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Nice looking template. Can you make the menu stick to the top right? Currently, using your Live Preview, the menu (hamburger) disappears when the screen is sized to ~400px on the desktop, which is not ideal for my needs, Thanks.


This is a HTML template, so you can change it around any way you like.

Best regards, bitpub

how can i convert this to wp?

We are working on a conversion of this template to WP and it will be out in the next 30 days I hope.

Hello, Thank you for your amazing template. I have a question : do you have a script to forward my website data to your resume.psd template ?

You can make a pdf from the psd resume and then link to it from the html cv.

ok but can i generate the psd file with my website automaticly ? i’m not an expert of photoshop…

The website has a print friendly layout, so you could print it with a virtual printer that prints to pdf.

The icons font of the theme no longer appears on Chrome 38 for Android. Any ideas ?


I do not know, I will have to test it. You have some errors in your html code. Please validate it with w3c validator.

Hi! I like your theme very much but I have one problem. When a website is on server there is a problem with portfolio. Take a look: Choose a project and try to open it. It opens as a new page. What can I do when magnific popup doesn’t work on server.


I tested it and it works fine on the server. The ajax request for project details doesn’t work on local but that is normal.

Hi, love this template! Quick question: When I input a name longer than John Smith in the top screen (with the image background), the lines of the box underneath no longer go all the way to the text on the second row – they are much shorter. Is there a way to increase how far in the bottom lines of the “headline” box will go in? Thank you so much!!

Here is the css for their width

.parallax.full-screen .headline:before, .parallax.full-screen .headline:after {
    width: 75px;

just change the width there

thank you!

Hi, I have set up the theme and the contact form doesnt seem to be working. It says “the message has been sent” but I never get the email.

I have other forms set up on the server and I have no problems.

What is wrong?

Do you have php_mail() enabled on your server.

Yes, it is enabled. On the documentation, you mention a contact.html, but this file doesn’t exist. Could it be related to that?

There is a mistype in the documentation, this is a one page template so there is not separate contact page. If you haven’t done so already, please contact me through the contact form on my user page.

Hello bitpub, I am very interested by the wordpress version you announced. Do you have a time frame or an estimation for the availability of a wordpress version? thank you

Thank you for your answer, I will wait

Dear BitPub, do you have some information about the wordpress release you planified? Thank you.

The theme is ready but it is only getting released in early January. Thank you for your patience.

Is it possible to have the magnify popup show an embedded video from youtube in the lightbox instead of an image?

“magnificPopup-gallery portfolio-item-zoom” “href=”_content/portfolio/370×370-2.png”

it is possible but you have to change the javascript as well. have you looked at the examples on the plugins website?

Hi Bitpub, I love your Versus theme, but would love it more if it were in wordpress form any news how long it could still take? Thanks


The WordPress version is in the review queue right now. I hope they release it the following 1 or 2 days if there are no small problem.

Best regards, bitpub

Hello, I recently purchased it, I am just wondering about the “skills” section. How do one go to modify the progress bars? I can change the percentages but not the bars. Thanks.


Thank you for the purchase! How to do want to edit the bar exactly – do you want to change the color?

Best regards, bitpub

Hi! I purchased this a few months ago and am absolutely loving it – wonderful template, thank you for creating!

One quick question – I’ve had the website up without problem for a few months now, but recently noticed that something seems to have broken – my portfolio sliders don’t appear to be working and I’ve checked on a number of PCs and seem to have this problem on all of them. Instead of the slider appearing as one image with a number of dots below it corresponding to how many images there are, and sliding across the images, the slider does the following: it shows a dot above the first image, then the image below (and the image is not constrained and runs off the page) then there is another dot below and the next image, and so on – there is no slider, it just shows all the images in a list.

Do you have any idea why this is the case?? Would be EXTREMELY appreciative of your help!

Btw the website I’m talking about is at and I’m referring to if you click for more details on any project in the portfolio section other than the one with the video (that one works fine).

Thank you!!!



I will need you to contact me through the form on my user page and send me a link to your website so I may take a closer look.

ok, done! thank you!

Is there a chance that the bonus documents can be converted to word format?


You can do whatever you want with them but they are not available from the start as a word document nor will they be.

Best regards, bitpub

Hi there,

Your demo is not working


There was a small problem with our host, they temporarily suspended our account while upgrading it. It should be fine now.

Hi! I’m having some problems with the font when opening the bonus files in Photoshop. I’ve downloaded the Oswald font from Font Squirrel and installed it on my Mac but still it’s replacing it with an other font.. Any suggestions?

Please try with the Oswald fonts downloaded from Google Fonts repository, those are the one we used.

Ok, tried that, but nothing.. Still the same problem.. But it’s ok, i’ll fix it manually and make the font fit :)

Ok, I understand.

Hi the template is really cool,

before purchase i want to know that can i upload videos (youtube & vimeo) in the portfolio section.

looking your fedback

many thanks

You can, but only on the single portfolio item pages and not in the portoflio overview grid ( it only supports images; the video can be added on the pages you are taken to when you select more details)

Well in Tabs and mobile version My portfolio filter isnt working rather when i click any filter button it redirects me to home section. Check this link ..

Please send this support request through the item support page and we will help you asap.

Hi, the following line of code doesn’t give the pop-up of the project page.


I get this message:

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-08 om 18.17.05

Any idea how to fix this?


I need you to send a message through item support regarding this and send a link to your website so I can see the modifications you have made. On some browsers on local the ajax pop-up functionality does not work but it works fine on the server.

allright. On the current site i did not implement those pages, because of the work. I am going to write the content, create a page and upload it to whether it’s a local problem.

Guys how the do you not have offsets for your grid!!!!! This is the most annoying thing ever.

And your grid is made of fixed widths!!! PLEASE, just use a grid from Foundation or Bootstrap or Materialize or anyone who’s taken the time to do it right.

Wow, you’re also using like twenty H1 tags on a single page!! WTF, this is the most basic SEO possible, one H1 per page.

cantuket I agree with everything you mentioned. This template was released 2 years ago and it shows. On our latest ones we use percentage based grids with offsets and push pull configs. As far as SEO goes, you are right as well.

Hi bitpub, great job on this wonderful template. I only have a small issue, whenever I open the website on a mobile, the portfolio filters don’t work any more. it looks like the page follows the href=”#” going to the top of the website and that’s it. Any idea on how to fix this? if you want to have a quick look: Thanks a lot

i already answered you support ticket with this very question :)