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This is definitely one of the best items that I’ve ever seen on ThemeForest! I love it ;)


Thank you so much for your kind words Iman :)

Awesome template, i like it :)

Thanks T20 :)

Great Work, GLWS ;)

Thanks TC :)

Nice Theme!Like it :)

Thanks ThemeRox :)

Great template Faton. GLWS

Thank u so much :)

Thanku Themos :)

I’m a big fan of your templates/themes, good luck mate.

hey Razvan, Thank you very much mate :) ur design are cool also, i really like your design-style.

Thank u :)

It is amazing, GLWS :)

Thanks Minhanh :)

Amazing work:

We are thinking on purchasing asap, just a cuestion:

We didn´t check any Video short code, is it possible to use in Portfolio Posts?


hi Jorge and thanks for showing interest in our work.

yes of course you can add video on portfolio posts.

there’s an example on our demo too but seems u didn’t notice it :)

here u can check it:

feel free if you have further questions.


Thanks for your quickanswer :-) Perfect

you are welcome :)

Hello is there a way to easily change base color ? We would like to swap blue with orange.

Thanks in advance


hello and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Yes, it’s very easy cuz we’ve used the Font Awesome for the icons too so u can change their colors very easily.

all you have to do is replace the current color with ur desired color by using find and replace which can be done with 1 click only.

if you are not familiar with this we can do it for you.

Thanks and feel free if u have further questions.


Again Amazing work, GLWS Besim & Faton

thank u Sam.


I just bought the template. I want to change the colors in de prev/next buttons of the themepunch slider. Can you please help me out, because they stay blue!


Thanks for purchasing Vertikal.

Sure, here you go :) :

1. Go to CSS folder and open the “settings.css” file 2. find the line 670 which looks like this:

.tp-rightarrow.default                                    {    z-index:100;cursor:pointer; position:relative;    background:#1b83f4; width:42px;    height: 42px;

3. Change that “background: #1b83f4” to ur desired color i.e : background:red;.

plz let me know if u need further assistance.

Thanks :)

You are amazing. A very quick response and my problem is solved. Thanks and keep up the good work!

i’m very happy i could help you :)

Great work, finally something different! :P

im glad you like it Tino :)

Awesome item and yet very unique wish you more sales ;)

Thanks for the kind words Themina :)

Very nice! Cong!

Dear PremiumLayers,

The theme I downloaded works perfectly on my pc and mart smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note S3). On my Samsung Tablet is doesn’t work however. The menu structure is not responsive and the normal left side menu appears without text showing. If I visit the live preview version through themeforest on my tablet, the menu structure works! Can you help me out!

hello and thanks for purchasing Vertikal.

To get a quicker respond please send a message with your issue to this e-mail:

Also, a screenshot where the issue appears would be very appreaciated.


I love this theme, it’s amazing! i have a small issue, in your live demo in ie8 i can’t see icons but in ff/opera everything is ok..

i think i’ll wait for wp vers. thank you

okay, to get notified plz don’t forget to follow us.


^ Hello Tweeg,

Maybe it’s because Vertikal is a modern HTML5 template which is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. As you may already know Bootstrap is not supporting IE8 because in the recent browser trends, IE8 has less than 5% users (And I guess more than 3% of these 5% are developers who are testing their applications on IE8 ;) ).

By the way this is my personal opinion and you should wait for the PremiumLayers response on this.

By the way. I’ve bought this template and I can say that it’s my best purchase in ThemeForest! I love it!

Thank you PremiumLayers for this great piece of art. 5 Stars are yours! :)


Thank u so much for ur comment Iman, yeah, that’s the reason what didn’t make it ie8 compatible :)

Thanks :D

i misspelled on e word.

wanted to say: Thats the reason why we didn’t make it it8 compatible :)


any idea on when/if WP version to be out?

hi Linkpoint and thanks for showing interest in my work.

WP version will be released in january 2014. maybe 10 Januar.


Great Template. 5 Stars rating