is not part of the template contact page. So I need to figure it out. I hope you know what I mean. Must be a joomla default thing

Hey infoshell !

Venus template have two contact page . Could you share the screenshot for more specific. Better email us for support


It was not one of the two venus contact pages. I fixed it using CSS. thanks

Please Help.

The RokSprocket Module Mosaic, I have created a Category (Joomla not K2) and Articles within that category. Then I added this category to the Mosaic module and placed it in a position of the front page. The problem is that when I click on one of the items, instead of taking me to the article’s page, it keeps laoding the front page.

I have two installations in subfolders, one I’m working on and the other is the full package of Venus with the venus content so I can check for differences. I cannot see any differences but it does not work. What am I doing wrong. Even check global config, and all seems fine.

I’m puzzled.

Hi, fixed it. I had to create a category list menu, used as a hidden menu in order for it to work. Now each article needs to be part of that hidden menu in order to apply modules to them?

All good now. Getting my head around how things work. Sorry.

How can we create an image full width (like the home slider), but just an image to place in a page?

The About page for example, before the title I want a full width image just like the homepage slider but just an image.

Is there a shortcut for that? Something that makes the image responsive as well?

thanks and sorry about all these posts. You can remove them if you like unless someone else might benefit from them.

Hi, If you used custom html module and published ” title ” position then you can get align title and breadcrumbs. Example for about us page we have created custom html module for about us title .


The title is a custom html module and it is published in the “title” position. Is there an alignment option somewhere? Because it seems to be aligned to bottom with the text under the “About Us” title. But once I delete the text, it does not align properly. I checked the html code and there is no brake or any other tag, just the h1 tag


Hi, We used css for title. Better you use the same html code title then it shows perfectly like demo template



We have just purchased this wonderful template. Have a query regarding “page title”

As per your documentation attached with the template, page titles are displayed

by Custom HTML Module and published in the “title” position

Does this mean that we have to create Custom HTML modules for each page where we want the page titles to be shown .. ??


Hey dhavalvparikh !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. If you want to looks like demo title design then you need to use custom html module for title.


I’ve got some conflict on modal of [gallery] Check it out:

Please email us for support.


Hi, We have purchased your template – very good work! In order to create our own site, it would help us a lot if we had the content (graphics) that are shown to the demo.

On a locahost installation, I have chosen install sample data, but there are no images on the installation; just “RoyalSoft” grey images.

Is it something that I haven’t done or images are not available?

Thanks in advance

Hey odesus !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. For image copyright issue we don’t use demo images with quickstart pack. Hope you understand.


Hi, great job they have done with this template. Congratulations!

I have a page on my site that would look better if it had the use of accordion inside a column. Is this possible? When i add the standard code it fails to show anything at all.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Hey jaredhmartin !

You can use accordion shortcode within column. Just create column then put accordion shortcode within column.


Hi, I am looking at purchasing this template and just have a quick query on module positions. In the Header area, if I don’t have anything in the “share” position, will the “logo” area be full width so I can centre the logo as per customer’s request. Thanks.

Hey dtf099 !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Yeah, it is possible, you can make the logo full width.


Thank you for your response.

I’ve got some conflict on modal of gallery. Menu->Shortcode->Gallery Why appears and disappears quickly?

Also, i think that categories are no responsive. As regards the tabs, not images.

Hey odesus !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Please email us for support. Our support team will help you


How can I change width on which appears mobile menu? On some desktops its loading mobile already.

Hey zagirova !

Please email us for support.




Hope all is well. Where do I change the color of the block behind the “Intro Text” for the roksprocket. There is a grey block behind the text that makes it unreadable.

Thanks in advance.


Hey alicialbb !

Thank you for choosing Venus Template. Could you share your website URL. Please send email us for support.


I have become so frustrated with this theme I could scream, having installed over 40 other templates from TF without any issues. I cannot even get it installed, no matter how I try.

I have tried by file, never would load in 3.3.3, 3.2 or 3.1

I tried by URL in tmp folder, got it to show – now it has it listed with two default themes.

when I try to make isis non-default theme I get error:

::::::::::::::::: Error Save failed with the following error: Cannot unset default style :::::::::::::::::

please provide immediate assistance – I am under a tight deadline.

Hey NerdRental !

Please email us for support. We need to take a look.



Is there is a module class to display a menu in footer/bottom position in a horizontal mode ?


I see that in footer position it goes horizontal, but in bottom ?

OK I found it. I just looked for:

”#sp-footer-wrapper ul.nav li a” in the theme.less and copy paste it with changing “footer” by “bottom”

Hi, I created a mosaic module of type RokSprocket Module. This module displays joomla articles from a certain category. Not featured items, just articles in a category. The thing is, that when I click on read more in order to view an article, the mosaic appears on the top of the page. This is becuase it is set to be displayed only in the “Projects” category menu item, and so since these articles belong to that category, the mosaic module also appears in the article page.

How can I avoid this?


fixed it by creating sub categories. It’s all fine now. Remove this comments if you want.


Hi, i updated my joomla version and now the “Icons” dont work, can you please instruct?

see here: and here:

another question. please see pic as i explain it in the picture:

1. The helix section looks messed up (not the same as it used to)

I updated helix first then joomla version (as instructed by Helix)


another question. please see pic as i explain it in the picture: (also written above this post)


also this issue with admin icons (not sure if it effects other areas yet):

Dear, Please email us for support . Our support team will help you.


I noticed that when applying the styles to the portfolio mosaic module, they only work when in position “slide”, when placed in another position like “bottom top” for example, the effects don’t work. The module works, just the colors and zoom flip effects don’t work.

I ended up using 4 columns and looks fine now. Thanks.

I have another question though. Why doesn’t the search diplay results? Can you suggest anything? Any search I do, displays 0 results.

Also, how does the newsletter subscription work? It’s a custom html module.

Hey infoshell !

Please share your admin URL. Better email us for support. We used acymailing joomla component for newsletter. Please See the acymailing documentation.



I need help

I followed the manual

but does not work when clicking read more Please help thank

Hey jonmestev !

Please email us for support. Our support team will help you


Hi… I just buy your theme “Venus joomla”, it’s good and nice to see. how I get link for support technic if there are some error?

thanks, and Best Regards, :)


Please email us for support. Our support team will help you.