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Really awesome theme. I would like to another link next to MEETUS and use the the Modal as as brief ABOUT-US… Is this possible? Thanks in advance,

Hi gluegl,

yes, this is possible. You have to modify the code a lot. Better, give me your email and I will send you the index.html modified.


Hello, I have to say you have done a great job ! I want before I buy it to make you a question…I have already installed a wordpress theme whcih will be the main theme of my site…How am I going to install your countdown ? Is it going to affect the other theme that I have installed…I am asking because my site has already been built and I dont want it to be affected…

Thanks a lot

Hi MariaKom,

The ‘Verde – Minimal Coming Soon Template’ is a html template. It is not works in wordpress. But the plugin for wordpress is created here.

With the plugin you can show the countdown while you make changes in your theme. You can see the admin demo here. The user is ‘demo’ and the password is ‘demo’.

If you need more information, tell me.


Okay, I will probably go with the wp edition. I got into the admin demo. I saw that there are quite a lot features but I could not check them…Text Features and Typography for example…Am I able to see these options “in action” in any way before I buy ?

Thank you

Hi MariaKom,

Sorry but the users can’t check the options in the demo version. They can only see them. All the options work fine.


Hi there, the holding page is really cool!
I’ve worked everything out apart from one thing:
When using the “Contact Us” email form, I’ve put my details in where you said in the documentation and it appears to be correct, but I can’t test it – as when I’m trying to send an email using the form I’m getting the following error:
Message body empty MSG_SEND_ERROR
See screenshot here:
I don’t get errors with the Name or Email fields.
Any ideas? Thanks

I’ve put the code into a paste link (so I don’t have to spam the code in these comments) – see here
Thanks, Jon.

Hi again,

try with this. In the file contact.php change the line:


to this:



That’s got past the error I was getting, thanks for your help!


I just bought your Verde coming soon theme. When I check the code, then I see, that your theme try to load “js/”. But this file doesn’t exist. I think this is the Error 404 that other customer described already.

How can we fix that. The Call comes from jquery-1.9.1.min.js

Regards Jörg

My theme loads the script jquery.gmap.min.js and the actual url is:

My theme is in:


Hi, did you try firebug? Then you understand what I mean. Check this screenshot.

can you give me a hint in my second request?


Hi again,

Download here the file and you have to insert it in the folder js

Then, in the main file (index.html), you have to add the next code at the end, when the scripts are loaded:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/"></script>



I download the missing file now from

I have another problem. When I try your theme on my local server then I see how the newsletter form answer for Example “Insert a valid email address!”. But when I upload to my provider server the form don’t response. You can see at Your original theme is at



some days ago other user had the same problem with this theme in the plugin wordpress version. Your error is: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

I have been researching the problem and it is that your host is running mod_security. You could talk with your hosting provider.


thanks for this hint, I’ll check this. Interessant could be, that the phpmailer works. The newsletter function doesn’t work. But finally it’s only an email contact either. So can we use here the same phpmailer function? How do I need to change it? (not sure that my hoster wants to change his security features for me)


Hi routserver,

that could be a solution. I’m going to change the newsletter function to use phpmailer. Give me you email and I will send you the theme modified.


Hi there.

I love, love, love your template.

I just want to know a couple of things before buying.

Once I install this template, what do I have to do to collect people’s email? Is this something simple or will you provide help for that? Also, on top of their email, I want their zip code, is that attainable?

Thanks so much!

Hi marius7,

The newsletter form send you an email with the subscriber. I will help you in all to configure it properly, do not worry.

What does the second question means? Do you want the users fill a zip code field in the newsletter form?


Hi Creabox,

i get a console error: Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘') does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘').

Do you have an idea? Maybe tubular.js? To reproduce the error visit

cu, Tim

Hi again,

Sorry but in chrome I don’t see that error. I use the same version. In safari the script works wrong. I have contacted with the developer to fix that problem but the solution has not found.

I haven’t an iPhone 5 to view the website. I use the website and I view the theme well.


Mh, ??something is wrong here. If you open the index_vide2.html in you get the youtube background video. But everyone knows that the iPhone does not support flash. So, if you open the index_video2.html on real iPhone, you can see only background-image fallback solution, i think.

Please check this! You can not mark your product as “fully responsive, if you have not tested it 100%. If you do not know what I mean check out the responsive steps with the DevTools. You’ve made some massive errors in responsive style. Sorry.

Look at the function of Google Chrome DevTools. With this you can work very well responsive:

- Tim

Hi deepforces,

if you view the code, in mobile and tablets devices the tubular script is replaced by an image, with the class ‘poster-image’. The video scripts have a lot of issues in mobile and tablets devices, therefore are replaced by an image.

I know the iPhone features and I know what I have developed. And my previous answer regarding of was about the css style, not the javascript. It was about the class ‘map-content’.


Hey, nice work! Its possible to show the title of each image in the slide?


Hi JosePereira,

I don’t know if that is possible. I have read the slider documentation to find a solution but I don’t find anything. Sorry.


Hello, Love your work. Is there a way to not have the content fade out once it has faded in? Thanks,

- M

Nevermind I got it!

Just bought your Verde coming soon WP template and love it.

I have a problem: I want to be able to click on the logo and enter full site. How do I do this?


Aw…I love the plugin. Is there anyway around this?

It cannot be used as a homepage or splash page?

I so sorry but that is not possible. The plugin is developed in other way. It would be other plugin. Sorry



1. I have the requested page not found error. Can you please advise?

2. What is the font you used for the logo V?


Please double check with IE8. It is not compatible with IE 8.

Hi sensoly,

1. That’s not a problem. You’ll view that the demo template looks fine. To show the twitter feed you need to load the site in a local server to load php files well. In your computer the twitter feed doesn’t load if you haven’t a local server, but when you upload the template to a server it will show correctly. You will not have that error.

2. The font I used for the logo V is Exo.

3. To increase the speed you can modify the line 6 in the file scripts.js in the folder js. You can change the value 1000:
$("#loading").fadeOut("<strong>1000</strong>", function() {
It is also good to use fewer images. You can use these tools for that: ((Optimize png images) (Optimize images in Mac) (Optimize images in Windows)

4. I will check the template in IE8 and I will fix all the issues.


1. Yes, the error does not display when it is uploaded online. Thanks.

2. Thanks.

3. Thanks. Will try that.

4. Thanks, look forward to your fixes soon.

Holla, Buenas Noches When using the “Contact Us” email form, I’ve put my details and everything is correct, when I’m trying to send an email using the form I’m getting the following error:

\r\nReply-To: ”.$email.”” $body=include(_template_path); $body=include(TEMPLATE_PATH); $mail=new PHPMailer(); $mail->SetFrom($email,$name); $mail->AddAddress(TO_EMAIL,TO_NAME); //$mail->IsSMTP(); // enable SMTP $mail->SMTPSecure=’ssl’; $mail->SMTPAuth=true; $mail->Host=SMTP_HOST; $mail->Port=25; $mail->Username=SMTP_USERNAME; $mail->Password=SMTP_PASSWORD; $mail->Subject=SUBJECT; $mail->MsgHTML($body); if (!$err){ //send the email // $sent = mail(TO_EMAIL,SUBJECT,$message,$headers); if ($mail->Send()) { // If the message is sent successfully print echo “SEND”; } else { // Display Error Message echo MSG_SEND_ERROR; } } else { echo $err; // Display Error Message } ?>

Maybe I’m too newbie, but i can’t realize where is wrong. if u can help me! Gracias

Hi Suneclipse,

I know it. I have only checked the two forms. Can you send me your file contact.php?? It’s really strange the error.

By the way, you have the word ‘pt> in the line 221. You can view it at the end of the page.


I sent by email, best regards.

Now is working! Thanks for all! Best support ever, 5 stars service.

Hey dude!! What’s up!

I’m working on a project and choose your template as my foundation =) now I need your help since I’m not really good with this stuff..

What I need is to change font, background image/video and change the link from contact to something else.

Hi manvone,

It’s easier and better if I make the changes, and then, I send you the template modified. Send me all the changes that you want to my email


Hi, I bought verde coming soon, I installed it in my page: , It worked on my laptop (Mac) on Firefox, but it didn’t work the way it should on neither, IPad nor IPhone. Instead of showing the background images, there is a black image.

Hi fatnax,

sorry, but I also view the black image background in my laptop. What have you bought the verde wp plugin??


Is there a way to send the emails from the contact form to more than one email.. I’m having a hard time to get it to work..

Hi mymemedia,

you have to edit the files contact.php in the folder php. You need to call the AddCC method once for every recipient. Like so:
$mail->AddCC('', 'Person One'); $mail->AddCC('', 'Person Two');

Is there a way to control the Youtube video volume? Mute/unmute? Thanks.

is there a way to add a volume control, too? thanks again.


you can add controls to change the volume. The controls are ‘volumeUpClass’ and ‘volumeDownClass’.

You can view the different options in the tubular page:


For example for the volum up control you can add a text or image with the next code:

<a class="tubular-volume-up" href="#">...</a>

And for the volume down you can add the next code:

<a class="tubular-volume-down" href="#">...</a>


How do you set it to loop once and stop? Thanks.

Hi atomiclodge,

What do you mean? youtube or own server option?

I don’t know if the scripts have an option but I will make some tests. Other way could be to use a function to stop the video. The function would run after the video duration.


You have to add the option ‘repeat: false’ in the file video_youtube.js

Great job friends!

Could you tell me where can I change deadline date? I mean which file


Hi, thanks.

In the documentation is explained. You have to edit the file script.js in the folder js. The line 196:
var date = new Date('2014','12','20','12','30','00');

Hi I just purchased this theme, is it compatible with wordpress 3.9 ?

Hi bukirok,

this template is not for wordpress. It’s an html template.

But, the plugin wordpress is developed. You can view it here.


How can i remove this from template..?_escaped_fragment_=



I have sent you the file modified to avoid that error.


youtube video doesn`t work also in background! works after fifth reload but sound works!


what browser do you use?? I have viewed your website and the video works fine.