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At the portfolio description: <span><a href="http://google.pt" target="_blank">google.pt</a><span /></span> This works but the letters turn blue, doent maintain class… And at the swipebox video: <a class="portfolio-thumb swipebox" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU8zv1yEkOU"><img src="images/art/6.jpg" alt="" /></a> The video doesnt work.

yes bacause in standart there is not links, so i didn’t make any class, you have to do it yourself. and swipebox unfortunelly doesn’t support videos :(

there seems to be something wrong with your navigation menu. The buttons don’t work unless you scroll pass the intro image slider.

Otherwise, you can’t select for example: About | Services | Portfolio | etc…

OK. I’m running into an issue over and over again. The parallax image for the “buy” section keeps displaying only the bottom half of the image on first load. Refresh the page, and everything is fine. I’ve recompressed the image, thinking it might be the image taking too long to load and displaying incorrectly, but it still does the same thing. Any ideas?

That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you!

no problem, good luck!

Do I need to set up the SMTP server (email server) in order for the contact.php to send emails? How do I set it up?

No you not, just add your e-mail adress, that’s all.

Hi, How do I stop the Read More button on the slide from flickering when it loads?

Hi. Could you clearify your question? I really dont understand what do you mean.

i want to embed youtube video on home page can you please tell how to do this and also in your demo site there is a section multipurpose and responsive how to achieve that kind of look i accidently delete that section.

I want to make on menu tab a drop down menu plz tell how to achieve this with your template i m comfort in changes also in core file plz tell site is http://onlinegauge.com in menu about tab i want drop down menu

OK. 2 things… 1- You said 4 months ago that you were updating this theme. I have yet to get an email of an update. Any news on that? 2- I’ve been tweaking this theme a lot to fit my needs. One thing I can’t figure out for the life of me is how to add 3 buttons to the slider, and have them display side by side. When I add more, they display stacked on top of eachother. I looked in the fwslider css, but I’m not sure which setting to change.

Hi, can you give me your e-mail adress?

hi I wanted to know if the version of the theme Vernum – Responsive wordpress will no longer be offered for sale

many thanks

hi I wanted to know what happend with the version of the theme Vernum – Responsive wordpress I am interested in this version

many thanks

Hi, SwipeBox says it’s possible to add a video
  • Youtube support Simply paste a youtube video URL in your href attribute. The script will automatically check if it’s a Youtube URL and open the video in the swipebox. My Video My Videos**

Is it still not possible with Vernum???

I would like to us parallax for a photo gallery because I want the picture to be full screen, is it possible?

example: http://demo.qodeinteractive.com/central/parallax/

1. It’s possible. Just download new version of swipeBox and overwrite with old script (js/swipebox.js). 2. It’s possibe, you can add parallax sections one-under-one.

Thanks Nevide, have a good day


I just bought the theme. Unfortunately I cannot open the index.html in dreamweaver 8 :O It allways crashes when I try to open the file. What could be the problem? I can open any other html-files….

Thanks for your help.

Hi, Nice question, very interesting but i have no dreamveawer. If there is a trials version i will download it for you and check that! :)

How do i change the speed of the slider? Currently each image is displayed for too long.

I am having an issue when I upload my site, the graphics will all appear momentarily then disappear, any ideas what could be causing that?

It occurs on the slider, faces and portfolio sections. They all are functional locally, however once uploaded none of them display.

hmm i have no idea what is going wrong. Can i see that website?

I believe it was an issue with the retina display, when I added files with @2x it worked.

That can be a solution :)


I have a pre sale question the first image can I make that a video?



How can I disable e-mail validation proces in contact form?

hey, ist it possible to change the order of the portfolio items after i created them?

Yes, just place every item in order ;)

Good theme.

You can buy its wordpress version from here….



The front page of the theme renders a long gray box in Chrome browser under the . I submitted a ticket two weeks ago and no response. Is there a fix for this? www.ShorelineWebMarketing.com

I’m not sure where the support ticket went. Tried cropping, still have gray background in Chrome browser.

Can i have a license number of vernum copy that you bought? Please send me an email: nevidethemes@gmail.com

Something happened with fwslider, and i dont know what. Maybe can you send me copy of your website to nevidethemes@gmail.com ?

None of your previews are working any more?