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@samberson, Hi. SpyroPress have my agreement to use this templatee to convert it to wordpress template so it’s fine. We are just colaborating

Thanks for being with us…

Is anyone else having issues with the main slider breaking after trying to edit its content? After clicking “Update” and trying to view the changes, I am redirected to the Blog portion of the site and the Home page no longer displays the slider at all. Also, the slider’s previous settings seem to disappear when going back in to make edits.

Also, I am unable to post in the SpyroPress Vernum Support Forum. From what I understand, it is currently undergoing maintenance.

Screenshots here:




OK, let me forward this to the development department

Has there been any update to this issue?

Hi, I have confirmed with the development team and they said the slider is working fine.

If you can join us on teamviewer we will walk through your site admin with you.

Thanks -S

Hey Guys,

Our temporary videos are on its way and you will have it in a couple of hours.

Thanks -Support

Great work brother.

Hello I just installed the theme and my WP dashboard has now crashed…I cant log in. Please help!

That will never be the case sromans76 the theme will be do such things thats something else you need to ask your web hosting company for that..the theme has been sold by 26 times and we have log for the successful installations.

You must check with your hosting support. restore you site and we will help you from there.

I have tried 3 different themes today, each one worked just fine. Then when I loaded Vernum the dashboard crashed and I am unable to login.

Sir, we have tested the theme fully and the same framework is running over 100s of server.

If you can walk through us we will sort out the error have you checked it with your hosting.

Get the log please and we will sort it out.

I tried signing up for the support forums but to no success. I love this theme, but I’m running into a few issues. First when I tried to post a bucket into a post, it won’t show up. I tried all options for the id as well. Also, in Firefox, sometimes the navigation bar will stop working completely and in Safari it won’t show up. I’m pretty much running stock everything and I only have the plugins that you guys required. Any help would be much appreciated.

We are working on a new forum right now.. It will be live in 3 – 4 days.


Might sound odd but does the nav support dropdown/child options but still allow the child option to scroll down? For example:

Cars > Porsche > Audi > BMW

So if I clicked on Audi, it’d scroll down to a page that’s right past Porsche in in the single page view. If not, I assume that the dropdown menu would be supported but it would just link to a separate page.


Currently child navigation is not supporting in the theme. But we are hoping to have it in version 2.

Hi, is the support forum not working? After installing the theme into WP I don’t see the look&feel in the backend, looks to me as I have done something wrong or missing some parts.. see http://imgur.com/SpSL1Yv any advice/help is welcome!

Relative URL issue resolved…

Hi, before buying, I want to ask, does the theme support any ecommerce shopping carts like jigoshop or woocommerce?



Currently, we haven’t tested any plugin. We will check it today. You can check and let us know and we will fix the error if any. :)

Thanks -Support

Hi Buyer,

We have set the new forum here


Kindly signup here again.




maybe I’m not knowing how to work well with your theme. I loved it, but I can not create basic things as: the menu for a page only (same as the example shown for you), sliders, etc.. I have serious doubts regarding Buckets. I do not know if I’m doing wrong, but from what I understand to be my site a page I would have to use the Buckets. I did, even added to the menu, just simply directs me to another page. When I add the Buckets my Home page gives the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Spyropress_Module_Bucket :: _get_view () in / home / promomkt / public_html / wp-content / themes / vernum / framework / components / bucket / module / bucket.php on line 50

Please ask to create a video tutorial (as most developers Envato) showing how to do to develop the site as was his example.


Yes, we are currently working on the videos and they will be live in couple of days.

Please send the wp-admin access to info@spyropress.com Support Staff setup the site as the demo site.

Thanks -S

Hi, Where can I get the sample data for vernum theme ?

It is include in the Package.

Go to forum and registered then download the sample data.


After completely reinstalling my WordPress installation, the main slider is still broken.

Please see the video for a demonstration.


This problem is solved.

The problem is not solved. I am experiencing the same error again.

Disregard my previous message, it is working now.

main nav scrollTo animation is not working for me. I am using #HOME_URL#section-bucketname (where bucketname is the actual name of the bucket) in the Appearance > Menu area for the buckets I’ve created for the home page, and it only jumps to point on the page. It doesn’t scroll smoothly. Any ideas why? http://thismidtown.com/dev

You can add the bucket to the menu by using the right panel avilable in the bucket as soon as you publish the bucket the panel is appeared.

Ah, thanks for that. Your documentation is a tad light on the details. You might consider adding this and lots more to it. Other than that I’m really enjoying the template. Thanks for your help!

Thanks, for the appreciation and you can appreciate us by giving us the rating on the item. That will help us to motivate and produce the better service.

Thanks -S

can you change the primary ‘green’ accent color and if so where? thanks in advance.

The color changing option not available right now you can change them in css file.

if you want we can do that send us an email @ info.


I added images to the gallery and lost the navigation arrows, and “x” to go back to the site. Looking at the code it says they have a new class with “disabled”.

Where should I go to enable this?



Kindly open the issue @ our support forum with screenshots

I have a new issue…the home button in the nav doesn’t update itself with a new ID when I switch from the full width slider to the flexslider. It still has the id of #fwslider instead of #flexslider_10. Any way to fix that?


You can change the slider in the theme options under General Settings > Header Customizations.

Thanks -S

Hello, Purchaser please rate us.

This is a nicely designed theme, and love it so far. But as a designer there a lot of little nitpicky things I’ve noticed.

Using other options they provide for columns – as opposed to 3 in the services sections… spacing was completely neglected in the design here.

And if you scroll to the bottom of the page in the contact sections – look at the way the N/A section has rough corners.

This shouldn’t deter you from buying it, as it’s really a beautiful responsive design. However, I do really look forward to this theme being updated to work out the kinks.

And the support form doesn’t accept image attachments, so their support site needs fixing too.

Hey Danny,

These feedback help us to improve and yes definitely. We are planning for version2 and it will be release in 2-3 week time period.

Thanks -S

what is the url to rate this theme?