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This is really beautifully done – elegant, striking and simple. (bought “stories” long ago – and it remains my favorite – and the most visually unique Ghost theme around :-)

Thank you very much, your thoughts and kind words are appreciated!

Amazing work buddy!!! good luck :)

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

very cool template ! good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you very much!

Just bought it. Very happy with the theme ! 2 questions :

• Is it possible to translate the theme ? • How to display the Author Bio on the Author Page (instead of “This is a collection of all posts published by …” perhaps) ?

Thanks a lot, Regards

Hi there and thanks for “breaking the ice”! :)

From what we know, Ghost doesn’t have translation support as WordPress, so translating the theme would mean to actually go in and translate strings in the HBS files (and possibly the theme’s JS) by hand.

In regards to the “Bio”, just checked it and apparently there’s a small issue with that template. We’ll release an update tomorrow to fix it. It was supposed to display the bio if it existed, if not the “collection” text.

If you do not wish to wait for the update, the fix is very simple. In the “partials” folder locate the author-header.hbs and open it for editing. On line 15 you will see:

{{#if description}}

Replace the word description with the word bio so that it becomes:

{{#if bio}}

Save, upload (restart Ghost to apply changes) and that’s all.

Again thanks for the purchase and sorry for the little bug.

Regards, Alex

PS: We would appreciate a rating after you take the theme for a spin.

Obsessed with this theme. I was able to change the colors to exactly what I want, but I was wondering if there was a way to have a cover photo in the header instead of the latest blog post. I know you say in the setting up paperwork that you don’t use, but was wondering if that was possible. If not, that’s ok. Thanks!

Hello, I guess it could be possible but I really don’t recommend it, as written in the documentation. Further more, this kind of alteration with come at a price: 1. Since it’s customisation, it’s not within the scope of the included support and would be done at an extra cost (would most likely be larger than the theme price itself since it’s hourly based). 2. You won’t be able to really benefit from future updates unless you are willing to go through every modified file and pick and choose the updated code to move into your own version.

So again, not recommended, but if you really think that’s the way to go, send us an email.

Regards, Alex.

Almost looks like the perfect theme. Could it have a nice and prominent ‘previous’ and ‘next’ post buttons? :)

Can’t believe I missed that! Thanks :) Purchasing now.

No problem! Thanks for the purchase, enjoy the theme and don’t forget to rate it in your “Downloads” section once you take it out for a spin!

Regards! Alex

Will do Alex!

What’s the best way to make everything scroll on the right column including author info?

Never mind, managed to do my customisations on http://12apps.co ;) Giving you 5 stars now.

Thanks Francis! Enjoy the theme!

Does this theme works for Ghost 0.8?

Hi, the theme hasn’t been tested yet on Ghost 0.8, but we’re planning a testing session and a new version release during next week, so maybe check back next week?

Thank you for your interest in Verb and have a great week! Alex

Hi – What’s the status of 0.8 compatibility, please? Thanks.

It is compatible with the latest releases and shouldn’t throw in any errors.


I’m trying to customize theme and having several issues:

1. I’ve updated the logo files (logo-dark, logo-dark@2x, etc) in the ZIP folder (following the instructions provided) and re-uploaded and activated the theme with the updated logos. However, the Verb logo continues to display. When I download the theme from the Ghost admin panel, I see my logos in the file.

2. When uploading the new file, I also get an error message: ””VERB by QBKL – 1.1” uploaded successfully but some warnings were generated… package.json file must be valid. package.json: Value for field name, VERB by QBKL does not match format: /[a-zA-Z0-9\.\-_]*$/ package.json: Value for field version, 1.1 does not match format: /[0-9]\.[0-9][0-9+a-zA-Z\.\-]+$/”

I downloaded the most recent ZIP file from Themeforest and re-installed and it still returned this error message.

3. How do I add a customer favicon?

4. How do I remove the Google+ and Pinterest Icons?



Thank you for your purchase and patience! Unfortunately, I’m going to ask for a couple of days more from you for a full reply as right now the ThemeForest market returns an error and we can’t access our own portfolio of items to download, review, update them.

Until then:

On point 1: If you’ve uploaded/replaced the logo files properly, they should display, particularly if after the download you see the new files in. UNLESS, your server requires that the Ghost service be restarted (in most cases) for updates to be applied. It’s how Ghost works. This really depends on where you host your blog, your host probably providing information on how to restart the Ghost service.

On no. 2, I’ll have to check this as soon as we get rid of that error in our TF portfolio to check the uploaded file. In our source files there’s nothing that indicates a format error, we have used only allowed characters. Will get back to you on this.

On point 3: I’m assuming you know how to or have already created a custom favicon. To apply it to your blog, you’ll need to upload it to the “assets” folder inside the main theme folder. So that path would be “verb/assests/favicon.ico”. After that, locate the “default.hbs” file in the main theme folder and add before {{! Page Meta }} the following line:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{asset "/favicon.ico"}}">

On point 4: You’ll have to be specific as these icons appear both in the theme footer and in the article footer for post sharing. Which ones are you referring to?


Alex / QBKL

Hello again,

On the package.json issue, although it respects the recommended format and the theme functions properly after activation, despite the warning that appears on upload, I found out that it tends to throw those warnings when the version field ends in a number (weird right?). So, locate the package.json file in the main theme folder, open it for editing and replace everything inside it with:

    "name": "VERB by QBKL",
    "version": "1.1 GA",
    "description": "Custom Ghost Theme",
    "author": "QBKL Studio",
    "homepage": "http://qbkl.net",
    "keywords": [

This should sort the issue. After reuploading, don’t forget to restart the Ghost service for changes to take effect.

Regards, Alex

I’ve just bought a license for your verb theme, but have now discovered that it doesn’t work with the latest version of Ghost. When will this be fixed? And if it won’t, how do I arrange a refund?