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Hi Do you know how do create “big head picture” like we saw in your template ? I’m curious to see myself that way :)

Awesome work,.


Nice job, but it doesn’t support coding eg “?š??žýáíé”. I DO NOT RECOMMEND for not experienced users, otherwise perfect web site with 5 *, great job! Just make upgrade and people will love it!!! Thanks!

Thanks! I will upgrade in day or 2! And i’m here for support 24/7 for non-experienced users….

Thanks for purchased!

hey, you know, I will respect your words, I will wait for re-coding 24hrs. (I know you won’t do it) Do NORMAL version, non extra fonts with support of basic fonts which are available in already installed system. Some people are able send you money out of site as support. you know, no problem for me to send you extra eg 20 USD, but think internationaly. I am sorry I am cross, but nice font is nice, but … just Arial is nice, customers can change it later. Just keep your own design way, but think of international language and basic fonts. You will get much more customers. I mean my words in friendly way, ok? ;) PS: Good job… just… Arial. + support for int lang. ;) and send me invoice at info@lipowski.eu over paypal – the same adress for extra pack of site with arial and fixed ?š??žýáíé

Support is free and always will be, i never take 1 penny for support!!! “(I know you won’t do it)” No, u dont know!

Great work! Good luck ;)


not working bad gateway!

Thanks, problem with server, it will be fixed soon!

Hi! Amazing theme, congrats, however I’d like to ask sg, in “mobile” view there is a couple of pixels wide white space to the right of the page, do you know about the issue, will it be fixed soon? Here’s a picture: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/7575/capturesrc.png

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ohh i know about that, working on it, will be fixed in next update in 1 day!


Hi there lovely bit of work here, can I ask would it be easy enough to change maps to ‘TERRAIN’ and add a contact form?


That looks really nice, can I ask though, when I click down arrow on top panel, it sort of stutters down to reveal the menu, then if I click on contact from there it slides down but again stutters on certain panels. Clocking home from contact panel its slides all the way up again stalling at each panel very briefly.

Did you build this to do this or could it be down to large image size on parallax sections? Have tried on a 10mg & 7mb line, with same results?

No criticism just wondering really..:)


Image size, images are very good quality ~1mb one, i dont have that problem, but i have 100mb line.

No worries..thanks again

Beautifull site, really elegant and modern looking, congratulations!. I’m building my corporate site opciondigital.es with it, and can’t wait to see the final result. I’m just having dificulties with the “words” class. I have changed the text “I don’t know if you know this, but… we design and buid awsome websites” and is not working properly. I can’t figure out how exactly is it working. Could you help me with that?. Thanks in advance.

<a href="#contact" class="scroll">
<div class="words">
<p>I don't know if you know this, but... we design and build awesome websites.</p>

Fantastic, thanks a lot.

Lazy documentation. Simply supplying lists of code which we have purchased anyway is inadequate. Themeforest require submissions to be properly documented. What you supply is insufficient for any level of coder to find their way around. Such a shame – it’s a nice theme but please fix this issue.

Is this template supposed to work in IE? In IE8 there is not much that works. The navigation menu is hidden and many of the objects are not in order. Also the slider does not work as shown. HELP!!!

Thanks for the quick response. Also, for mobile the white space to the right is still there. I see someone else posted that. Is there a coming fix?

I fix white space, small bug, i will upload files in the morning.

How does the Blog portion actually work? Do you have to input the blog info yourself or does it pull info from say Tumblr or another blog service? Also, when you click on a blog post it brings you to the single-post.html page. Inside that page is a button “I Like It”. What or Where should happen once you click on “I Like It”? Does it bring you to that customer’s Facebook page? Thanks again.

Does this theme have the capability to create a blog archive page with a sidebar? I only see individual blog entries that open into a portfolio-type detail page that gets closed with an “X” close-window command.

Like it! Is there an psd included?


No, sorry. I used to be a Flash developer, so I still use it to create most of my drafts.

PLZ Bring your AMAZING Talents to the WordPress Version World!!!

Hi, This is a beautiful theme, and I’d like to use it but have a question: When you close the “About” a project page, it goes back to the top of the site and the user has to scroll back down again to get to the Works section. I’d like to have a solution so users can click from one About page to the next, or at least close the About window without going back to the beginning. The Blog section has the same issue, the user goes back to the top when they close a page. Is this easy to fix myself?

Hi there, Love the theme but running either my site or your live preview on my ipad (either Safari or Chrome) causes the browser to bomb out straight away. My iPhone runs it fine so unsure where to start searching for the problem. Anyone having similar problems?


hi, tried to view this on an ipad4 on both safari and chrome browsers. crashed each time. any thoughts?

hi! Liking it very much. Good job. Only thing is that in Firefox the arrow tip of the map appear in a weird shape. Any fix for that?

Hi, thanks!

Yes, in next update.