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Nice work! Good luck mate ;)

Thanks bro :)

Good job , friend

Thank you bro :)

Great work, glws ;)

Looks like there’s a very small bug: missing a comma in assets/js/index.js at line 166 to separate the function definitions for vernal_comment_count and vernal_initializ.

Otherwise, all of the setup and config instructions worked smoothly.

Thanks for informing me the bug. I will update it. Thanks again for purchasing this theme.

Absolutely stunning theme! Is there a way to add a “Read More” button on the post excerpts? In your demo blog for instance, it was difficult to know which posts actually had more content.

Thanks! Currently the title of each post is linked to the full post and also you can see a link on the featured image when you hover over it.
If you want an extra link after each post excerpt you can edit the index.hbs file
Onty you have to pest <a href="{{url}}">Read More</a> within loop.

Great design and really excellent support. As a total novice I’ve sent endless questions all of which have been answered fully and with patience. A few more design tweaks to go and no doubt I’ll have more questions, but so far an excellent design and an excellent service. Thanks!

Thanks for your comment, I am really glad. :)

Hello, really like this theme. Is it compatible with Google Analytics? Thanks!

Yes you can add the Google Analytics code in footer before installing the theme. If you purchase this theme and need help you can then contact me. I will try my best to help you. Thanks!

Smart, i like it;

Is there a way to make the navigation links at the top dropdown similar to how the Parade theme works?? If so, I’ll buy this in a second!

No there is no option for dropdown navigation. I will remember for next theme update

Hi, I would love to buy this theme, but the thing I am missing is a search like in Wordsmith. Can I use the search in wordsmith and just code it into vernal? since i did not look in detail into wordsmith: is it a big fuzz or quite easy? best, c

Hi, First of all thanks for your comment. The search system in wordsmith is powered by a open source JavaScript plugin. Please just drop me a line from my profile page message box. I can then send you the link. If you are familiar with html and css then implementation of this search function in vernal is not so tough. If you have any more question, feel free to ask through the message box on my profile page. Thanks!

Hi, GBJsolution!

I really like Vernal theme and would like to use it for my blog. And I would like to ask if your theme supports code formatting tags (single- and multiline), with different programming language support?


Hello, Glad to here you liked this theme.

This theme is build using bootstrap 3 so bootstrap code formatting style is available but no third party plugin is used to formatting code for different language.

You can see the available style in this post. http://vernal-gbj.rhcloud.com/welcome-to-ghost/

Hope this helps :)

Thank’s for you quick reply ;)

Do you think about adding some code highlight plugin in future, like https://highlightjs.org/?

I don’t have solid plan for adding that. but if you wish you can add to your won copy. It is very easy and only few line of code.

For example: to add the plugin given above, you have to just add the script and style file and then the initialize the plugin.

If you required more help after purchasing the theme just send me a mail from my profile page. I will definitely try my best to help you.

Hi, loving the theme so far but I have one customization question. How can I hide the banner at the top of every page, the area which shows the blog title and description? I only want to show the logo and navigation, then the post page. THANKS!


I am glad you like the theme. It is very easy. You just have to comment out the {{> header}} partial call in template pages

To comment out just add a ! like below

{{! > header}}

The pages are.


Hope this will fulfill your purpose. If not please let me know. You can just send me a quick message via my profile page contact form

Nevermind, I was able to edit the header.hbs, thanks!

No problem at all. Happy blogging :)

It seems my dropdown menu is showing up behind the main body so I can’t click the items. Any idea as to why?

After you customization may be there is missing something. If you please send me your live site link it will be more useful to me to check the exact problem. Normally This type of problem can be fixed using z-index property in css.

I think you should send me a message through my profile page pointing to your live site link.

Hi, Congratulations on great theme. I just purchased the theme and implementing small adjustments.

So far I encountered the following ‘difficulties’ I’d like to share:
  1. in default.hbs file all references to js files are direct – e.g. ”/asset/js/...” instead of via {{asset “js/...”}}
    That is a problem when one uses ghost.org ghost service – the changes are not registered when uploading changes to the theme – more here: https://ghost.org/forum/themes/16185-css-not-updating-how-to-flush-css-cache-on-ghost-pro/ and here: https://ghost.org/forum/bugs-suggestions/14335-delay-in-uploaded-themes-reflecting-externally/
  2. the recent post widget doesn’t recognize post’s featured image – any plans on fixing that?
  3. The blog title is not correctly centered on mobile devices
  4. Flickr widget is called ‘fliker’

Hi, Thanks a lot for pointing out the problems.

Problem no 1: I will fix this as soon as possible.

Problem no 2: It will show when there are few more posts in your blog. ie. posts more than 1 page. Though I will check agan and will try to make the widget more appropriate if possible.

Problem 3: Yes there is a padding problem. I will fix that.

Problem 4: Will fix that typo also.

Hi, Thanks for the prompt response.

I can see points 1, 2 and 4 are fixed – that is really good.

As for the point 3 – I was referring to featured image (post cover image) functionality introduced recently in ghost 0.5.2 (https://www.ostraining.com/blog/ghost/ghost-0-5-2/). The recent posts widget is not aware of the featured image as there is no information about it in RSS feed. It looks like the featured image functionality was introduced, but RSS feed hasn’t been updated.

Unfortunately, I can see there is update to the recent post widget, which broke links (should be var link = $(this).find(‘link’).text(); instead of var link = $(this).link; ) – but that is quick and easy fix.

Yes sorry for that. I missed it. I will fix it today. and also will add the post cover image issue when it will be available in rss.

Thanks a lot for your effort. :)

Any plans on making this compatible with newer versions of Ghost?

Not in plan till now. most of the features of Ghost latest version are available In this theme. and it should work in latest version. Though I will have a look after few days and Update it if possible. Thanks!