Discussion on Verbose - Photography Blogger Template

Discussion on Verbose - Photography Blogger Template

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In the static page , the post title appears twice how to remove the first one ” the smallest”

Can you link the page where it happens. Would love to help. :)

Thanks, I was able to solve the problem

I want to ask if the license allows me to use the template for more than one blog

As an author i won’t have a problem but themeforest licensing says ‘Number of end products’ should be limited to 1. https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Can you please help me install it ? i can’t figure it out with the header

You want to change header background image ? Would love to help you. :)

Can the header be made to rotate?

Nope. Sorry

Hello. I purchased your template (e71416e1-c506-4856-a59d-44d42748142c) but I’m having problems trying to format the main page. The photo I inserted is the same size (1900×550) as your original photo. but it seems to be dropping down too low to display the complete photo. The Menu widget is also too long. I am trying to get the exact same look and spacing that you displayed in the demo. Can you help me? I have made you and administrator and my blog site is stpaultheapostleschoolnyc4.blogspot.com Thanks

you need to make me admin too.

OK. I’ve given you admin access.

Fixed the header yesterday. Any other help you want?

I love this template is awesome with many features. I like the hidden sidebar who can i add a widget and the choise to add post summary along with post title, also i like the sticky about me widget. I was thinking, if there a way to reduce the high of header image?

First Backup your template. Go to Theme > Edit HTML > Press CTRL+F >In the search box type ”.topwrapper {” without quotes and hit Enter. You will find these two pieces of code. Adjust the height as you like.
.topwrapper { background: url("https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XkXaOadGY9U/V-Pj2GH9YYI/AAAAAAAAD5g/K5mNa8WiQUAl7cpbL3Y9ZMU3SymRVE-RQCLcB/s0/main-bg.jpg") no-repeat scroll center 32% / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); height: 400px;

@media only screen and (max-height: 790px) { .topwrapper { height: 356px; }
The second one is the height for smaller screens size, you adjust them relatively.

Once you decreased the height of background image, you might need to decrease the spacing of text from the top. For that, serach for ”.infobox {” without quotes. Change padding-top at these two places -
.infobox { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; padding-top: 130px; }

@media only screen and (max-height: 790px) { .topwrapper { height: 356px; } .infobox { padding-top: 111px; }

I resized the header image. Thank you for great support. If exists a bug please tell me. My blog url is http://edessafotos.blogspot.com

Not only is this theme great, the support from the author is the best I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended!

I have 3 images in my post. When I click the thumbnail, light box shows one image. If I click the post title I’m taken to the post page that shows the 3 images.

Is there a way to have the 3 images in the light box by either left and right arrows or with small thumbnails below the large image?


Sorry to say, there’s no way to do that because we are only fetching first image from every post on homepage. :)

I only have 3 links in my navigation and would like to keep the text links when viewed on a mobile device instead of the drop-down menu. How would I change the code?

Step 1 – Go to Template > Edit HTML > Press CTRL+F > In the Search box type “viljamis” without quotes and hit Enter. You will find this -
<script> //<![CDATA[ /*! http://tinynav.viljamis.com v1.2 by @viljamis */ (function(a,k,g){a.fn.tinyNav=function(l){var c=a.extend({active:"selected",header:"",indent:"- ",label:""},l);return this.each(function(){g++;var h=a(this),b="tinynav"+g,f=".l_"+b,e=a("<select/>").attr("id",b).addClass("tinynav "+b);if(h.is("ul,ol")){""!==c.header&&e.append(a("<option/>").text(c.header));var d="";h.addClass("l_"+b).find("a").each(function(){d+='<option value="'+a(this).attr("href")+'">';var b;for(b=0;b<a(this).parents("ul, ol").length-1;b++)d+=c.indent;d+=a(this).text()+"</option>"}); e.append(d);c.header||e.find(":eq("+a(f+" li").index(a(f+" li."+c.active))+")").attr("selected",!0);e.change(function(){k.location.href=a(this).val()});a(f).after(e);c.label&&e.before(a("<label/>").attr("for",b).addClass("tinynav_label "+b+"_label").append(c.label))}})}})(jQuery,this,0); $("#nav").tinyNav({ active: 'selected', // String: Set the "active" class header: 'Menu', // String: Specify text for "header" and show header instead of the active item }); //]]> </script>
Remove it.
Save The Template.

Step 2 – Now, go to Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS. Add the below code, then click on ‘Apply to Blog’ button.
.menuo #nav { width: auto; } .menuo #nav li:not(.togg) { display: inline-block; }


Assalamualaikum, Is that any way to make the post title at the front page Using normal case instead of capital letter?

Walaikumassalaam, Sure you can.
Go to Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
In the white box paste the below code –
.socialbuts .title-only { text-transform: none; }
Then click on ‘Apply to Blog’ button. :)

hi i like this theme and i want to buy it for my flash online games blog. can i make the image post in front page go direct to the post like this ’’http://verbosedemo.blogspot.com/2014/10/path-to-glory.html" not like this ” ’’http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jy9y_Q4C7yE/VI9Rmyu3VYI/AAAAAAAAC4U/gntJNCHZLto/s1600/download.jpg" if yes please tell me .

Some lines below you will find this code -
<a class="share-button sb-pinterest" expr:data-lightbox="data:post.title" expr:data-title="data:post.title" expr:href="data:post.firstImageUrl"><i class="fa fa-search fa-border" /></a>
Simply remove it and save the template. :)

thanks that’s was great. please i need one more thing: how can i change infinite scroll to next page or numbers? thank you very much.

Please email me so i could send you codes and screenshots. It will be easier for me.

Hi, I just purchased the template and notice 1 thing. 1. I created a new page 2. Adding some words and pictures but the contents are duplicated into 2 sections ??

Please advice.

Please provide your blog address. And by new page, do you mean new post?

OMg so hard to use. Way out of my league. requires HTML programming. Just not for beginners at all.

It doesn’t require you to know any HTML. It’s meant to be used everyone, even those who are using it for first time. Just Upload the template to Blogger.com and follow the guide that comes with it. The guide explains (with screenshots) how to setup the menu and how to further customize. Except menu everything else is automatic. You can add remove widgets from Layout section.
If you are new to blogger, feel free to contact me (through email) and i will help you set it up. :)

It says to add a menu, hope the HTML editor, and you can configure it?

Please read the guide that comes along with the template. I have explained how to add menu to the template and how to change it according to your needs.
However, if are unable to do that, please invite me to join your blog (go to setting, then click on “+Add Authors” to send me invitation). After i accept your invitation, make me admin. Then i will be able to add menu to your blog. You can remove me from your blog anytime.
But it’s better to read the guide carefully and add it yourself. It’s just copy pasting the code and make some changes in the text according to your needs. This will help you to edit your menu anytime you want. :)

Very Nice and Creative Design, A Unique Theme, GLWS ;)

Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

amazing work, i love it ! :)

Beautiful work, good luck. :)


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